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Darcy is a member of the Trix, a trio of witches, of which she is the most intelligent. Devious and manipulative, Darcy uses darkness, illusions, and hypnotics to confuse and control her opponents. She is a former student of Cloud Tower as she and her close friends, Icy and Stormy, were expelled in "Cold Spell."


Darcy is a young woman with a light skin tone, long brown (sometimes green-tinted) hair that reaches down her knees with dirty blonde colored bangs that flow down to her thighs on either side, dark gold cat-like eyes and a small hooked nose. She is also always seen wearing lilac-colored eye shadow and purple lipstick.


Her outfit consists of a lilac-colored top with a purple ring-like pattern that bares her midriff and is attached to a purple choker she wears around her neck, purple bell-bottom pants with a small split above her ankles which exposes a lighter-colored lilac area, and black heels with pointed toes. She also wears a small pair of yellow glasses, but it is unknown whether she wears them to correct her vision or as an accessory.

Witch Forms

Darcy's various Witch Forms mainly come in purples, dark blues and blacks to represent her control over darkness.


Much like Icy and Stormy, Darcy demonstrates a sadistic personality but one that is more controlled as she is the least (openly) aggressive of the three. She seems calmer and more competent compared to her sisters and is also good at discovering others' weaknesses to exploit them later. While appearing to have more self-restraint when compared to her sisters, Darcy is still very violent and openly condescending towards others, as she is seen laughing after turning Mirta into a pumpkin, and happily pummels Bloom before taking her powers. Believing that she holds a mastery over all things illusory and hypnotic, Darcy will lash out even more so if anyone else tries to trick her with illusions, as she does in the previously mentioned case with Mirta, whom she turns into a pumpkin simply for trying to defy them with an illusion of her own.

Darcy also shares her sisters' lust for power but she is the least likely to let it dominate her life, as she often makes remarks about the appearance and appeal of boys around her age much like any other teen would do. The most obvious case of this was with Riven back in Season 1 as she seemed genuinely attracted to him even while manipulating him after getting him to desert his friends in "A Friendship Sundered." Currently, the only moment of compassion Darcy shows for those other than her sisters is when she expressed concern for Riven's safety and saved him during the Race of the Rose. Even when she did not need to, Darcy made it a habit of taking Riven out on dates once they had become official, however, even her own affections do not make her any less ruthless compared to her sisters. In fact, they make her even more so as, once she gets over her affections for Riven, she tosses him aside like a tool that outlived its usefulness, even after Riven became convinced that she truly cared for him. Her interests in men tend to lie with genuine bad boys like how Riven was initially and how Valtor was for most of Season 3. Although, during her and her sisters' conquest of Magix in the first season, it is made apparent that Darcy could also be a simple flirt, as she expressed a desire to become the new Headmistress of Red Fountain when thinking of their success. Also, as the middle child of the trio, she is usually seen to be more close with Stormy rather than Icy, and can often end up as the butt of both of their jokes.

Though Darcy can be regarded as the quietest Trix witch, she is still very vocal towards obvious disrespect. While she greatly disliked Tritannus ever since they first met in the beginning of Season 5, this disdain for the triton prince only grew as he continued to ignore her and Stormy in favor of Icy. Eventually, she was the one to convince Stormy to leave him and even tried to convince Icy to do the same, showing that, in the end, the people she trusts most are her sisters. Even after Icy chose Tritannus over her own sisters, Darcy still went on to execute her plan with Stormy in the hopes of opening Icy's eyes once they ended up successful without Tritannus.



Did you know Darcy has used dark magic to conquer Riven, whom she had fallen in love with?

  • STATS: Power (4/5); Craftiness (5/5); Dangerousness (5/5)
  • Type: Witch
  • Magical Element: Darkness
  • Temperament: "She seems the most calm but, in reality, she is the smartest and most subtle of the group."
  • Strengths and Abilities: "She's a master in setting traps and illusionism."
  • Weakness: "She believes herself to be the most seductive."
  • Favorite Color: Purple

Magical Abilities

Darcy producing shadows.

Darcy possesses a near-perfect control over darkness and hypnotics. Like all witches, her powers are derived from the negative aspects of magic. In a promo for the 4Kids dub, the source of her magic is specified to be the darkness of primordial voids.

Darcy's magic often manifests itself in the form of expanding purple rings, dark purple energy blasts or large black masses and when she received a power boost from Tritanus and Politea, she received a toxic/neon green aura. They also provide Darcy with a wide variety of usages both offensively and defensively, though Darcy primarily uses them to mess with the minds of her enemies; be it through varying degrees of mind control via hypnosis or messing up how they perceive their surroundings, especially through their sight. In fact, she often hypnotizes others into getting them to do the dirty work for her and to later sow the seeds of mistrust if they are ever caught by their friends, who are more than likely forced to fight them.

