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Darcy is a member of the Trix, a trio of witches, of which she is the most intelligent. Devious and manipulative, Darcy uses darkness, illusions, and hypnotics to confuse and control her opponents. She is a former student of Cloud Tower as she and her close friends, Icy and Stormy, were expelled in "Cold Spell."


Darcy is a young woman with a light skin tone, long brown (sometimes green-tinted) hair that reaches down her knees with lighter colored bangs that flow down to her thighs on either side, dark gold cat-like eyes and a small hooked nose. She is also always seen wearing lilac-colored eye shadow and purple lipstick.


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Her outfit consists of a lilac-colored top with a purple ring-like pattern that bares her midriff and is attached to a purple choker she wears around her neck, purple bell-bottom pants with a small split above her ankles which exposes a lighter-colored lilac area, and black heels with pointed toes. She also wears a small pair of yellow glasses, but it is unknown whether she wears them to correct her vision or as an accessory.

Witch Forms

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Darcy's various Witch Forms mainly come in purples, dark blues and blacks to represent her control over darkness.


Much like Icy and Stormy, Darcy demonstrates a sadistic personality but one that is more controlled as she is the least (openly) aggressive of the three. She seems calmer and more competent compared to her sisters and is also good at discovering others' weaknesses to exploit them later. While appearing to have more self-restraint when compared to her sisters, Darcy is still very violent and openly condescending towards others, as she is seen laughing after turning Mirta into a pumpkin, and happily pummels Bloom before taking her powers. Believing that she holds a mastery over all things illusory and hypnotic, Darcy will lash out even more so if anyone else tries to trick her with illusions, as she does in the previously mentioned case with Mirta, whom she turns into a pumpkin simply for trying to defy them with an illusion of her own.

Darcy also shares her sisters' lust for power but she is the least likely to let it dominate her life, as she often makes remarks about the appearance and appeal of boys around her age much like any other teen would do. The most obvious case of this was with Riven back in Season 1 as she seemed genuinely attracted to him even while manipulating him after getting him to desert his friends in "A Friendship Sundered." Currently, the only moment of compassion Darcy shows for those other than her sisters is when she expressed concern for Riven's safety and saved him during the Race of the Rose. Even when she did not need to, Darcy made it a habit of taking Riven out on dates once they had become official, however, even her own affections do not make her any less ruthless compared to her sisters. In fact, they make her even more so as, once she gets over her affections for Riven, she tosses him aside like a tool that outlived its usefulness, even after Riven became convinced that she truly cared for him. Her interests in men tend to lie with genuine bad boys like how Riven was initially and how Valtor was for most of Season 3. Although, during her and her sisters' conquest of Magix in the first season, it is made apparent that Darcy could also be a simple flirt, as she expressed a desire to become the new Headmistress of Red Fountain when thinking of their success. Also, as the middle child of the trio, she is usually seen to be more close with Stormy rather than Icy, and can often end up as the butt of both of their jokes.

Though Darcy can be regarded as the quietest Trix witch, she is still very vocal towards obvious disrespect. While she greatly disliked Tritannus ever since they first met in the beginning of Season 5, this disdain for the triton prince only grew as he continued to ignore her and Stormy in favor of Icy. Eventually, she was the one to convince Stormy to leave him and even tried to convince Icy to do the same, showing that, in the end, the people she trusts most are her sisters. Even after Icy chose Tritannus over her own sisters, Darcy still went on to execute her plan with Stormy in the hopes of opening Icy's eyes once they ended up successful without Tritannus.



Darcy first appears in the pilot episode, "An Unexpected Event," as a spectral entity, but does not make her physical debut until the following episode, "Welcome to Magix!"

Darcy smirking down at an injured Bloom.

While meeting with Knut in an alleyway in Magix City in the hopes that he would have retrieved Stella's sceptre, Darcy senses Bloom's presence and divides herself to deal with the little eavesdropper. Leaving behind a duplicate image of herself with Icy and Stormy to make it look like she never left, Darcy warps right behind Bloom to attack her, tipping Knut and her sisters off to her presence. She then attacks her a second time until Bloom's friends arrive to fight in her place, however, before she and her sisters could get serious, Stella teleports the Winx away with her scepter after Bloom had been properly rescued. This confrontation would later lead Darcy and her sisters into facing off against the Winx, who acted as constant thorns in their sides in their pursuit for Stella's magic scepter.

In fact, by the following episode, the Trix go on to sabotage the dance being held at Alfea to welcome the incoming freshmen fairies. Though their sabotage plans fall through thanks to the Winx's meddling, the Trix almost get their hands on Stella's ring. Darcy in particular casts a large illusion over Bloom, only for the young girl to figure a way out of it. To make matters worse for them, Bloom escapes with Stella's ring while the Trix were tricked by the Winx and left with a duckling who imprints on Icy.

Though their disdain for the Winx grows, the Trix focus on ensuring they remain undiscovered by the authorities, as seen in "The Black-Mud Swamp," where Darcy and her sisters enact a plan to dispose of the Hunting Troll that had been captured on Earth, fearing that it would confess all it knows of them and their plans. By the end of the episode, the Trix successfully break the Troll out, lure it away from the Specialists and rid themselves of it in a secluded location.

The Trix with Stella's sceptre in their possession.

With that major threat dealt with, the Trix set their sights back onto Stella's ring, and use her overly enthusiastic feelings towards a certain Specialist to lure her out on her own. Afterwards, Darcy, having disguised herself as the Solarian Princess, sneaks into Alfea to take Stella's ring without arousing suspicion. Unfortunately, Bloom catches her tearing up Stella's room in search of her ring and so she retaliates by attacking Bloom under the belief that she had hidden the ring away until the rest of the Winx arrive, which causes her to flee. This later lures the Winx into the Trix's trap, where they pressure the Winx into giving up Stella's ring in exchange for the real Stella's life, which Bloom agrees to.

With the ring in their possession, Knut and the Trix teleport back to Cloud Tower, where the Trix meditate in the hopes of drawing out the ring's power but, unfortunately for them, it does not work, confirming that the power which they seek was never hidden within the ring in the first place.

Darcy is not seen again until the episode "Friends in Need" having learned that the Winx intruded upon her and her sisters' shared dorm room. Feeling humiliated, the Trix seek revenge on the Winx but, before doing so, they decide to partake in a bit of fun by publicly humiliating Mirta in front of the whole student body for not only trying to stand up to them, but for trying to defend and speak nice of fairies. Darcy specifically conjures up a magic blob to cover Mirta's face and briefly suffocate her for the amusement of her, her sisters and all the other witches with the exception of Lucy.

Darcy summoning her Vacuum.

By nightfall, the Trix warp themselves onto the Alfea Quad to exact their revenge, but are caught off-guard by the presence of the Winx as well as the Specialists as the school should have been cleared out. To work around them as they search for the Dragon's Flame, the Trix combine their powers to summon up a minotaur to distract the Winx and Specialists as they follow their Vacuums in search of the Flame, completely unaware of how their Vacuums constantly lead them back to the two groups they are trying to remain hidden from.

During their search, the three witches come across an unconscious Riven, who Darcy finds herself drawn to. Upon closer inspection, Darcy realizes that she is attracted to Riven due to his inner darkness, which she claims may be on par with that of the Prince of Darkness, but decides to leave him be to continue following her Vacuum with her sisters.

Eventually, the Winx and Specialists are alerted to the Trix's presence and the Trix are promptly caught by Headmistress Faragonda, who scolds the three witches and has them sent back to Cloud Tower as she notifies Griffin of their actions. And so, in "A Friendship Sundered," the Trix are scolded by Griffin for humiliating themselves by getting caught but, rather than getting punished, the Trix are given one more chance to ruin the blossoming alliance between the Specialists and fairies.

Darcy blasting through the competition.

To accomplish this, the Trix have Knut disguise himself as Timmy and have him give Bloom a special helmet to give to Riven as a peace offering after she blew up at him. As Riven accepts the helmet and wears it during the Race for the Rose, Darcy disguises herself as one of the racers and forces her way to the front by using her powers of confusion to disorient other racers and mess with their hoverbikes.

Darcy revealing herself to Riven.

Despite having Bloom on her tail, Darcy is able to activate Riven's helmet, causing him immense pain until he loses control of his wind rider and crashes. She then rushes to his side to heal him of his injuries and, once he regains consciousness, Darcy removes her helmet to reveal herself to Riven, who instantly becomes smitten with her beauty. The moment is quickly ruined, however, when Bloom catches up to them and pushes Darcy away from Riven as she tries to explain to Riven of what truly happened. Darcy simply stands by and watches as Riven goes on a tirade on Bloom, believing that she gave him a faulty helmet to ensure Brandon's victory, and accompanies him when he storms off, angry at both Brandon and Prince Sky for siding with Bloom over him.

In fact, by the following episode, "Betrayed!," Darcy and Riven have begun dating and their relationship causes Riven to spend less and less time with his friends to the point where all his time is focused to being with and keeping Darcy content.

Darcy and Riven's café date.

The moment that cements their status as an official item is when the two are seen hanging out in a bar in Magix City that is unofficially recognized as Cloud Tower Witch territory. Here, she butters Riven up by claiming that his ambitions and talents are being wasted at Red Fountain and would be put to their proper use under her and her sisters. Once she sees that he has been coaxed by her words, Darcy creates a psychic link between the two of them with her magic. She then takes Riven with her to join up with Icy, Stormy and a crowd of witches as they chase Musa down to teach her a lesson. Eventually, the rest of the Winx and Specialists arrive and a fight between them, the Trix and Riven breaks out.

