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Dance Dance Revolution: Winx Club is a game based on Season 3. It was developed and published by Konami and released in the first quarter of 2009 in European countries for the Wii.


The game focuses on the Winx Club series, featuring songs and characters from the show as well as Japanese songs unrelated to the series.


Dance Dance Revolution: Winx Club for Wii combines the fast-placed movement-based gameplay of Konami’s DDR Hottest Party with characters, settings and songs from the Winx Club universe. Using a special dance mat controller, players are invited to match a series of onscreen arrows with the corresponding foot movements, while the Wii controllers are used to match necessary arm movements. Thus, as the various Winx-related tracks play, characters from the show appear on screen.

Song List

  • mint candy☆citrus drop / U.KI
  • αρχη / Dormir
  • Dimanche / Orange Lounge
  • 777 / EeL
  • 0/1 ANGEL / v.c.o. Featuring Alt:A.I.TECHNO
  • New Magical Definition / Oh,la,la!
  • MY GIFTS / D-crew
  • BIG-BANG STARS / co-ping
  • High School Love / DJ YOSHITAKA feat.DWP
  • The cadet of Magic / Dormir [Mahou no Tamago from Pop'n 14 CS]
  • Unbound Mind / D-crew
  • This is Love / D-crew
  • I'm Screaming LOVE / Creative Life
  • HEALEN / positive-MA
  • TRUE LOVE (Clubstar's True Club Mix) / jun feat. Schanita
  • SUPER HERO / DJ YOSHITAKA feat.Michaela Thurlow
  • INTO YOUR HEART (Ruffage remix) / NAOKI feat.YASMINE
  • REACH THE SKY (Orbit1 remix) / TAYA
  • You're the One
  • Fly
  • Only a Girl
  • You Made Me a Woman
  • Enchantix (Shining So Bright)
  • Stand Up
  • Enchantix


  • It uses the same engine as Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2.
  • It is one of the first DDR games released in Europe to use the Dance Dance Revolution name rather than Dancing Stage as was done in the past, a change that was indicated in the original announcement for a European arcade release of Dance Dance Revolution X.




Winx Dance Dance Revolution New Trailer

Winx Dance Dance Revolution New Trailer

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