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Celina is a mermaid from Andros. She is the Mermaid of the Sweet Song. She is good friends with KaliaTala, and Tressa.


Celina has long violet hair with a fringe and a comb decorated with stones and pearls. Her eyes are light green and she wears an eye shadow of a mauve sweet. Her brassiere is yellow and spangled and tied in her neck by a garland of sea flowers. She wears green mittens adorned with pearls and a long yellow with sequins, of simple form, adorned with a green veil, itself adorned with jewels.


Celina is a very gentle and sweet mermaid. She is also very innocent and fearful. Like Musa, Celina loves to sing and is known for being the mermaid with the most harmonious voice. Her short yellow wings produce a soft sound, accompanied by her songs.


Season 3

Celina is one of mermaids rescued by Aisha; the other being Kalia, but later we can see her as a mer-monster with other mermaids who Valtor transformed. After Valtor's defeat, she returns home to the Underwater Kingdom, where she greets by her friends, Kalia, Tala, and Tressa, leading all of them to dance, rejoicing over their regained freedom.


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