During the fight, Darcy makes Musa her own personal opponent by trapping her with a bunch of cars she had animated with her magic and almost crushes the Fairy of Music before being knocked unconscious by Bloom when she unleashes an immensely powerful burst of fire. She is then carried away by Riven, who quickly became frantic over her being unresponsive.

In "Bloom Tested," Darcy and her sisters replay the events of their last fight with the Winx through the use of their Vacuums and properly deduce that Bloom is the one carrying the power they seek.

Darcy glitching the system of the Simulation Chamber.

By nightfall of that same day, Darcy is contacted by Riven through their psychic link and is informed of the upcoming midterm exams being held at Alfea. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to mess with Bloom once more, Darcy sneaks into Alfea's Simulation Chamber and heavily glitches out the system.

The next day, Darcy and her sisters crash Bloom's midterm exam simulation by using magic dolls to appear within it. Having deduced that Bloom cannot tap into the full extent of her power due to some kind of emotional suppressant, the Trix torment Bloom until she reaches her breaking point, causing her to unleash an incredibly large amount of powerful magic energy that incinerates the Trix's magic dolls. With that, the Trix conclude that the power they seek—the Dragon's Flame—truly is contained within Bloom.

Two episodes later, in "Miss Magix," Darcy and her sisters appear to help Lucy enter and win the titular beauty pageant by using witchcraft to make Lucy appear physically more beautiful. Though, given how the Trix normally act, this comes at a price as not only do the Trix stir up trouble for the other contestants, but they also plan on removing their magic from Lucy when she wins to completely humiliate her publicly. In fact, when Lucy is crowned as the new Miss Magix, the Trix do just as they planned and cause her to be disqualified as Stella wins the crown as the runner-up.

In "Bloom's Dark Secret," Darcy is the first to come to Riven's mind as he eavesdrops on Brandon's conversation with Timmy. Learning of the blonde Specialist's plans to help sneak Bloom into Cloud Tower to learn of her origins, Riven relays this info to Darcy, who praises him and most likely lets her sisters know as well.

Mirta learning of the Trix's plans.

Later that night, Darcy is seen again in an illusive image conjured up by Mirta, who wishes to learn of the Trix's schemes to better protect her friendship with Lucy. However, in doing so, Mirta learns of the Trix's plans to steal Bloom's powers and decides to warn the fire fairy before it is too late.

Unfortunately for the Trix, it takes them all night to figure out where Bloom ran off to and, once they find her, she had already learned the truth behind the trap they lured her into back in Cloud Tower thanks to Mirta. Still set on taking Bloom's powers, the Trix engage in a small exchange with Mirta and Bloom. When Mirta tries to distract the Winx with an illusion of the rest of the Winx, Darcy easily sees through it, dispels it, and becomes enraged that Mirta would even dare to use illusions on a witch that has already mastered them. However, their little exchange with Mirta and Bloom costed them too much time as the rest of the Winx truly do show up to fight them. After fighting with them for awhile, the Trix disappear after Mirta is turned into a pumpkin as doing so enraged Bloom to a point where she unleashed yet another powerful blast of her fire magic.

Still wishing to get their hands on the legendary Dragon's Flame, Darcy and her sisters summon a Nightmare Gargoyle to terrorize the Winx in "Cold Spell."

After a few nights of waiting, the Trix, more eager than ever to steal the Dragon's Flame from a weakened and sleep-deprived Bloom, decide to teleport to Alfea themselves to aid their Nightmare Gargoyle. Unfortunately for them, however, they are caught by Headmistress Faragonda, whose presence forces them to flee as their Nightmare Gargoyle is defeated.

The Trix being expelled from and shut out of Cloud Tower.

A short while later, the Trix arrive at the front of Cloud Tower soaked by the rain and humiliated by having their plans foiled yet again. To make matters worse, an image of Griffin's head appears before them, furious of how their antics forced her to endure being chided by Griselda. With her patience having ran thin, Griffin expels the Trix and leaves them out in the rain. Having faced humiliation after humiliation ultimately thanks to the Winx constantly getting the upper hand, Darcy and her sisters scream into the stormy night sky as they vow to exact their unbridled vengeance on the five fairies.

Two episodes later, Darcy and her sisters make an unexpected return in "The Font of the Dragon Fire" having tailed Bloom to her home in Gardenia to finally do what they have been meaning to for months: steal the Dragon's Flame. To ensure that Bloom cannot blast them away, the Trix and Knut hold her parents, Mike and Vanessa, hostage. The three witches then engage in an aerial battle with Bloom until Icy has Darcy and Stormy teleport back into the house to conjure up a portal into a swirling abyss as they lower Mike and Vanessa into it. Darcy then engages in some fun of her own by firing psychic lightning bolts at Bloom once she surrenders before her sisters take over.

The Trix with the Dragon's Flame in their clutches!

After Icy discloses the true story behind Bloom's origins as the Keeper of the Dragon's Flame, Darcy knocks Bloom unconscious and summons up her Vacuum alongside her sisters to properly strip Bloom of her powers. Now, with the legendary Dragon's Flame in their possession, the Trix teleport away with their prize, leaving Knut behind.

In "The Fall of Magix," it is revealed that the Trix had teleported back to Cloud Tower, which they easily take control of after usurping Griffin and the other professors. As their new base of operations, the Trix assume their place in the headmistress' office and send everyone to the dungeons. In spite of Griffin's warnings, the Trix then travel down to the Castle Crypts to uncover an ancient tome containing a spell that would allow them to summon the Army of Darkness.

A short while later, Darcy and her sisters confront Riven in the headmistress' office when he comes with the intent of giving Darcy more info she could use to exploit the Winx and Specialists' weaknesses. Unfortunately for Riven, Darcy greets him by taunting him alongside her sisters and has the room be swallowed up by large dark voids when Riven realizes that he has only been used as a pawn for the Trix's plans. They then appear much larger than before and knock Riven unconscious before going on to formally summon the Army of Darkness with the Dragon's Flame.

Before sending their new, unstoppable army out to ravage the realm, the Trix send out an ultimatum toward Faragonda and Saladin, proposing that they fully surrender to them or face total annihilation when the witch trio eventually goes on to conquer the rest of the Magic Dimension. As the two headmasters plan to join forces, Darcy stations herself on one of Cloud Tower's terraces with her own section of the Army of Darkness, where she treats them all like precious pets. Unbeknownst to her, Knut and Pepe watch her display and decide to leave Cloud Tower to aid their opposition.

The Trix laughing over Saladin's futile opposition.

Later, the Trix appear as holograms in Saladin's office and Red Fountain to mock him and threaten Knut for betraying them. By morning, the Trix send out a wave of the Army of Darkness to attack Red Fountain. The Trix later appear themselves to further push Red Fountain's forces into an eventual surrender thanks to the immense powers they had gained from the Dragon's Flame. And so, with Red Fountain abandoned and destroyed, the Trix revel in their victory as Alfea remains as the only oppositional force left.

As the war for Magix rages, the Trix send out another wave of the Army to terrorize everyone trying to stay safe within Alfea's walls and, as they sit back to enjoy the show, Riven leaps from one of the highest windows of the school to escape being captured again; something that slightly upsets the Trix as Darcy and Stormy wished to toy with him a bit longer.

Later on, the Trix realize that Bloom, Stella, Sky and Brandon are being led into Cloud Tower through the Invisible Road by Knut thanks to their Arachni Cam. As their Army at Alfea begins to fall back, the Trix set their sights on crushing Bloom and her friends.

In the episode "Power Play," the Trix manage to lure Bloom to a chamber where the Dragon's Flame is being held, where they confront her upon revealing their trap. However, just as they prepare to make Cloud Tower Bloom's grave, the witch trio are knocked back by a powerful blast of magic that was launched by Griffin, who had escaped her cell with the rest of the school's faculty and student body. The Trix are held back even further once Griffin erects a crystal barrier to trap them long enough for all of them to escape safely. To stop them, the Trix send out the section of the Army still stationed at Cloud Tower to chase the group, but they end up unsuccessful.

The Trix resting upon their thrones as they head for Alfea.

By the following episode, the Trix decide to end it all by conquering Alfea upon realizing that Bloom had not returned with everyone else. Upon sending out another wave of their Army, the Trix concentrate the rest of the Army of Darkness in preparation for their final attack.

In "The Ultimate Challenge," the Trix launch their final assault on Alfea once they conjure up enough extra soldiers. As they approach Alfea from their thrones, the Trix discuss their plans for Magix once they completely conquer the realm. When their discussion lands on the topic of the schools, Darcy proposes that she become the new headmistress of Red Fountain as she wishes to have a bunch of handsome young men at her beck and call.

The final battle begins in "The Witches' Downfall" when the Trix finally arrive in front of Alfea with their Army. They prove to be much more powerful than the headmasters could have imagined when a single lightning bolt from Stormy completely breaks the barrier around the school. Unfortunately, before the Trix can begin ravaging the school, Bloom arrives having mysteriously regained her powers! Distressed at this turn of events, Darcy and Stormy are made to combat the Winx while Icy forces Bloom elsewhere to be rid of her.

Darcy's Dragon Fire.

And so, as Icy and Bloom battle it out above Lake Roccaluce, Darcy and Stormy unleash their own Dragon Flames against the Winx and manage to overwhelm the four freshman fairies. Unfortunately, Stormy's impatience proves to be their downfall as the Winx barely manage to unite their powers and turn Stormy giant tornado against the two witches, knocking them out of the sky. Faragonda and Griffin also use that moment to entrap Darcy and Stormy in a spiked prison as a majority of the Army of Darkness begins to recede.

