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Concorda is the Guardian Pixie of Alfea's Codex.


Concorda is a light-skinned pixie with big sea-blue colored eyes. She wears pale blue eye shadow and reddish lipstick/lip-gloss. Her hair is a sandy blonde color and worn curled up on the sides of her head, resembling cinnamon buns. She wears a blue themed light colored robe with darker coloring inside and a loose tie-like piece on it. Along with a dark blue witch/wizard themed hat and very tiny glasses.


Concorda loves reading. When Dark Bloom broke into the library, Concorda scolds her. But when Bloom is her normal self Concorda was very helpful to her, and tells her about bonding between pixies and Fairies. She also takes her job guarding the codex very seriously.


Season 2

Concorda explains to Bloom about Bonding.

In "The Shadow Phoenix," Bloom finds her when she discovers the Magic Archive of Alfea. Concordia tells Bloom that she is the guardian of the archive. She also tells Bloom that pixies are bonded friends to fairies and Pixie Pets keep pixies company.

Concorda drops the Codex after her Pixie pet crashes into her.

In "The Mysterious Stone," Faragonda summons her and the other Guardian Pixies to the Magic Archive to talk about the copied Codex.

In "The Spy in the Shadows", she guards the Magic Archive in Alfea, when Bloom goes there to steal the piece of Codex in Alfea. She, along with her pixie pets, tries to stop Bloom using all what they have. After Bloom steals the Codex, she, along with the other Guardians of the Codex, goes to Darkar's Fortress with the headmistresses and Codatorta to help the Winx in opening the gate to Relix to stop Lord Darkar from absorbing the Ultimate Power and to heal Bloom. After his defeat, all of them returned back to normal.

Season 3

Concorda confirms Stella's question regarding the mirror being her only option.

After Stella had been turned into a monster by Chimera, the Winx head to Alfea's library and consult Concorda. Concorda finds a book detailing the Mirror of Truth of which will be able to turn Stella back into her former self. She goes onto to explain that the mirror is inside the Barrier Mountains. It is, however, not easy to use as the girls must figure out how to use but will know it when they see it. It is also dangerous due to being very well protected.

In "The Pixies' Charge," she appears with the other pixies as the Winx leave for their mission.

Season 6

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The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

In the movie, she makes a cameo with the other pixies to help the fairies of Alfea heal the school and the injured students.


The Shadow Phoenix

Concorda alongside Discorda, Ninfea, and Athena accompany Faragonda, Griffin and Codatorta to Darkar's Fortress to open the portal to Relix. Using an incantation, the portal is reopened and the Winx (the Specialists and the teachers join soon after) enter it to save Bloom. Their bonded pixies stay with Concorda and the other Guardian Pixies to maintain the portal.

Once Darkar had been defeated and everyone safely exits the Relix, she and the pixies close the portal. Concorda exclaims that the fortress is collapsing which prompts everyone to quickly get back into the Hawk and bail out of the fortress.


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Season 2

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In "Winx Club: Quest for the Codex," ...

In "Winx Club: Join the Club," ...

Magical Abilities


Concorda is the pixie who is bonded in the Magic Archives in Alfea. Because she is the guardian of Alfea's piece of Codex and spends most of the time in there, she has great knowledge with the books. She can also use shrinking and healing spells, and even magically extinguish fire.


  • Concorda's name comes from that of Concordia, the Roman Goddess of Agreement, Understanding and Marital Harmony. Her Greek counterpart is Harmonia, the immortal Goddess of Harmony and Concord. Her opposite is Discorda (the Greek Eris), who is the Goddess of Strife.
  • Concorda's hairstyle is similar to that of Princess Leia from the Star Wars Universe.
  • In the comics, Concorda is one of the few pixies that make their debut in Issue 12, an issue that takes place during the Season 1 finale, alongside Aisha. She shares this with Amore, Chatta and Piff.