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The Carollia Nex is a flower introduced in Season 2.


The Carollia Nex can spit poisonous venom, leaving its victim paralyzed with shut eyes. Once one has made contact with the venom, it is imperative for them to get antidote right away.


The Carollia Nex has a prickly, light green stem and light green petals. Its innermost part is light orange with dark red spots.


Season 2

Palladium identifying the flower.

In "Pixie Village," Avalon stumbles upon the flower. It spits its poison into his eyes and he falls to the ground but smiles deviously, signifying he is resisting the poison. Palladium finds Avalon and identifies the flower. He sends for Livy who attempts to retrieve antidote at Pixie Village. When Livy does not return, Palladium concocts an antidote in his lab and "heals" Avalon.


  • Its name is composed of several different words.
    • Carollia is a genus of bats often referred to as the short-tailed fruit bats.
    • In Latin, the word "nex" means "murder" or "death".
  • In the 4Kids dub, it is called the "Narcithia".
    • This name is derived from the root word narco- meaning "numbness," "stupor," or "lethargy".