Upon Icy's defeat, the rest of the Army of Darkness completely recedes as everyone celebrates their victory. Once the Trix regain consciousness, they are formally apprehended and sent away to the Fortress of Light as punishment for their crimes against all of Magix.

Darcy and Icy serving their sentence in the Lighthaven Monastery.

Making her Season 2 debut in the episode "Up to Their Old Trix," it is revealed that the Trix have been serving out their sentence within the happy and peaceful walls of Lighthaven. Rather than facing traditional punishment, the Trix have endured almost a year of serenity orchestrated the the monks, though, their resistance towards being redeemed by the environment coupled with their numerous failed escape attempts have left them more miserable and surly than ever.

The Trix's luck suddenly turns up, however, once the Shadow Phoenix breaks into Lighthaven to search for them, intending to take them in as his minions. Ecstatic at having been set free and impressed by the Phoenix's display of power, Darcy and her sisters agree to his terms and are gifted with the power of Gloomix. With a new surge in power, the Trix exact their revenge on the monk of Lighthaven by freezing them and immediately begin plotting to steal the Dragon's Flame once again, only to have their interests directed elsewhere when the Phoenix claims that there exists a much greater power for them to steal. Holding true to their promise, the Trix are then enveloped by the Phoenix's wings and flown to his fortress underneath Magix.

Darcy and her sisters do not reappear until "Magic Bonding," where they ambush Bloom, Stella, Sky and their newest friend, Princess Aisha of Andros, just outside of Lord Darkar's fortress. Thanks to their new Gloomix powers, the Trix are easily able to overpower the three fairies and Specialist, but before they can finish them off, the witch trio is struck down by a powerful magic spell casted by a mysterious winged paladin.

The Trix sneaking around Red Fountain before the unveiling of its new campus.

Three episodes later, in "Party Crasher," the Trix make their way to Red Fountain to search for a piece of the Codex while disguised as Alfea and Cloud Tower freshmen. They bump into the Winx and their bonded pixies a few times, but manage to remain inconspicuous until Red Fountain's new campus is unveiled, rising into the sky as they remain on the ground.

Their inaction tips Darkar off, who communicates with the witches through their shadows and decides to send in a distraction to help them obtain Red Fountain's piece of the Codex. So, as they wait for Darkar's distraction, the Trix split off amongst themselves.

Darcy getting caught.

As she walks around on her own, Darcy passes by Musa and Aisha by the drinks stand, and is promptly outed by Musa once she realizes who she is, which prompts Darcy into fleeing until the two fairies lose sight of her.

Eventually, Darcy and her sisters return to Darkar's Fortress and report their findings to him; mainly over how they were unable to steal Red Fountain's piece of the Codex. Though, despite their failure, Darkar leaves them be as he believes that, with enough time, those at Red Fountain will eventually let their guard down and make themselves vulnerable to the Trix's attack.

By "The Crypt of the Codex," Red Fountain's tight security has begun to relax as Darkar had anticipated, and so the Trix are sent out to the school to infiltrate it to steal its piece of the fabled Codex using the element of surprise.

Before they sneak into the school, however, the witch trio conjures up an orb made of dark magic to attack the school and serve as their distraction. This magic orb is later revealed to be a specialty of Darcy's by Riven as the Specialists begin to mobilize.

Darcy unleashing her Sphere of Midnight on Brandon during their raid.

With everyone frantically trying to put up defenses, the Trix break into Red Fountain through the roof of the school's arena and make their way to the basement led by Icy after she managed to deduce the Codex's location during their last mission. During their ordeal, Darcy and Icy leave Stormy to release her anger out on the Winx and Specialists as they head for the room where Red Fountain's piece of the Codex is held.

Eventually, she and her sisters arrive in a room with a scale and various items laid out before it. After Stormy fails to break the scale apart with a magic blast, Darcy looks around, trying to solve its riddle. She dismisses the stone, believing it to be too obvious to be the correct answer, and decides to place the feather on the scale instead. However, fearing that she may be wrong, Darcy tries to get Icy to place the feather on the scale to avoid whatever punishment the scale would dish out, only to be promptly pressured by Icy to do so herself when she sees through her scheme. Darcy then tries to reluctantly place the feather on the scale, only to have her hand swatted by a boomerang which was thrown by Sky, resulting in another battle.

After Icy and Stormy make quick work of their opposition, the Trix make their way into the vault containing the Codex after Icy solves the scale's riddle. As Icy uses her powers to break the vault and grab the first piece of the Codex, the three witches are ambushed by Athena, Red Fountain's Guardian Pixie, until Darcy teleports behind her and knocks her out.

With a piece of the Codex now in their possession, the Trix prepare to head back to Darkar's Fortress before being stopped by Timmy. Aware of his wavering spirit, however, the Trix walk free as Timmy surrenders.

In "Win-x Together," Darcy and her sisters observe the Winx for awhile through Lord Darkar's magic and learn that the six fairies are about to learn how to converge their magic together into much stronger attacks. To prevent this, the Trix immediately begin plotting ways to hinder their efforts, during which Darcy proposes that they use Jared to do so after seeing how he was rejected by Musa. Once she gets Darkar's approval (much to the ire of both Icy and Stormy), Darcy sets out to put her plans into action.

Darcy approaching Jared while disguised as a gypsy.

Much later, Darcy arrives at Red Fountain disguised as a gypsy and approaches Jared under the promise of aiding him with his romance troubles. With Jared's interests now on her, Darcy pulls out a dark jewel and hypnotizes the young Specialist by targeting the weakness that formed in his heart upon being rejected by his crush. She then orders for him to return to Alfea and tamper with the Simulation Chamber before leaving Red Fountain herself.

Once Jared does as he is told, Darcy creates a monster that infiltrates the simulation the Winx participate in and devours their only exit. Unfortunately, all of Darcy's work results in the opposite outcome that she and her sisters wanted as the Winx manage a successful convergence in the form of a titan made from all their magic, which defeats her virus monster with ease.

The Trix at Cloud Tower, ready to steal its piece of the Codex.

The Trix do not appear again until "Twinning with the Witches," where they arrive at Cloud Tower to steal its piece of the Codex. Despite the security measures that the school has taken with help from Alfea, the Trix are successful in sneaking inside, where they promptly split up to uncover the location of the second Codex piece.

The three witches eventually regroup where, after learning of the difficulty that the Winx and the Cloud Tower Witches face when it comes to cooperating, corner Lucy, their former groupee, and pressure her into spying on Headmistress Griffin and Professor Ediltrude to find out the Codex's location. The witch trio then vanishes to another part of the school, where they lie in wait as everyone else splits up to go about their own plans for stopping them.

Soon enough, the Trix end up uncovering the location of Cloud Tower's Codex piece after Tecna figures it out through the use of her PDA by herself. Once she is frozen by Icy, the Trix use Tecna's map to head for the room where the Codex lies while everyone is caught up in a panic.

Darcy blinding Bloom.

Once in the Codex Room, the Trix are intercepted by Bloom but, since she had come alone, she poses little to no threat to them thanks to their enhanced powers. To deal with her futile efforts, Darcy suppresses and blinds Bloom as Icy goes on to open the Codex's container. Unfortunately for the Trix, however, the container opens to reveal Griffin waiting inside.

Enraged upon realizing how much time they have wasted, the Trix prepare to fight Griffin, but retreat by having Darcy fill the room with darkness instead now that they stood outnumbered. Having fled to another part of the school to form a plan, the Trix plot keep the Winx and Griffin separated to pick them off one by one and ensure their victory. Luckily for them, their targets end up splitting up into smaller groups of their own accord with Griffin remaining in her office, leaving the Trix with the only job of keeping them separate.

Tapping into their lingering control over Cloud Tower, the Trix use the school itself to attack its students and the Winx, and trap them in a hidden part of itself to make it easier for them to deal with anyone who still remains. Darcy and Stormy manage to corner Bloom and Tecna but, before they can be rid of at least a third of the Winx, they are ensnared by the walls of Cloud Tower, signalling that Griffin had regained total control of the school once more. Now trapped, Darcy complains over Griffin's need to control everything, to which Stormy suggests that they use some chaos to escape.

The Trix eventually break out of their short-lived prison using brute force, and also uncover the location of Cloud Tower's piece of the Codex. Just before Icy grabs the Codex piece, however, the Winx intercept them and attempt to use a Convergence. Luckily for the Trix, the Winx's convergence spell backfires horribly on the six fairies, allowing for the witch trio to easily dispatch Discorda, Cloud Tower's Guardian Pixie, steal the Codex piece and leave for Darkar's Fortress.

By the episode "Pixie Village," Darkar had already acquired Alfea's piece of the Codex through an unlikely ally, leaving the Trix to obtain the final piece that lie within the enigmatic Pixie Village. Though Icy had been sent on her own, Darcy and Stormy arrive in to find their eldest sister engaged in battle with Queen Amentia of the Kingdom of Downland while being horribly outnumbered thanks to the presence of her trog army. Using her dark powers, Darcy brings a shroud of darkness that encloses the entire area, giving her and her sisters the chance to make off with the final Codex piece. Naturally, they deliver it to Darkar and await their next task, which comes to them in "Charmix Power."

Unable to open a portal into Relix, the Trix are sent to the Wildlands to capture Bloom, whose Dragon Flame acts as the final key to obtaining the Ultimate Power.

Darcy hypnotizing the wildlife of the Wildlands.

