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Cosmix is a Fairy Form introduced in Season 8.


Cosmix is the power of the cosmos and originates from light. In Season 8, the Winx find their Butterflix powers to be ineffective against the Staryummies and their holes. They then acquire this form from Queen Dorana in order fight against Obscurum and the Staryummies.


The outfit consists of a sparkly short dress, a pair of fingerless gloves, a pair of leggings and Chelsea boots. The lower part of the dress is covered by several layers of translucent fabrics and a floating net-like material that resembles a crinoline on top. The hair is often tied in high ponytail and decorated with accessories that involved star in the design. There are highlight streaks on the hair and all streaks receive sparkly, starry make-up. The wings are bright, colorful, sparkly and starry, they stay in a complex shape made of several joint crescents.


In order to earn Cosmix, a fairy must receive the Cosmix power granted by the Queen of Lumenia.

Magical Abilities

Cosmix grants its users light-based power. Being so, it allows the Winx to give back light to all the dying stars cores. The power also lets the girls close/destroy the traversing black holes.


The Winx leave colorful light trails in the sky.

Ways to Acquire



One of the earliest concepts of Cosmix.

  • The name "Cosmix" is derived from the word "cosmic".
    • The name was revealed to the general public at the 2019 Frankfurter Book Fair which showcased a book named "Magic Cosmix".
  • Cosmix has the most known concept stages of any Fairy Form.
  • The earlier concept versions of Cosmix bear some resemblance to the Winx designs from Magic Bloom.
    • All the Winx (except Aisha) share their Winx theme colors with Cosmix.
  • In an early concept, the Winx had magic wands.
  • The designs seem to be based on 60s American space age fashion.
  • At the Licensing World Russia Exhibiton on March 12, 2019, a concept version of Cosmix was seen in a trailer being screened at the event.
  • This is the second Fairy Form in which the Winx all have identically-shaped wings, with the first being Sirenix.
  • This is the first Fairy Form in which the Winx's bodies are keyed out to match the background during the transformation sequence.
    • This practice is prevalent in many magical girl shows.
  • Bloom's final pose resembles a Winx stock art of hers.
  • Some of the Winx's transformation sequences resemble those from Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal.
    • Part of Bloom's transformation sequences resemble that of Usagi in the original series.
    • Part of Stella and Flora's transformation sequences resemble that of Usagi in Crystal.
  • This is the second transformation to be animated in the modern flash animation style.
  • Cosmix is the earliest earned transformation, having been earned in the second episode of the season.
  • In the earlier version of the trailer, the transformation intended to have a group ending pose. However, this idea was later discarded in the final version of the transformation.

Transformation Sequences