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Charming Fairy is a doll collection produced by Witty Toys. The dolls included are Bloom, Flora, Stella, and Aisha.


Winx to collect: Stella, Flora, Bloom and Aisha with removable wings. With each Charming Fairy doll you will find real trendy shutter shades sunglasses for girls. In each pack, you will find a magic code to download a new digital content from website!


Design by Silvia Ruggieri:

Clothes inspired to the sixties-chic pattern pied de poule. With a touch of color. Play with... real sunglasses for the girl.


  • 1 pair of wings
  • 1 pair of sunglasses
  • 1 magic code to download digital content from the website


  • Tecna and Musa are not included in this doll line, despite being featured in the concept art.


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