Despite the area being known as a "no-magic zone," the Trix's Gloomix always for them to utilize their powers as if the classification does not matter. Aware of how outnumbered they be against the Winx and Specialists, Darcy gets the idea to set up traps and hypnotize the surrounding wildlife to do their bidding. She continues this throughout the day, leaving small groups of the hypnotized animals to attack the Winx as she goes on to hypnotize more and more of them, during which she and her sisters end up under Riven's watch when he comes across them in secret.

As word spreads of the Trix's presence, the witch trio begins to hear noises and become excited over the possibility of Bloom having fallen into one of their traps already. They then follow their Wildland army to the Winx and Specialists, only to learn that the groups managed to avoid their traps and left them for the animals to deal with. Though some are able to avoid the traps, the Winx and Specialists manage to escape, leaving the Trix with the only option of retreating to formulate another plan.

In another part of the Wildlands, Darcy manages to hypnotize larger and sturdier monsters for her and her sisters to use against the Winx and Specialists. Unaware that they are being spied upon yet again, the Trix let it slip that their reason for being in the Wildlands is to capture Bloom. A short while later, the Trix arrive at the Winx and Specialists' location with their sturdier monsters to launch an attack, only to be completely outwitted by Timmy.

Despite their spectacular failure in the Wildlands, Bloom ends up captured and brought to Darkar by his Avalon imposter. To ensure that he has enough time to corrupt Bloom fully, the Trix are sent out alongside his army of shadow monsters to keep any rescue efforts at bay.

The Trix bestowing their powers to Darkar's shadow monsters.

By "Face to Face with the Enemy," the Winx and Specialists manage to enter Magix's Underground Realm and encroach onto Darkar's fortress despite the Trix's efforts. However, when they relay the news to Darkar, they are tasked with bestowing their powers to his shadow monsters as he leaves with the fully corrupted Dark Bloom. Aggravated by Darkar's change in behavior toward them, the Trix begin to feel as though they were nothing but tools for him to use and begrudgingly leave the fortress to do as they were told.

Exhausted from giving all their power to Darkar's shadow monsters, the Trix enter the fortress once more to find him. Once they do, they confront him, reminding him of his promise to share the Ultimate Power amongst them, only to be betrayed by Darkar, who banishes them into Oblivion since they no longer serve any purpose to him now that he has Dark Bloom.

The Mega Trix engaging in a battle with Darkar.

While in Oblivion, the Trix become consumed by their rage against Darkar and use the last of their Gloomix power to fuse into the Mega Trix. They then break in the realm of Relix and, completely fueled by their hatred of Darkar, engage in a heated battle with him, keeping him from obtaining the Ultimate Power contained within a crystal.

Even as Darkar manages to slip away and absorb the Crystal of Power, he is utterly defeated by a complete convergence cast by the Winx. With the Ultimate Power no longer in Relix, the realm begins to crumble as the Mega Trix is left behind to be buried within its rubble.

Following their defeat when Relix collapsed in on itself, the Trix had been salvaged from the rubble of the realm, imprisoned within ice and loaded onto a spacecraft bound for the Omega Dimension. After being thrown into the Omega Dimension in "The Princess Ball," Darcy and Stormy are freed from their icy prisons by Icy thanks to her mastery over ice. Upon realizing where they are, the Trix revel in their growing reputation since only the worst of the worst get sent to Omega, until a large creature comes barreling in their direction. While fleeing from one of Omega's many Ice Serpents, the Trix come across a prisoner serving out an eternal sentence whom Icy frees from his icy prison. The Trix then quickly ally themselves with the prisoner, a wizard known as Valtor, to find a way out of Omega under the condition that they will not be taking orders from anyone given it worked out for them last time. Valtor accepts and leads the witch trio to the Portal to Andros, which, thanks to Icy, gets blown open despite having been reinforced with magic. Now on Andros, the Trix watch on impressed as Valtor takes control over a sizeable portion of the realm by placing his mark on the mermaids stationed outside of the Portal, forcibly turning them into ravenous creatures. They then take shelter in an underground section of the island holding the Omega Portal, where they watch Valtor mutate more mermaids before leaving for Solaria to regain his former strength. During his leave, the Trix spy on the Winx as they attend Stella's princess ball and the disaster that Valtor wrought in his wake.

Valtor and the Trix spying on the Winx.

The Trix continue to spy on the Winx even after Valtor returns to their secret base in "The Fairy and the Beast," during which they explain to him of who Bloom is before being tasked with eradicating the Winx so long as they keep Bloom alive for him to personally deal with.

The Trix eagerly wait for their chance to strike until "The Sea of Fear," as the rapidly-spreading chaos on Andros naturally attracts the Winx to the realm looking for a way to put a stop to it.

As the six fairies go about trying to combat Valtor's dark magic, the Trix reveal themselves to the Winx, ready to start up a fight. The Trix start off with the upper hand in the fight but quickly lose their advantage as Darcy and Stormy are knocked out by Aisha tying them up in her Morphix, leaving Icy in a six-on-one fight.

Despite facing yet another humiliating defeat at the hands of the Winx, the Trix focus on the bigger picture: their plans to conquer the Magic Dimension alongside Valtor. They begin taking steps toward that goal in "The Company of Light," where the witch trio assist Valtor in a raid on the realm of Espero. Even after Valtor successfully steals the strongest magic Espero has to offer, the Trix continue to wreak their fair share of havoc before taking off.

Back at their lair on Andros, the Trix find themselves unable to converse with Valtor, who is too busy silently studying an image of Bloom. Darcy suspects that his sudden interest in Bloom is romantically fueled (much to Stormy's anger) until Valtor corrects all three of them and rubs further salt in the wound by reminding them of how formidable an opponent they should know her to be.

The Trix, dissatisfied with their lair on Andros.

By the episode "Alfea Under Siege," the Trix and Valtor have become dissatisfied with their lair on Andros despite having stolen a large number of strong spells from multiple realms. Wanting a change in scenery fast, the Trix move on to take over Cloud Tower a second time.

Once they successfully sneak into the school's barrier disguised as a pack of wolves chasing a frightened deer, Valtor and the Trix waste no time in asserting themselves; making quick work of everyone in the building thanks to Valtor's increased power. And so, with Griffin locked up once more, the student body under Valtor's influence and the professors having been forcibly turned into monsters, the Trix follow Valtor's lead in staging a full-scale assault on Alfea for spells hidden inside the Hall of Enchantments.

With the Alfea Fairies and faculty busy dealing with Valtor and his army of possessed witches, the Trix manage to sneak into Alfea's walls and promptly start searching for the location of the Hall of Enchantments. During their search, they are ambushed by a fairy named Galatea but, due to her status as a freshman fairy, the Trix easily overpower her and force her into leading them to the Hall.

Darcy setting the Hall on fire.

Once the Trix make it to the Hall of Enchantments, they start searching for the strong spells Valtor desires, only to be interrupted when Galatea attempts to flee upon the Winx's arrival. Even after Icy shatters Galatea's fairy wings, Darcy sets fire to the Hall to ensure that the Winx can never recover the texts kept within it since she and her sisters were unable to procure them for Valtor. The three witches then flee, assured over the possibility of the Winx facing a major failure, and reconvene with Valtor at Cloud Tower after he successfully settles an old score.

The witches' moods quickly turn sour in "A Trap for Fairies" upon the realization that the Winx defeated them due to being successful in saving all the tomes within the Hall of Enchantments, and are further put down by Valtor, who reprimands them and audibly wonders if he would ever find someone worthy to share his vastly accumulating power with. Upon hearing this, Darcy begins to plot of ways to prove to both Valtor and her sisters that she deserves to have Valtor and his power all to herself. She is quickly broken out of her thoughts by Valtor when he tasks her and her sisters with keeping watch over Griffin, who has been attempting to break out of her cell for awhile.

Moments later, the Trix return to Griffin's office, bored of doing guard-duty. When Valtor demands to know why they are not doing as told, Darcy tries to convince him that their dark talents would be wasted as guards. After Stormy notices that Mirta is with the Winx through the crystal ball, Darcy joins in on explaining who Mirta is; mainly with how she was never a real witch given how she transferred over to Alfea. From there, Darcy and her sisters watch on as Valtor uses Mirta to trap the Winx by baiting her with Lucy.

The Trix individually plotting to win Valtor's affections.

Even after the Winx and Mirta escape the school having learned what they needed to, each of the Trix plot to win over Valtor's affections from the other two. However, in the following episode, Stormy seems to gain the upper hand when she receives a new power from Valtor directly.

After learning from Lucy that the Winx plan to head for Linphea to free Faragonda, Darcy storms off elsewhere, lying to her sisters of her intentions as she tries to sneak off to Linphea to take care of the Winx herself and earn Valtor's favor.

Eventually, the Trix catch each other in their lies once they all find each other on Linphea, but decide to pool their strength together to corner the Winx before they can get the Black Willow's tears. Once there, the Trix easily cause a panic amongst the Winx as Darcy uses her powers to pollute the tears of the Black Willow, causing the tree to wither in the process. Their battle also drags Flora's little sister, Miele, into the fray when she jumps in front of Flora to save her from Stormy's attack and is knocked into the polluted water. The Trix then laugh at Miele's misfortune and Flora's supposed demise in an attempt to save Miele until Flora emerges having gained her Enchantix.

Darcy as a preteen.

With the Willow and its tears now purified by Flora's Fairy Dust, the Trix are quickly ensnared by the Willow's branches and thrown into its river of tears, which reverts them back into preteens. They quickly argue amongst themselves over their strange appearances until the Winx threaten to punish them with time-outs and spankings, prompting them to flee.

