Prince Celsius is the half-brother of King Radius and the half-uncle of Stella, who abandoned Solaria after a huge dispute with Radius over who would be a better ruler. 


Celsius has a medium tan complexion, brown-grayish hair with sideburns and a Van Dyke beard.

He wears a purple turban with a white feather in the middle, a silk magenta coat with gold shoulder pads and trimmings; it has a purple belt. He has white puffy pants and purple high-boots with thick, gold outlines.


Celsius once had a caring and kind personality, but when he got older, he became conceited and strongly believed that he was the rightful ruler of Solaria. After an argument with his brother, he abandoned Solaria for his own selfish needs.

He is able to fake a humble demeanor as shown when he greeted his brother, and is shown to be very petty as he was willing to turn the people of Solaria against Radius at the cost of starting wars between Solaria and other kingdoms.


#130: An Unforgettable Party

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  • He is named after the word "Celsius," a temperature scale used by the International System of Units (SI).
  • Celsius' appearance and motives appear to have been modeled on Jafar from the Disney animated movie Aladdin.
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