Clearing of Rumpelstiltskin
The Clearing of Rumpelstiltskin is a glade found in Magix.


It is a glade found in Magix. It is full of valuable relics. There are also explosive traps that are hidden underground. Rumpelstiltskin's house is also found in it. According to Selina, it is an enchanted field of Alfea.


Season 6

In "The Music Cafe", after Selina invokes Rumpelstiltskin to steal Musa's voice. The Winx, Sky and Riven try to defeat him but he was invulnerable to damage. After he steals Musa's voice, he went back to his cottage. Then, the Winx follow him to his cottage to get Musa's voice back. Later, the Winx tried to use a Mythix convergence to beat him but fail and believed that he works with the Trix but he said that he does not work with the Trix. Then, he said he wants an object with a lot of value if the fairies want Musa's voice. Stella accidentally mentioned the Legendarium Key and Rumpelstiltskin accept that object but gives them a time limit if they need their friend's voice to be saved.

In "Acheron", it was seen when Bloom exchange the Infinity Box containing Acheron, the creator of the Legendarium. This surprised Rumpelstiltskin for having captured Acheron and he then accept the exchange for the Legendarium Key. Once they finish the trade, the Trix surrounded Bloom and Rumpelstiltskin sees them and runs back to his home.


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