The Trix eventually regain their young adult forms, as seen in "One Last FLuttering of Wings," where they watch the incoming destruction Andros is facing as a result of the Omega Portal having been busted open from the crystal ball in Griffin's office.

When they see that the Winx have traveled to Andros to try and save it, Darcy becomes stricken with a sense of dissatisfaction. Believing that the Winx would never be able to save the realm, Darcy comments on how she and her sisters should be the ones to finish off the six fairies given their history. Though her sisters share her sentiments, they are begrudgingly held back by Valtor, who insists that there is no need for them to needlessly risk their lives since the collapse of the Omega Portal would destroy Andros and everything on it.

The group of four continues to watch the events unfold on Andros and witness Tecna's sacrifice in her attempt to close the Portal. Though she was successful in closing it, she was caught up in its suction and pulled into Omega. With the Winx grieving the loss of their friend, Valtor and the Trix become ecstatic over the thought of dealing with one less thorn in their side.

In "Fury!," the Trix and Valtor prepare for an incoming confrontation with the Winx, who are more than likely to try exacting their revenge on Valtor to avenge their fallen friend.

Darcy and Icy surprised by Stormy's behavior under the spell stolen from Oppositus.

Once Valtor returns from the realm of Oppositus having stolen its most powerful spells, Darcy and Icy watch on as Stormy is used as a guinea pig. Her suddenly nice and bubbly behavior momentarily baffles her older sisters until they begin to laugh at her for having embarrassed herself in front of her crush before leaving with Valtor.

A short while later, Darcy and Icy do battle with Stella and Aisha, who had split off from the group to free Griffin. Thanks to the fairies' enhanced Enchantix powers though, the witches lose the fight and are warped into the Detention Dimension by the freed headmistress. While there, the Trix refuse to do the blackboard's assignment until Darcy frees the three of them by using her magic to write all the necessary ingredients for whatever potion the blackboard was demanding.

Once freed, the Trix trudge up to Griffin's office, likely preparing themselves for a beratement concerning their defeat, and are met with a large blast of fire that blows them all back. Believing this to be Valtor's punishment for them cheating their way out of the Detention Dimension, Darcy cries, promising to write down the ingredients fairly next time.

Darcy convincing Valtor to relax for the day.

In the following episode, Darcy earns a small victory in the fight for Valtor's heart when she sees that Valtor has become stressed by his inability to morph and convinces him to release said stress by conquering another realm: the realm of Ohm. Once Valtor leaves, Darcy gets into an argument with Icy, who had become jealous over the earlier display, until both of them turn their fury on Stormy, who acts like she is above it all by insisting that she got over Valtor.

By the time Valtor returns, he gifts Darcy with a magic bracelet while he forces traditional Ohm garb on both Icy and Stormy, much to their anger.

In "From the Ashes," Darcy and her sisters travel to Pyros, the Island of Dragons, to eradicate Bloom while she is alone and in the midst of her training. Unfortunately, just as the three witches combine their powers, directing them in an attack against Bloom, the fiery fairy wills herself into her Enchantix, causing the Trix to be blown off of Pyros by her strengthened magic.

By the episode "Valtor's Box," the large quantity of stolen spellbooks, tomes and scrolls has become too much to bear for Valtor and the Trix. As the Trix try flinging suggestions as to what to do with their excessive loot, they learn of the Agador Box, an ancient artifact capable of storing an infinite number of objects with ease. With that, they prepare for Valtor's plan to steal the Box from the Museum of Magix.

Later that day, Darcy appears as an image in the sky above the city alongside her sisters as Valtor proclaims that he shall steal the Eye of the Ancient Ancestress from the Museum of Magix. When the time comes to infiltrate the Museum, Darcy and her sisters head off in a different direction from Valtor, who is headed for the vault where the Eye lies. The three witches eventually find the Agador Box, but are stopped just as they are about to steal it by the Winx, causing them to engage in a fight with the six fairies.

Due to being outnumbered, the Trix momentarily lose their fight against the five Winx as Bloom flies off to face Valtor one-on-one, due to being caught up in Aisha's Morphix, which allows for the Fairy of Fluids to take the Box. Luckily, Valtor's attack which was aimed for Aisha ends up ensnaring a boy who Valtor quickly uses as a hostage to force Aisha into surrendering the Box. Once she does so, the Trix flee from the Museum and back to Cloud Tower with Valtor.

Darcy carving Valtor's face onto a boulder.

In "The Pixies' Charge," Darcy and her sisters attempt to steal the most powerful spells from Pixie Village, turning their assignment into yet another contest for Valtor's heart. Darcy psyches herself up by magically sculpting Valtor's face onto the side of a boulder before she is interrupted by Zing whizzing by on her bee friends. When she attempts to catch the pixie however, Darcy ends up getting stung by one of the bees. Eventually, her and her sisters' attempts at catching Zing attracts the other pixies and pixie pets, causing a much bigger uproar that ends in Darcy turning Digit, Amore and Tune into giants in retaliation for them trying to tickle her into submission.

Eventually, the entire squabble is broken up when Valtor arrives, having seen enough of the Trix's utter failure at dealing with the pixies. Darcy and Stormy are soon crushed under Digit's gigantic body and knocked out when she topples over in trying to get to Valtor. The two witches are teleported away from the scene by Valtor and Icy as they make their getaway.

To make up for their humiliating defeat at the hands of the Winx's pixies, the Trix are tasked with tailing the Winx and Specialists in their journey to the fabled Golden Kingdom to prevent them from getting their hands on the Water Stars.

Darcy and Stormy overpowering Sky.

By the episode "The Crystal Labyrinth," the Trix arrive at the base of the Red Tower, where Darcy and Stormy keep the Specialists busy while Icy takes the chance to deal with Bloom now that she is all alone and still at a disadvantage thanks to her incomplete powers. It is during this confrontation where Darcy meets her match as Ophir's illusory magic matches up with hers in battle. Unfortunately, the battle drags out for too long as the rest of the Winx return from the Golden Kingdom with the Water Stars in hand, resulting in the Trix's defeat and later retreat.

Once they return to Cloud Tower in "The Wizards' Challenge," the Trix are surprised to find Valtor sulking over the Winx's latest accomplishment. Darcy's efforts to cheer him up in the slightest fall flat as Valtor becomes more obsessed with collecting powerful magic spells; primarily, those from Alfea that the Trix were unable to procure during their earlier invasion. And so, Darcy and her sisters take a backseat to Valtor's plans as he makes Cloud Tower "vanish" in his attempts to pressure the three headmasters into a battle to distract them long enough for him to sneak into Alfea for the spells he missed.

In the following episode, Darcy and her sisters are bestowed the power of Disenchantix from Valtor to prevent the Winx from reaching the crypts of Cloud Tower, as Bloom would be able to uncover the truth of her birth parents' fates should she reach it and contact the Ancestral Witches. Believing that they will now be capable of standing on an equal playing field with the Winx, the Trix waste no time in confronting the six fairies. Darcy and Stormy quickly unleash the strongest spells their new form has to offer, only for both of their attacks to be rendered useless thanks to the Winx's Fairy Dust. To make matters worse, the Trix get frozen in place after facing the brunt of a Fairy Dust-fueled convergence, forcing them to let the Winx pass them.

By "The Wizard's Anger," Darcy had gotten over her crush on Valtor and now sees him as a pathetic loser thanks to the near-constant losses he had been facing at the hands of the Winx despite having the upper hand for so long. Her and her sisters' teasing naturally enrages the wizard, causing him to transform into a demon as he reveals the strongest spell in his arsenal that he plans to ravage Magix with: the Spell of the Elements. Frightened by his new form and curious of the results, the Trix follow Valtor as he unleashes the Spell of the Elements upon the realm and waits for the Winx at the emptied lakebed of Lake Roccaluce to deal with the group once and for all. They watch on as the Winx ultimately make a fool of him in releasing his seal on the Agador Box—his attempts to get it back making him look like the monkey in a game of monkey in the middle—until he ultimately spells out his own demise by recalling the Spell of the Elements.

Darcy panicking over having to be sent back to Lightrock.

Completely unimpressed with Valtor now, the Trix call off their alliance with him and leave the cavern within Lake Roccaluce before the water recedes back into the lakebed, leaving Valtor to drown. Once back on the surface, the Trix are promptly stopped by the templars of Lightrock, which causes Darcy to tearfully beg for them not to put them back into rehabilitation. From there, the Trix are apprehended and imprisoned back within the walls of Lightrock where they most likely face a much harsher sentence due to their alliance with Valtor for most of his conquest.

A portrait of the Trix.

Darcy's only appearance within Season 4 is in the episode "The Fairy Hunters" in a portrait alongside Icy and Stormy. The portrait is the first of many lined along the walls of a section of the Hall of Enchantments reserved for every villain that had posed a universal threat to the Magic Dimension.

Darcy herself presumably remains imprisoned within the walls of Lighthaven serving out a much harsher sentence as a result of working under both Darkar and Valtor, as well as her own crimes.

The Trix imprisoned on Andros.

Following their arrest at the end of the Season 3 episode "The Wizard's Anger," the Trix were either relocated from the Lightrock Monastery to the Prison of Andros, or were initially imprisoned there during the events of Season 4. Either way, by the end of the episode "The Spill," the Trix gain a new cell neighbor in the form of Tritannus, former prince to the triton throne of Andros' undersea kingdom second to Crown Prince Nereus.

