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Dana is a witch who appears in "Broken Dreams".


Dana has fair skin, green eyes, and pink lips. She also has dark green hair with a cherry headband in her hair. 

Her attire initially is a purple blouse with light pink tones that has a green diamond. Bracelets on her arms, a purple skirt, pink stockings and gray sneakers with dark purple socks. 


Unlike the other witches, she seems to be optimistic and friendly, demonstrated by her refusal to attack her friends. She is also confident and a leader.


Season 6

Dana, Jazmin - WCEp611

Dana refuses to use her spells on Jazmin.

When the Trix were postulating on some students, Icy questions Dana's worthiness to join Cloud Tower. Dana explains that she is worthy because she has strong leadership skills and her magical ability to turn anyone into monsters.

Intrigued, Icy orders Dana to demonstrate her ability on Jazmin. She is shocked at the thought of doing so and refuses because Jazmin is her best friend. Icy despises the idea and angrily rejects her and Jazmin, stating "witches don't do friendship!" She and Jazmin are then thrown out of school by means of a crack.

Magical Abilities

Like all witches, her powers are derived from the negative aspects of magic. Dana may know some basic, first-level spells that all witches can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes. Like all witches, she can fly. Dana can turn anyone into monsters.


  • After being rejected from Cloud Tower by the Trix's she is not seen again, so what exactly happened to her after the rejection is unknown. 
  • The name "Dana" from Denmark is a common surname and is a feminine version of the name "Daniel" or is considered short for the name, "Bogdana". In Hebrew, the name "Dana" means "arbiter" or "God is my judge".  
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