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Cindy is a fairy from Earth who resides in Gardenia. She has appeared in both the animated series and comics but has more of role in the comics where she and Carmen had taken ownership of the Love & Pet Shop after the Winx had entrusted them with it now that their mission was completed.


Cindy has blonde hair, with front fringes, the lower portion of her hair is puffy and extends below her chest. She is of light complexion and a slightly different eye color depending on which canon she is in. In the series, they are dark green while, in the comics, they are olive green.

She wears a shirt that is blue with pink short puffy sleeves and thin ribbon on the top portion of her shirt. She wears a matching blue and pink above-knee frilly skirt, that has a green under layer. She wears green wedges that have thin pink straps.


Cindy is a hardworking person, she does her best as one of the new co-owners of the Love & Pet shop. She is a good person and always tries to see the good in people and to understand them, especially when it came her ex-boyfriend's, Gregory, temper and irrational outbursts.

She will not hesitate to call out on people who are being irrational and has good moral standards, especially when Gregory had forced her choose between him or the Winx in a fit of rage when he felt humiliated. She is caring and forgiving.

Like Roxy, she is also an animal lover.


Season 4

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