The Trix and Tritannus continue to converse with one another in the following episode (Darcy and Stormy finding every chance they can to poke fun at Icy for sympathizing with Tritannus) until the former triton prince, empowered and mutated by an oil spill that leaked into Andros' oceans, destroys the Prison, freeing the four of them. From there, the Trix follow Tritannus as he regains possession of his trident, mutates the triton guards, steals the magical power of Phylla and Lemmy, and uses the stolen power to replenish the Trix of theirs to allow them for serve him with ease.

When Tritannus reverts back into his original form exhausted and weakened, the Trix have him open up the Ocean Gate leading to Earth to find more pollutants for him to absorb. Upon their arrival, the witch trio witness two men trying to dispose of some toxic substance. Using her powers of hypnosis, Darcy hypnotizes the two men; tasking one with dumping all of the toxic waste into the oceans and the other with finding more until Tritannus grows back into a mutant.

Before Icy and Tritannus can get too deep into their lovey-dovey routine, Darcy brings her sisters' attention to the magic in the air. When they identify it as fairy magic, Darcy demands answers from one of her temporary henchmen, and learns that the Winx had brought magic back to Earth while they were imprisoned and stripped of their powers. Now enraged, the Trix with Tritannus and his mutant forces head out to search for the Winx to fight them. Unfortunately, things go as expected as the Trix are bested by the Winx, who are now fueled by the increased power of their Believix form, and are forced to retreat back to Andros.

Darcy casting her Dark Hypnotic spell.

In "Return to Alfea," the Trix reconvene with Tritannus in a remote location underneath Andros' waves. When Icy notifies Tritannus of the Winx's return to Alfea, Darcy brings up the fact that they are too weak to face the six fairies due to their Believix powers. The three witches ultimately decide to combat the Winx upon being empowered by Tritannus' magical pollution by ambushing them within the Magic Archives. The boost they gained from Tritannus proves to be a substantial one as they would have overpowered the Winx even with help from two of the Specialists, Sky and Helia, were it not for Faragonda and Griselda's intervention that forced them into fleeing.

Darcy and Stormy eavesdropping.

Following their failure, Darcy and Stormy are effectively thrown under the bus by Icy in "The Sirenix Book" when she pins all the blame on them for being "too weak" to finish off the Winx in response to Tritannus' anger, claiming that she was forced to retreat because the two of them tried to leave her behind. They hear Icy's whole excuse by eavesdropping on her conversation with Tritannus and become both annoyed and disappointed with their elder sister's change in behavior. As they are called by Icy to help in preventing the Winx from obtaining the Sirenix Book, Darcy expresses her irritation with Icy by telling Stormy of how she cannot stand her.

To commence their plans, the Trix teleport themselves just outside the balcony of the Winx's dorm, where they watch as Tecna tries to find the Book using a program she and Timmy had worked on detailing the entirety of the Magic Archives. It is then that Darcy casts a spell on Tecna's phone and laughs to herself as the three witches leave. The results of Darcy's spell cause chaos for the Winx but ironically helps them in finding the Sirenix Book.

Meanwhile, the Trix reconvene with Tritannus at a riverbed within the nearby forests and learn from him of their next step: start up their own Sirenix Quest by searching for Daphne, Bloom's fallen sister.

In the episode "The Lilo," which is disconnected from the plot of Season 5, the Trix showcase their powers to one another. Despite the growth of their dark powers, the three witches are still left wondering if they are strong enough to defeat the Winx.

Darcy calling forth her Vacuum.

Eventually, the Trix overhear a conversation between Bloom, Flora and Headmistress Faragonda and learn of the Lilo, a magical flower said to hold significant magical power that it will lose once it blooms by sunset. With that, the Trix decide to track down the Lilo to absorb its power before the Winx can get their hands on it, and summon up their Vacuums, which they use to lead them to the magical flower.

From there, the Trix later arrive on Earth just outside of the flower shop run by Bloom's foster mother. They catch sight of the Winx before Darcy and Stormy are shoved into an alleyway by Icy so that they can spy on the group without being spotted. Confused as to why they are not making a move, Darcy makes claim that they could just take the Winx in a fight, but she quickly understands Icy's train of thought when she explains how they could simply tail the Winx until they eventually lead them to the Lilo themselves.

Darcy's Web of Confusion spell.

Everything ends up going according to the Trix's plans when they find the Lilo in the possession of a girl named Macy, who they promptly confront for the flower. When Macy refuses and tries to run off, the Trix give chase, only to be confronted by the Winx, giving Macy enough time to flee on Mitzi's scooter. They are able to evade the Winx's attacks and Darcy and Stormy stay back to stall the six fairies as Icy pursues Macy for the Lilo. Using her Web of Confusion, Darcy duplicates her image to confound the Winx as Stormy launches an attack. Once the two believe that they had created a suitable diversion, they flee the scene to regroup with Icy at the Community Garden.

As Icy combats Flora, Darcy and Stormy fly in and grab Macy for the Lilo. When she tries to throw the Lilo away, the two witches simply throw her to catch the potted flower, only to fail when the pot crashes into the ground. All is not lost for them, however, as they are still able to absorb the Lilo's power since it ended up planted into the ground just before sunset. They laugh at the Winx's pitiable efforts to knock them down and prepare an attack to dispose of them once and for all. Unfortunately, the faith of the surrounding people ends up empowering the Winx well beyond the strength that the Trix had gained from the Lilo, and the three witches are blasted away by a powerful Believix Convergence.

Picking the main plot back up where it left off, the Trix continue to deter the Winx in their efforts to achieve Sirenix as Tritannus goes about researching the form to gain its power. And so, in "The Power of Harmonix," the Trix appear on Graynor in the middle of the Challenge of Graynor to stop any fairies from obtaining the Nature's Boon. To do this, the three witches seek out the fabled Creature of the Rainbow Mantle in the hopes of killing it so that the boon would become lost forever.

As expected, their attempts at the Creature's life lead the group into a confrontation with the Winx, primarily Tecna, Stella and Musa. Thanks to their enhanced powers, the Trix are able to overpower the three fairies, knocking them unconscious in their attempts to shield the Creature of the Rainbow Mantle. Even as Bloom, Flora and Aisha arrive, the Trix maintain their advantage until the Creature reveals its true form and uses its power to force the witches into retreating.

In the following episode, the Trix reconvene with Tritannus in the same riverbed by the forests near Magix's three schools. Upon seeing how Tritannus has run out of toxins to power himself with, Darcy and Stormy are dragged into another mission to gather more for him by Icy, much to their aggravation. Once on Earth, Darcy hypnotizes more workers into dumping toxic waste into the ocean; the resulting pollution attracting the attention of half the Winx (the other half having gone to Solaria for their Sirenix Quest).

During their fight, the Trix find themselves evenly matched thanks to the Winx having gained Harmonix, but they are able to corner Bloom all on her own. Using this chance, the three witches launch a combined attack on the fire fairy, only for Sky to completely block it, giving Bloom enough time to blow them back with a Dragon's Embrace. Irritated with Bloom (and the Winx)'s increase in power, the Trix resort to retreating along with Tritannus and his mutants.

Once they all return in Tritannus' lair, Darcy joins her sisters in meeting with the former prince as Icy explains how the Winx's Harmonix has made them stronger than ever. None of them become upset at the recent turn of events, however, as the four of them already plan to seek out Daphne to defeat the six fairies.

In "Secret of the Ruby Reef," Darcy stays stationed within Tritannus' lair with her sisters as the former prince plans a reunion of sorts with his family, having already arrived within Andros' oceans by the time the Trix were contacted. She and Stormy remain irritated with Icy's lovestruck behavior in regards to Tritannus as they are made to wait for his return before finally seeking out Daphne.

By the end of the episode, Tritannus and the Trix manage to find Daphne's cove within the waters of Lake Roccaluce and promptly capture the ghostly nymph in the hopes of learning the secrets of Sirenix.

In "A Magix Christmas" (another episode separate from the main plot), the Trix eavesdrop on the Winx and learn of "Christmas magic." Irritated by the possibility of the Winx gaining more magic on top of their already strong powers, the Trix sneak onto the Alfea campus while under an invisibility spell and cast a convergence spell that creates a flock of ice dragons that quickly begin wreaking havoc.

With Bloom now unable to leave for her home in Gardenia, the Trix move on to separating her from her friends so that they may successfully steal her Christmas magic. Unfortunately, the three witches are unable to get Bloom alone and so, after witnessing Bloom being surrounded by her closest friends, the Trix grow tired of trying to sneak about and remove the invisibility spell over them. Now visible, they demand that Bloom hand over her Christmas magic and, when she does not comply, they destroy all the Christmas decorations. This spells out yet another defeat for the witch trio as doing so angers Bloom enough for her to summon a flame in the image of a dragon that blasts them and their ice dragons away.

The Trix torturing Daphne.

Following Daphne's capture, the Trix go on to torture the ghostly nymph by firing strong magic attacks at her while she is restrained as seen in the beginning of "Trix Tricks." When Daphne passes out, still having refused to tell neither them about the secrets of Sirenix, the Trix take it upon themselves to infiltrate Alfea in the hopes of kidnapping Bloom.

While under an invisibility spell, Darcy and Stormy begin causing minor havoc ranging from tripping up some fairies to messing with Kiko with illusions, only to be stopped by Icy, who is oddly more insistent in finding Bloom and bringing her back to Tritannus. When the Trix are still unable to find Bloom, Darcy uses her magic to make all the hoverbikes uncontrollable and turn them into monsters that attack the crowd as they search for Bloom.

