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Cornelia is a fairy who attends Alfea.


She has fair skin, pale blue eyes, and dark pink lips. She wears a pink top with pale pink ruffles around the neck line and the ends of the sleeves. She also has on a dark pink belt, blue pants, and dark pink shoes.


She is mostly a background character she reacts to things the same as other characters. She also hasn't any major speaking roles so her personality is unknown.



Cornelia's first day at Alfea.

In "The Mirror of Truth," she is seen in a hall in Alfea as fairies return from their break. Griselda tells her and her friends not to block the corridor.

In "The Company of the Light," she is seen in Alfea's courtyard running up to a glowing ball of light the Winx manifest as they transport to Alfea. She is later seen in the courtyard and then at Faragonda’s assembly and asks if she and those she’s engaging with if they are in trouble.

In "The Pixies' Charge," she appears in Faragonda's office as she briefs the Alfea fairies and the Winx on Valtor's attack on the Fortress of Light. Later, she is at the assembly for the pixies and Kiko to celebrate their finding of Valtor still being in possession of the Agador Box.

In "Witches' Revelation," she is seen with her classmates in Bloom's nightmare.

In "Wizard's Anger," at Alfea's entrance, she, her classmates, staff, and the Specialists cheer the Winx on for their efforts against Valtor.

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Cornelia and her friends are happy to see the Winx return to Alfea.

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In "The Legendarium," she is in Daphne's class clapping and cheering for her new professor. She is later seen enjoying the party the pixies threw for Faragonda's one hundredth year as Alfea's headmistress. The party eventually ended early because Ninfea orders her fellow pixies to return home because the Gloomy Wood Trolls are back and attacking Pixie Village.


She and her classmates are seen during the Day of the Gift ceremony.

She is seen in class with Wizgiz. She attempts to transform but nothing happens. she later she is at the party. As some of the Alfea students are turned into frogs, Cornelia picks a up one and screams. Despite this she must have eaten some of the food, as she is turned into a frog and Faragonda turns her back to normal.

Magical Abilities

Cornelia may know some basic, first-level spells that all fairies can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes.

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