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Cosmix Fairy is a doll collection produced by Witty Toys. The dolls included are Bloom, Flora, Stella, Aisha, Musa, and Tecna.


New collection of the Winx dolls with colorful wings and a holographic effect. The fairies have beautiful, shiny dresses with a removable plastic insert.

26 cm doll with a 7-point joint: folding legs and arms.

The box includes - 1 Winx doll, wings, comb, removable insert, and a secret code.

All 6 dolls in the collection.


  • 1 Winx doll,
  • 1 wings,
  • 1 lumen comb,
  • 1 removable insert,
  • a secret code


  • A preview of Bloom's doll was shown as a prototype on WinxClubEnglish's YouTube channel on December 25, 2018.



Winx Club - Nàng Tiên Cosmix! - (TV SPOT)-1567933774

Winx Club - Nàng Tiên Cosmix! - (TV SPOT)-1567933774

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