The Coral Gem is a magical item introduced in Season 3.


The Coral Gem is a gem mounted on Ligea’s staff. It has the power to grant healing spells so long as it can capture the last rays of twilight.


The Coral Gem is orange-red with yellow accents. Along a thick line, three swirls extend on each side, descending in size, and it comes to a tip. The gem glows white when capturing twilight.


Season 3


Aisha capturing the last rays of twilight in the gem.

In "Layla’s Choice," Ligea offers the power of the Coral Gem to Aisha to break Valtor’s curse of blindness. Ligea says it has the power to break the curse only if the last rays of twilight can be captured by the gem and reflected into Aisha’s eyes. Tressa urges everyone to hurry as it is going to be dark soon. On her way to the surface Ligea is struck by a Kraken, rendering her weak.


Ligea with her staff.

Aisha remembers that there is healing magic in Ligea’s scepter that can help Ligea and everyone is urged once more to get to the surface. Bloom creates a shortcut in the water and the Winx, Tressa, and Ligea are all brought to the surface. Tressa hands the scepter to Aisha, saying the sun has almost disappeared. Aisha says that she does not think the Coral Gem has enough power for two healing spells, but tells Tressa not to worry as her mother will live. In this moment, Aisha captures the last rays of twilight in the gem and heals Ligea. Tressa thanks her and Bloom says that she is proud of Aisha. In sacrificing her sight to save Ligea, Aisha earns her Enchantix.

In "Wizard’s Anger," the gem is seen as Ligea sits on her throne as the mermaids rejoice.


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