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Critty is a Quillcat and is Musa's bonded Fairy Animal.


She is a feline with pink coat, green eyes, purple ears and pink nose. There are reddish purple fur with dark purple details on her back and head. There are light pink coats on her feet. Her tails are tricolored: the pink coat in the bottom, dark orchid coat in the middle and reddish purple coat on top. Her tail is decorated with a gold bell attached to a blue ribbon.

In this form, Critty resembles a full-grown lioness and her fur get longer. There are hot pink details on her head and forelegs. Her tail resembles roosters', and the feathers stay in either pinkish purple or hot pink. Her ears become dark purple. She wears gold footwears that are embedded cyan gems. There are also cyan gems on her forehead. On her back is a cyan saddle with gold trim.


Critty appears to be aggressive and touchy when she was chased by the soldiers. But in fact, she is artistic and talented, as she can make amazing origamis and other kind of arts and she enjoys music. She also is quite competitive like when she competes with Helia. Similar to normal cats, she is not fond of water. Musa describes Critty as "mysterious".


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