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The Creatures of Negatus are very rare, magical creatures that inhabit the realm of Negatus. The creatures sip energy and only a well-performed Enchantix spell can defeat them.


They resemble the Bollabies but with a bigger, round and orange body, big yellow eyes with green pupils. They have wide big mouths and their sharp teeth are visible. They resemble spider like creatures with their sharp fangs and multiple eyes.


Season 3

The creatures from Negatus appeared in Valtor's Box where Winx had to defeat them to test their Enchantix powers. They all succeeded (by using inventive spells - for example Flora stunned a monster with vines and pink pollen and Tecna pulled it into her phone-like device, we can also see Musa dodging the creature) except Bloom due to her incomplete Enchantix. Redhead tried by hindering creature's flight (as Tecna says, increasing the air friction around the creature should slow it down significantly) and - even if she repelled the negative energy and the monster was defeated - she lost control. If she had not had a Dragon Flame, the spell probably would not succeed and Bloom would lost at least a part of her powers. Even if the Dragon Flame keeper not fully succeeded, Palladium called her try unbelievable. Unfortunately, Stella's and Aisha's attempts are not seen on the show. 

Magical Abilities

Creatures of Negatus can absorb magic and fly, even without having a wings. Their powers are based on negative energy. Griselda says that if they get to close to their victim, they can erase person's powers for good. According to Palladium, they are quite resistant to magic, so only ingenious spell used with concentration can affect them. As we can see later on the show, a stream of energy is not sufficient.


  • We don't know what species these creatures are, we only know where do they come from;
  • The name of their homeworld - Negatus Dimension - is derived from the word "negate", meaning "to cancel out."


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