Illusion force.png

Another major instance of Darcy's powers is creating illusions to the point of being a self-proclaimed master of it. Her illusions can range from her duplicating her image to frustrate opponents and act as a one-woman army to making herself invisible to even disguising herself as someone else entirely. In earlier seasons, she often opted for disguising herself, even going so far as to disguise herself as Stella to get her ring while the real Stella was kept hostage as early as the episode "Date With Disaster." Her mastery over illusions also allows for her to immediately catch when others use illusions on her, like in the case of Mirta in "Bloom's Dark Secret." Also, in Issue 7 of the Winx Club Comic Series, it is shown that she can even mimic multiple people's voices through her illusions, which she does when tormenting Stella with the images of her bickering parents. After, taking control over Cloud Tower Darcy's illusion powers expanded to the point that she could cloak objects from being seen(physically) and detected from technology, but the magic itself can still be sensed as seen in "Queen For A Day. In earlier seasons, Darcy displays some clairvoyant abilities similar to her polar opposite, allowing her to view people and events from a far as well as projecting said view for others to see.

Additionally, she displays some degree of telekinesis much stronger than most witches as she can fire psychic bolts along with controlling larger opponents and objects as well. As shown in the episode "Betrayed!," can create telepathic links between her and another person to keep in touch. In that case, she creates one connecting her and Riven, allowing for him to better play the part of a mole for her and her sisters. Also, as a senior witch at Cloud Tower during her debut in Season 1, Darcy may know some basic, first-level spells that all witches can use, such as transmuting objects, fixing minor messes and flying. She also displays spells allowing her to open portals, walk through walls, and astral project.

By Season 3, Darcy showcases the ability to summon fire, as seen in the episode "Alfea Under Siege" when she sets the Alfea Library ablaze to ensure that the Winx will be unable to recover the spell books since she and her sisters could not obtain them for Valtor. Ever since then, that ability is never used again and remains unexplained, though, with her illusory powers, the dark fire she conjured at that moment could have been either another illusion or a power bestowed to her by Valtor for a singular use. She also displays the ability to magically pollute living things, presumably through their inner darkness, as seen with the Black Willow on Linphea in "The Black Willow's Tears," and can create limited earthquakes and storms (more specifically electricity) fueled by darkness; the last two abilities she shares in common with Stormy.

Darcy summoning tentacles.

By Season 5, Darcy moves on to controlling pre-existing shadows like with her Shadow Hand spell, and can limit the detectability of her illusions, making it so they can only be seen by a select few like she does with Kiko in "Trix Tricks." Her powers are further enhanced in the Season 6 episode "Queen for a Day" when she enters the Legendarium World to assume the role of Ariadne, Goddess of the Labyrinth of the Minotaur allowing her to create mental illusions that appear as if she is teleporting. Lastly, by Season 7, Darcy gains the ability to shapeshift, which primarily allowed for her to take on the forms of various magical creatures much more freely than any of her illusions, once she had absorbed a large quantity of Wild Magic and merged with Kemmy.


  • Darcy's name originates from the French surname Darcy/d'Arcy, which means "from Arcy", "from the fortress" or "dark-haired one".
    • It is also a play on her element, darkness.
      • In the Irish dub, Darcy's name was changed to Doireann (pronounced as "Dir-in"), meaning "dark princess". This also plays into her name tracing back to her magical powers.


  • Darcy's polar opposite out of the Winx is Stella as Darcy controls the dark, specializing in deceiving and confusing people until they can no longer see the truth while Stella controls light which, according to Faragonda in "Win-x Together", specializes in sight and clarity; giving those the ability to see the truth in front of them.
    • Regarding their personalities, Darcy is quiet and keeps to herself as Stella is more loud and open.
      • Despite all the differences between her and Stella, Darcy seemed to share a more intense (albeit one-sided) rivalry with Musa that mainly started from Darcy's relationship with Riven.
  • Currently, Darcy was the only member of the Trix to tamper with the Magical Reality Chamber.
  • In the movie Magical Adventure, Darcy's eye make-up was inexplicably changed.
  • Currently, Darcy is tied with Icy over how many romantic relationships she has been in; each having been involved in one as Darcy briefly dated Riven back in Season 1.
    • She and her sisters also held small sparks for Valtor, the main antagonist of Season 3, but her feelings go unrequited as the evil wizard strung her and her sisters along until they all lost interest once he transformed into a monster.
    • Additionally, in the Winx Club Comic Series, Darcy seemed to have developed a crush on Darko, an old childhood friend she made on the Ice Kingdom. This crush seemed to resurface and intensify during the events of Darko the Black and Witch Love, as Darcy goes so far as to brood by herself on the roof of Cloud Tower over him. She also snaps at either Icy or Stormy whenever they try to tease her for it and even leaves at the sight of Darko and Icy together, being unable to bear it.
  • Darcy is possibly the least evil of the Trix as shown in Issue 60, where she showed such great concern about Icy and Stormy's disappearance in a time machine that she resorted to notifying Griffin.
  • Darcy's Cinélume voice actress, Carrie Finlay, also voices Cherie in PopPixie.
  • In the Nickelodeon dub, her voice actress, Jennifer Cody, also voices Lazuli.
  • Darcy has broken the fourth wall in Season 3, in which she looks at the camera with a confused look.
  • Darcy is the only member of the Trix whose "Did You Know?" point on her Curiosities page holds a fact about herself. Icy does not have one and Stormy's just recounts their time as students in Cloud Tower.
  • Before Mirta became a fairy, Darcy and Mirta shared the same title as the Witch of Illusions.