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Damien's Father is a PopPixie character and is an Elf. He appears only in episode 17.


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Damien's Father is not a model-parent, but he is always in the mood to "talk" with everyone who bothers his son. Just like his wife, he is always glad to get rid of his son because his pranks are going to far sometimes (even for a mature elf like him). His hobbies are: riding on his chopper, going to the cinema and entering the "Elves-only" parties.


Damien and his parents

Damien's parents in Tune's office

In episode 17, Tune was visited by a couple of Elves. They told her about their son (Damien), who bullies his friends and destroys all the devices in their house. When they asked for help at Tune, she asks them why they don't send him to a school (but they don't know what a school is). After that, Damien's Father calls for Damien and introduces him to Tune. But when Tune spent her attention on the little Elf, his parents ran away to go to a Elves-only party; they used Tune as a free babysitter.

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