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The Cheerful Gladiolus is a flower that appears in Season 1.


The Cheerful Gladiolus is a flower that is very useful in making potions. One of the known places where it grows is the Black Mud Swamp. Attempting to pick a Cheerful Gladiolus is dangerous as it is covered with thorns.


The Cheerful Gladiolus is a flower with six purple-blue petals with red stigma and anthers.


Season 1

In "The Monster and the Willow", when Flora goes to the Black Mud Swamp to prepare for her exams she tells the Winx that she is looking for the Cheerful Gladiolus to use for her potions and it is dangerous to pick it as it has many thorns. She then shows them a rapid-growth potion she invented so that she will be able to make a Cheerful Gladiolus grow for her.

Flora receives the Cheerful Gladiolus

After the Winx defeat the Red Willow and save Lusiz, Flora uses her rapid-growth formula to make more Xilith plants, which the Undines use to make their homes so that they will never will be vulnerable to predators. As a way of expressing their gratitude, Queen Queen Algae gives Flora a Cheerful Gladiolus as a present and tells her that it will only allow Flora to pick it.


In Guida al Mondo Magico, this flower was pink instead of purple in Flora's page and was mentioned in Algae's page, being instead called as Xylith.


  • In Italian this flower name is Allegro Gladiolus, with Allegro meaning Cheerful, and Gladiolus coming from Latin being a diminutive for gladius (a sword).
    • In botanic, Gladiolus is as a genus of the Iris family.[1]



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