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Cliff Molloy is former actress Jenny Carter's ex-boyfriend.


Cliff is a Caucasian male with short blond hair, his bangs are slicked back. He has blue eyes, freckles, wears long blue sweater, light blue pants, and red and white sneakers.


As shown in his interactions with Jenny, he is a devoted and forgiving person. Declaring his love her and even saying he forgives her despite her ego and plans to take over Gardenia.

Of course, he does have a backbone. He hates people with egos and will break off a relationship should he see they have changed for the worse. Cliff will directly tell the person what horrible traits they carry.


Season 4

Star Shattered p12

Cliff's interview.

Before breaking up with her, Cliff had sent Jenny love letters in which she had kept safely in a decorated box in her dressing room. Cliff was aware of Jenny being a witch and her plans to become a powerful one. Though he never ratted her out on it as he may have assumed she was not being serious.

Star Shattered p27

The Winx contemplate over what to do with Jenny.

After news of attempted kidnaps on Jenny came to light, he was interviewed and told the broadcast that he had broken up with her as she started to change in a frightening way. Nonetheless he showed concerned for Jenny's well-being amidst all the supernatural attacks on her and her set on Elyvra. Cliff went to the set to check up on her. He was lost for a bit because Jenny had made a magical maze to distract her enemies: the Winx. When he finally finds her, he overhears her telling the Winx about her plans to become a powerful witch. Cliff was shocked to hear that she truly meant it and is that she still loves him from Bloom (who had snooped through Jenny's things out of instinct).


Cliff still forgives Jenny who proudly rejects it.

When Cliff asks Jenny if she still does love him, her hesitation displeases him and he realizes that she never truly cared for him but only herself and that her ego and desire for power broke them up. She is aware that is the reason for their break up but is not shaken by Cliff's bluntness. Cliff sees that she is unwilling to change and even after her defeat by the Winx, he tells her he loves and forgives her. However, Jenny only smirks at him and proudly states she does not need his forgiveness. This breaks his heart but is encouraged to be strong by Stella and Bloom. He hopes he will find someone worthy of his love and laughs as the Winx joke about Stella's next show to obsess on.


  • Cliff Molloy shares his name with Cliff from World of Winx.
  • Cliff's name is the shortened version of Clifton and is of English origin. Clif means "cliff, slope, bank" and tūn means "town, settlement, village, enclosure"; hence, "settlement by the cliff."
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