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Cloud Tower is a boarding school for witches and the most prestigious educational institution for Witches.



At Cloud Tower, witches learn about witchcraft. It is the magical competitor and rival of Alfea. Its headmistress is Griffin.

The castle itself is a huge and vast living organism with a heart that had been created in ancient times by powerful witches. The moats of Cloud Tower are its roots and the towers its branches, and a magical energy circulates through the school in a way similar to blood flow.

Cloud Tower is hard to enter, as there is a defense field surrounding it. There are ways of getting past this defense, however: tunnels that connect the schools, ways to get past the field itself, and one may enter if invited. Along with that, the tower can be manipulated like a high tech confusion device by the one who is able to control it. This twists the building into forming new corridors or passages to confuse all those inside.


Cloud Tower School for Witches has a stellar offering courses in Mayhem, Hexes, and Potion theory. Cloud Tower is the pinnacle of education in the dark arts. It also offers Basic Witchcraft 101, Cursology, Potionology, Demonology and Necromancy. And it has been shown that Griffin has taught Metamorphosymbiosis. Students spend at least three years at Cloud Tower studying witchcraft.

School Building

This campus is a dark purple tower with spires located on a hill or a mountain. It likely receives its name from how cloudy the place where its location is.


The amphitheater is where all the witches gather and discuss important issues. The amphitheater has benches with chairs for the students and has a pentagram in the middle of the floor. It has a balcony overhead with three thrones, the one in the middle is bigger than the others.

Griffin's Office

Headmistress Griffin's office is a large room with a desk and bookshelves. A Crystal Ball and stacks of books sits on the desk. In the room is a passageway to another room, at the center of which is a dragon skull.

Bittersmoke's Living Quarters

Professor Bittersmoke's living quarters has a purple bed, a window over his bed, two green nightstands on either side of his bed, and a grandfather clock.


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The cafeteria has a winding staircase with platforms for tables and chairs.


The Archives contain books on every fairy and witch that ever existed in the Magic Dimension.


The dungeons is where all the prisoners are kept. The dungeons have an ancient runic lock on them that keeps them from escaping with their magic.


The library is where books on witchcraft, spells, and potions are located. There's a secret door that leads to a crypt, the Storeroom of Forbidden Books, under the library.

Potionology Laboratory

The Potionology laboratory has tables with cauldrons on them and shelves with ingredients for potions. It is where the witches create their potions.



The Potionology classroom is where Potionology classes take place. The classroom has three rows of purple seats with a purple desk at the front with potion ingredients, beakers, and test tubes on it.

Basic Witchcraft 101

The Basic Witchcraft 101 classroom looks similar to the amphitheater except there is no pentagram in the middle of the floor and no thrones overhead. There is a desk at the front of the room for Headmistress Griffin.


The Mayhem classroom has three purple desks that seat two students on both sides of the room with two Crystal Balls on every desk.

Student Dorms

The Student Dorms have 2-3 beds for the students and have a second floor with stairs leading up to it. Lanterns hang from the ceilings and light up the room. The Trix's dorm has a mirror that leads to a secret passageway.

Heart of Cloud Tower

At the center of Cloud Tower, there is a point where all the magical energy circulating the building comes from and goes through. This is considered Griffin's "personal spa". This is where Griffin goes to rejuvenate her magic. Near the heart is a room with gargoyles that can be used to protect whoever controls them.

Windswept Terrace

Is a round purple balcony at the side of the school.




Known Students


  • Cloud Tower did not appear during the fourth season, seventh season, and eighth season while only made a cameo in the fifth season. In the sixth season, however, it is a part of the main plot.
  • Cloud Tower is only known school for Witches in the series.
  • Most Cloud Tower's witches' names end with "y".
  • Cloud Tower is the only one of the three schools of Magix to have been taken over by the forces of evil, with such a thing happening multiple times:
    • In Season 1, when the Trix took over Cloud Tower after stealing Bloom's powers.
    • In Season 2, the Trix attempted to, but ultimately failed, to take control of Cloud Tower while searching for the piece of the Codex hidden there.
    • In Season 3, Valtor and the Trix took over Cloud Tower.
    • In Season 6, the Trix took over Cloud Tower with Selina's help.
  • Cloud Tower is similar to Durmstrang from the Harry Potter series (much like how Alfea resembles Hogwarts). Both teach dark magic, yet most people there are not evil and take a stand against evil.
    • Also, Durmstrang's headmaster Karkaroff was once a Death Eater, and therefore a servant of the series' main antagonist, Lord Voldemort, but he later betrayed other Death Eaters, while Griffin once fought alongside Valtor in the service of the Ancestral Witches before betraying them for the Company of Light (although in Karkaroff's case this was just to escape his imprisonment).
  • Cloud Tower's appearance is loosely similar to and might have been inspired by the dark fairy Maleficent's castle from the Disney 1959 animated movie Sleeping Beauty. Similarly to Cloud Tower, Maleficent's castle is a tall and dark tower located on the top of a mountain.
    • The appearance of Headmistress Griffin, who is in charge of Cloud Tower, is also loosely similar to and might have been inspired by the appearance of Maleficent.
  • Cloud Tower's magical defense which required that someone had to be invited into its premises to be able to enter the castle is based on the legend that vampires can only enter a house after being explicitly invited into it.