After their monsters are destroyed, the Trix ultimately get what they want when Bloom decides to take Sky to Roccaluce Gorge alone, so the three witches follow the couple to capture Bloom and teach Sky a lesson while they are at it. And so, upon reaching the Gorge, the Trix attack Bloom and quickly encircle Sky but, before they can attack him, the rest of the Winx arrive and drive the Trix into retreating yet again.

Once they return to Tritannus' lair empty-handed, Darcy and Stormy are treated to yet another gross display of affection from Icy as she tries to calm Tritannus down.

As Daphne continues to keep the secrets of Sirenix from her captors, the Trix are sent to crash the upcoming ceremony being held on Domino to harm her parents, King Oritel and Queen Marion in "Test of Courage," while Tritannus occupies himself with hunting after the realm's Guardian Selkie.

Darcy restraining Marion.

Just as the ceremony begins, the Trix crash it and begin wreaking havoc. Darcy is easily able to dispatch of the royal guards by using her illusory powers to make them fight amongst each other before joining her sisters in battling the Domino monarchs. Oritel and Marion prove to be formidable opponents until Stormy creates an illusion of Oritel and uses him as bait to force Marion into dropping her weapon. Once she does so, Darcy casts a purple mist over Marion, restrains her and uses her to lure the real Oritel into another one of her traps. With both monarchs captured, Darcy joins her powers together with her sisters to freeze them, which allows for Icy to pressure Daphne into spilling the secrets of Sirenix for their lives.

After Daphne promises to tell them what they wish to know, the Trix try to destroy Oritel and Marion anyway, only to be stopped by Sky and, later, the Winx, until they finally flee.

The Trix with Dark Sirenix.

Upon their return in "Sirenix," the Trix and Tritannus learn that they must find the Source of Sirenix in order to obtain it. As Tritannus and Icy become excited over the possibility of gaining Sirenix together, Darcy is left wondering if she and Stormy will be getting anything at all. Nevertheless, she stays to wait for Tritannus as he searches for the Source alone. Upon his return, the Trix are bestowed with a more corrupted variant of Daphne's Sirenix powers, earning the form Dark Sirenix.

Later on, once Tritannus obtains power over all major Ocean Gates after stripping them from each of their Guardian Selkies, the Trix follow him into the Infinite Ocean with Daphne and his mutants in tow.

Despite what is supposed to be a grand achievement, neither Darcy nor Stormy understand the importance of having access to the Infinite Ocean until Tritannus finally reveals that he has been after the Emperor's Throne this whole time. Darcy becomes even more skeptical as their plans only seem to benefit Tritannus and Icy, causing her to believe that she and Stormy will simply be left out.

After Tritannus uses up the last of his toxic powers in a failed attempt at forcing the Emperor's Throne to activate, Darcy and her sisters travel back to Earth to help him replenish himself. Once again, their efforts attract the attention of the Winx, who they get into another battle with except, this time, the battle is much more heated thanks to both parties having gained Sirenix. The Trix try to flee with Tritannus and are almost caught by the Winx until Tritannus uses the mutated royal family to stall for time, fully aware of how Aisha would never attack her own family or let anyone else attack them.

By "The Pillar of Light," the Trix learn that the Emperor's Throne is inactive due to its broken legs and decide to roll with Tritannus as he seeks out the seals of the three Pillars of the Infinite Ocean to repair them. She and Stormy become more and more reluctant to do as Darcy becomes more convinced over how the two of them are simply being cast aside thanks to Icy and Tritannus being so absorbed in their twisted love for one another. Regardless, she aids him and her sisters in raiding the Pillar of Light, which ends up successful as their Dark Sirenix made dispatching of the Pillar Guardians all too easy for them.

On their way back in "The Eclipse," however, the group of four is stopped by the Winx, who wish to take back the seal of the Pillar of Light before the ramifications of their theft spell doom for Stella's father, King Radius. Darcy and Stormy are easily thrown out of the fight by Flora, Tecna and Musa, leaving Icy, Tritannus and his mutants alone against the six fairies. The two witches manage to pick themselves back up only to see Icy and Tritannus fleeing without them. They are able to catch up to the pair, but not without their feelings of anger and frustration growing at the revelation of Icy leaving them in the dust without so much as a second thought or regret.

Darcy and Stormy preparing to torment Daphne for their own amusement.

Upon their return to the Emperor's Thrown in "Faraway Reflections," Darcy and Stormy swim off to torment Daphne to release their frustrations onto somebody, having grown more than tired of Icy and Tritannus' constant flirting. Unfortunately, this does not help to take the edge off for either of them as they both have accepted the fact that they will be left out of obtaining whatever power the Emperor's Throne holds.

Finally at her whit's end, Darcy confronts Icy in the hopes of getting her to ditch Tritannus, even expressing concern over the possibility of all of them being destroyed upon activating the Throne. Unfortunately, her words fall on deaf ears as Icy, fully committed to her relationship with Tritannus, refuses to leave him and even vows to become Empress of All the Oceans with or without Darcy and Stormy.

Despite their hurt and increased frustration at Icy's declaration, Darcy and Stormy continue to aid Tritannus and their elder sister as they make yet another stop to Earth's oceans to help Tritannus refuel. Afterwards, the four of them slip away back into the Infinite Ocean just as the Winx arrive to stop them; their escape being successful thanks to all the Selkies that were injured in the fight.

Upon their return to the Emperor's Throne in "The Devourer," Darcy and Stormy find themselves ecstatic with one of Tritannus' decisions (for once) as the four of them prepare to head for the Pillar of Balance. As Darcy happily wreaks havoc with her younger sister, the group has a chaotic run-in with the titular Devourer, a ravenous fish-like creature whose only purpose is to eat anything and everything in its path. The Trix just barely manage to escape the Devourer's line of sight thanks to its immunity to magic, but quickly use the creature to set a trap for the Winx by sending it off to the Pillar of Light to attack the Selkies stationed there, which also works to give them enough time to steal and make off with the Pillar of Balance's seal.

Darcy commanding the Singing Whales.

By the following episode, however, Darcy and Stormy quickly grow tired of Icy and Tritannus' displays of romance as they remain totally ignored, so the pair swim off elsewhere to wreak enough havoc for the twisted lovebirds to finally notice their capabilities. To do this, the two witches travel to Melody and take control of the realm's last two Singing Whales, causing shockwaves to rattle the realm. They arrive back at the Pillar of Balance riding on the backs of the hypnotized Whales and causes enough of a diversion to allow for Icy and Tritannus to flee from the Winx with the seal in their possession.

Unfortunately, the stunt she and Stormy pulled do nothing to tear Icy and Tritannus' eyes away from one another and, with her patience having run out, Darcy prepares to double-cross Tritannus by the end of "The Problems of Love."

Following their theft of the Pillar of Balance's seal, Darcy accompanies her sisters and Tritannus in another trip to Earth to help the triton refuel. Once again, she and Stormy are completely disgusted with Icy and Tritannus' constant gushing and cooing; something that persists even as they make their way to the Pillar of Control in "Listen to Your Heart."

One the group of four arrive at the Pillar of Control, Darcy and Stormy remain unfazed, even when they learn that the Winx had destroyed its seal to prevent Tritannus from getting to it, before ducking for cover when Tritannus lashes out as he flies into a rage. His outburst attracts the attention of the Selkies, who combine their magic together to repair the Pillar of Control as Tritannus and the Trix leave.

Darcy and Stormy preparing to go off on their own.

Upon their return to the Emperor's Throne, Darcy and Stormy learn of the existence of another Sirenix fairy named Politea, who was turned into a ferocious beast by her power-lust under the Sirenix Curse. With this information, Darcy and Stormy attempt to get Icy to leave Tritannus once more, only for their elder sister to tell them to get lost. Fed up with Icy's obsessive love for the mutant triton, Darcy and Stormy leave the pair to track down Politea themselves, mainly out of spite. And so, they join their powers into a convergence, letting it lead them to the former Sirenix fairy.

The two witches manage to track Politea to Shark Eye Mountain in "The Shark's Eye," where they promptly begin sapping the beast of her powers. Even when Icy, who wishes to take Politea's powers for her own, and Bloom, who wishes to stop them, arrive, Darcy and Stormy successfully absorb enough of Politea's powers to the point where the former fairy vanishes. With that, Darcy and Stormy attack Bloom and her bonded Selkie, Serena, showing off their newfound strength before Darcy attempts to persuade Icy into leaving Tritannus one last time. Even with the threat of abandonment, Icy still refuses to leave Tritannus, causing Darcy to completely lose patience with her and desert her with Stormy in tow.

The Trix, reunited.

Despite having deserted Icy, leaving her to deal with the consequences of sticking with Tritannus, Darcy and Stormy return to her side by the season finale, "The End of Tritannus," where they rescue her from a fatal blow. Though they are both still mad at Icy, Darcy insists that they came back because they are still sisters and are, therefore, still the Trix, leading to the reunited trio joining their powers together into an attack on Tritannus, who had been driven into an uncontrollable rage as a result of the influence of the Emperor's Throne.

Unfortunately, their attack does nothing to injure Tritannus as he simply absorbs and redirects it back at them, effectively ejecting them from the Infinite Ocean.

