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Damien's Mother is a PopPixie character and is an Elf. She appears only in episode 17.


She has deep green eyes with pink eye-shadow. She has bright pink lips and fair skin. Her blue hair is quite noticeable, with her straight light blue bangs that are curved and pointed at the end. She has light blue hair on her sides, curling at the end. The top of her hair is in a dark blue color, and is tied and pointed upwards in different direction. She wears a dress with a purple, pointed collar-type of thing. This looks like a spider web. Her top part of the dress is light purple on the sides and dark purple in the middle with thread zigzagged. She wears a pink belt with lighter pink spots and her bottom's front covers her upper-thighs. The back of her bottom is longer and reaches below her knees. Damien's mother also wears a deep purple bracelet with violet circles.


Damien's Mother acts like a caring mother but doesn't like their son. Just like her husband, she is always glad to get rid of her son because his pranks are going to far sometimes (even for a mature elf like her). She always makes plans to get rid of him. When she wants a free babysitter, she and her husband always act like they are caring parents and when their victim is only spending attention to Damien, they run away. Her hobby is going to "Elves-only" parties together with her husband.



Elves family

Damien and his parents

In "An Elf in School", Tune was visited by a couple Elves. They told her about their son (Damien) who bullies his friends and destroys all the devices from their house. When they asked for help at Tune, she asks them why they do not send Damien to a school (but they don't know what a school is).

Tune's office

Damien's parents in Tune's office.

After that, Damien's Father calls for Damien and introduces him to Tune. But when Tune spent her attention to the little elf, his parents ran away to go to a Elves-only party - they used Tune as a free babysitter.

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