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Daffy is a comic exclusive character and a student of Cloud Tower.


She has long dark blue-purple hair a little in battle, grey eyes and slightly brown skin. She wears pale purple fingerless gloves, purple boot heels, a purple top and a tied dark pink shirt on top. She also has on purple rolled up shorts, dark mint colored leggings, and socks.


She seems to be very discreet and daring to have successfully followed the Winx and skip classes. Nevertheless, she is wiser, friendly and more thoughtful than Malia. Who did not hesitate to do reckless things. Daffy sincerely believes in friendship between witches and fairies, and dislikes the opposite. She does not hesitate to try to reason with people when they judge the unacceptable, the inappropriate and the unfair. Seems to prefer to do it by speech than by gestures. She can be afraid of danger or not knowing what to do. Daffy has good conscience and good judgement, and can regret her actions.


Season 8

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