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This article is about the King of Zenith. You may be looking for the King of Titania.
King Cryos is the King of Zenith.


His outfit seems to be derived from his technology-based powers. He looks a little older because of his beard. His outfit is made from metal with the decorations of a nano chip He has pale skin, green eyes and thick pink eyebrows and a pink goatee.


King Cryos is very serious but caring too for his kingdom. It seems that he likes to order his servant who is always on guard.


Season 5

When Tritannus stole the seal of the Pillar of Light, he joined the council. He did not want to unite with the other realms because his pride was so high that he thinks that he can protect his realm against Tritannus.

But when Tritannus when he saw the seal of the Pillar of Control was destroyed, Tritannus attacked it causing a malfunction in the robots. With the help of the Winx, mostly Tecna and the selkies, Zenith was saved. Cryos realized he had underestimated Tritannus' power and decides that Zenith will join the alliance. For her efforts, Tecna's sirenix guardian grants her wish - for Zenith to come together with the rest of magical dimension.

He was also seen in "The End of Tritannus" celebrating with the other realms for the peace they had made to the whole Magic Dimension with the help of unity and teamwork.


  • "Cryos" (κρύος) is a Greek word meaning "icy cold", reflecting the fact that Zenith is a place where it always snows. "Cryokinesis" is also the ability to manipulate cold, ice and frost.
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