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The Creature of the Rainbow Mantle (or Creature of the Rainbow Coat) is a creature who lives on Graynor.


He is a white horse with a long rainbow-colored mane and tail.

He is a brown horse.



Creature of the Rainbow Mantle with the Winx

Creature of the Rainbow Mantle with the Winx

While Tecna, Musa, and Stella searched for the creature, his tracks were seen leading to a bush from which it came out of. When the Trix arrived and attacked the three, they ended up knocking him over a cliff. As he was about to fall Bloom, Flora, and Aisha arrived just in time to save him and as he observed them he deemed them worthy and revealed himself. He then used his powers to cure the Winx and created a bright light that drove the Trix away, he then followed the Winx back to the Ancestral Spirit of Nature.

Magical Abilities

He has the power to keep wild magic and fairy magic in balance.


  • Along with Peg, they are the only horses that appear in the series.
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