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Carmen is a Fairy from Earth who resides in Gardenia. She and Cindy are the newest co-owners of Love & Pet after being entrusted with the store by the Winx since they completed their mission and were preparing to return to Magix. She has appeared in both the comics and animated series but has a more prominent role in the comics.


Carmen has brown long, waist-length hair, two parts of her hair are tied with blue bows, leaving the rest to flow. She has brown (series)/purple (comics) eyes, and light tan complexion. She wears a yellow, frilly short-sleeves, v-neck crop top, green capris and pink gladiator shoes.


Carmen is a caring friend, she covered the store for Cindy so that she can meet with her boyfriend as she was already running late. It also shows that she is understanding. She is also a hard worker and tries her best to run the shop. It appears that she is interested in management as that was one of the reasons she wanted to run the store.

She can also be a bit assertive especially when she is running the store or bombarded with too many things.


Season 4

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