Following the events of The Mystery of the Abyss, the Trix wander through an undisclosed ocean in the episode "Inspiration of Sirenix"; Darcy and Stormy both unaware of where they are going. Even when Icy insists that they will be defeating Bloom and her sister, Daphne, Darcy remains unsure as to whether they are even capable of doing so thanks to all the numerous defeats they have faced at the Winx's hands. Eventually, the three witches arrive by the entrance of a cavern where the Beast of the Depths lies, and unite their Dark Sirenix powers to place it under their control and ravage Bloom and Daphne's home realm of Domino. With Icy's claims of how the Beast is stronger than even the legendary Dragon's Flame, Darcy follows her sisters without any regrets or reservations. The Trix arrive on Domino and crash Daphne's revival party with the Beast of the Depths in tow. Darcy and her sisters laugh and mock the Winx as their special Sirenix Convergence does nothing to deter the Beast, and the trio continue to wreak havoc as everyone else is left with no other option but to retreat further into the royal palace. When the Winx leave in search for the Inspiration of Sirenix, the Trix follow them to Lake Roccaluce to stop them from acquiring it. Unfortunately, however, the Trix are defeated and blown back upon realizing that the Winx themselves act as the Inspiration Daphne is in need of.

Darcy and Stormy as Dark Witches.

Darcy and her sisters make an unexpected return in the following episode, "The Legendarium," when they crash Griffin's orientation ceremony at Cloud Tower.

After dispatching Griffin by turning her into a crow, the Trix appoint themselves as the new headmistresses of Cloud Tower, and quickly earn the support of all the freshman witches when Icy makes a speech over how witches will soon stand over everyone else as the most powerful beings within the whole of the Magic Dimension.

With such a declaration made, Darcy and her sisters, having inexplicably lost their Sirenix powers, will themselves into a new, more powerful witch form. Just as they are about to leave to deal with their age-old enemies, the Trix take Selina under their wing. Impressed by how powerful the Legendarium appeared to be, the witch trio promise to personally teach her everything they know about the dark arts, so long as she simply read a few tales from it.

In fact, following their takeover, the Trix have Cloud Tower rise from its foundation so that they may use it as a flying base of operations, as they travel around the Magic Dimension with the intent of conquering all other magic schools and taking their most powerful spells. By "The Flying School," the Trix have Selina summon up the Treants to terrorize Linphea College as the first step in their conquest. This naturally causes the Winx to infiltrate Cloud Tower when it suddenly appears over the College, leading into another encounter with their age-old enemies.

After taunting the Winx, Darcy and her sisters do battle with the six fairies, while Selina flees with the Legendarium. When the Winx fail miserably at destroying the source of negative energy responsible for summoning the Treants, Darcy and her sisters rejoice over their downfall, especially now that the fairies are without their magic powers. The witch trio then goes on to fully conquer Linphea College as the Winx and Specialists escape.

Upon their victory in "Bloomix Power," the Trix bring out their army of freshmen underlings as they laugh at the entrapped Linphea College students. The Trix then leave the freshmen witches to keep an eye on their prisoners while they retreat back into Cloud Tower to prepare an ambush.

When the Winx and Specialists make their return, the Trix oversee the two groups trying to break through Cloud Tower's defenses through their Magic Eye. Darcy and Stormy are then tasked to keep watch as Icy has Selina summon forth Flying Basilisks to get rid of the Winx for good.

The Trix preparing a Convergence on Bloom.

Darcy and her sisters eventually come out to play as the Basilisks wreak havoc on the school with the intent of finally destroying Bloom. Darcy and Stormy briefly argue over who will get to make the first strike until they compromise on launching a joint attack, which Bloom is barely able to protect herself from. They continue to taunt Bloom as the fire fairy begins to worry over how much longer she can keep the trio at bay.

The fight gets dragged out into the following episode until the Trix's freshmen witches flee, now unable to fend off the combined power of the Winx and the Linphea College fairies now that Flora, Stella and Aisha had all achieved their Bloomix forms. The Trix then retreat to Cloud Tower under the excuse of having grown bored of the College, but they do not leave without firing one last strike at the Winx in the form of a large lightning bolt that Aisha easily dispels.

Later into the episode, Darcy and Stormy are called forth by Icy to strike the next magical college on their list: the Eraklyon Institute. As they declare their power over the Institute, the Trix gain an unlikely ally in one of the students: Diaspro, the Princess of Gems.

Darcy and Stormy talking about the Vortex of Flames.

With Diaspro is an unofficial member of their group, the Trix quickly move on to formulating a plan to get rid of Bloom, as seen in the beginning of "Vortex of Flames." When the topic of the Vortex of Flames comes up, Darcy voices her interest in the idea of fighting fire with fire, as Diaspro is tasked with upholding her invitation to Daphne's coronation ceremony to find a way to properly get rid of Bloom.

When their plans with Diaspro go south, the Trix take matters into their own hands once again. Through the use of a spy, the witch trio learn of the Winx's plans to retrieve the diary of a fairy named Eldora being kept within the Library of Alexandria in "The Lost Library." Planning to steal the diary for themselves, the Trix sneak into Alfea, where Darcy turns three freshmen fairies that the Winx planned on taking with them as part of a field trip into frogs. She then uses her magic to have her and her sisters assume the appearances of these three fairies, allowing for the three to follow Daphne and the Winx to Alexandria, Egypt without making them suspicious.

Throughout the Winx and Daphne's search for Eldora, the Trix wreak mischief and mayhem at nearly every turn, all while relishing in the fairies' attempts at defending them from enemies like the mummies and Sphinx, as they remain unaware of the Trix hiding right under their noses.

By the episode "Shrine of the Green Dragon," the Trix attempt to steal Eldora's Diary from the Winx after Icy curses their food and makes them all fall asleep upon consumption. However, as they always tend to do, the Trix aim too high and decide to also take this chance to finally kill off the Winx once and for all, dropping their disguises in the process. Unfortunately for the witch trio, one of the pixies was able to wake the Winx up from their spell-induced slumber, forcing the Trix into fleeing to avoid having to face all six Winx, their bonded pixies and Supreme Nymph Daphne all at once.

Having returned to Cloud Tower irritated by their latest retreat, Darcy and her sisters have Selina summon up the Green Dragons to attack the Winx since they were unable to. As usual, the Winx manage to work their way around the Trix's assault, but none of the Trix take the defeat to heart, as they simply resume their conquest of all the known schools in the Magic Dimension, starting back up with the Zaltora School for Psychic Arts in the beginning of "The Secret Greenhouse."

Upon successfully taking over the school by placing everyone in it under their command, the Trix return to Cloud Tower to watch over Selina as she goes about her own plans for removing Bloom from the Winx. They are thoroughly satisfied by Selina's handiwork when she drives Bloom to running away back to Gardenia on Earth by having her nearly poison one of her closest friends to death, and move on to conduct their own, much harsher version of an orientation ceremony in the beginning of the following episode, by having many of the new applicants wishing to get into their Cloud Tower turn on their friends. They even turn away one of the applicants simply for looking too much like Bloom, and decide to ambush the devastated and (most importantly) isolated fire fairy by having Selina send the Children of the Night on her. Unfortunately, just when it appears that the Children of the Night were going to triumph over Bloom as well as the Winx when they came to visit, they are defeated thanks to their fatal weakness to Stella's light in "Shimmer in the Shadows."

Infuriated by the Winx's constant victories over each and every legend they had sent after them, Darcy and her sisters begin to doubt Selina's abilities, and warn her that the next legend she summons better do the job.

Despite becoming doubtful of Selina's handling of the Legendarium, the Trix still count on the young witch to summon up more legendary creatures in the following episode, "The Fairy Godmother," as they plan to travel to Earth to confront Eldora themselves when their viewing orb suddenly stops working.

As usual, the Trix stand little chance against all six Winx fairies, especially now that the whole group as their Bloomix powers, so they eventually stand back and let the Ectoplasm Specters Selina had unleashed deal with their nemeses. They prove to be powerful opponents for the Winx due to their intangibility, but things quickly go south when Eldora wipes them all out with ease. Seeing Eldora display such powerful magic naturally prompts the Trix to turn tail and flee back to Cloud Tower, where, in "Mythix," they condense all the magic they had stolen from other schools into small, dark crystals that amplify their powers. In typical Trix fashion, the trio only creates three of these powerized crystals for themselves, leaving Selina out.

With this new power-up, the Trix resume their conquest of all the Magic Dimension's schools by leading an attack on Tir Nan Og College. When the Winx eventually step in like they always do, the witch trio is able to hold their own against the fairies, even with Nebula, current ruling Earth Fairy Queen and headmistress of the College, assisting the Winx. Unfortunately, just as the Trix are overpowering the fairies, their powerized crystals are shattered when Bloom launches a magic blast at Icy's pendant. Darcy and Stormy's pendants shatter as well, as if by a chain-reaction, leaving the Trix with no other option but to flee with their students with no new stolen magic to show for it.

Now back at square one, the Trix are left with nothing to do but continue spying on the Winx, who are now accompanied by Daphne, the Specialists and Paladins as they look for a way to lock the Legendarium in "Mystery of Calavera."

The three sisters try to figure out a way to keep the Winx from locking the Legendarium as it remains as the only significant advantage they hold until they are interrupted by Selina, who proposes that they simply go inside the Legendarium themselves. Darcy voices her skepticism of Selina's plan considering how long she went without even mentioning such a thing but, now that the Winx also possess a way to get into the Legendarium, she and her sisters have no real option but to go inside the world within the ancient tome and ambush the Winx from there.

The Trix inside the Legendarium World.

Just as planned, the Trix are there on a pirate ship within the world of the Legendarium when the Winx arrive and a fight breaks out. However, what neither side accounted for were the Pirate Zombies that emerge from the depth of the ship and cause the battle to be split in three opposing sides.

As the fight grows in chaos, Darcy and Stormy learn of a time limit within the Legendarium from Icy and hastily make their escape, enraged that Selina would not tell them of such a crucial detail before letting them in. In fact, the witch trio grill Selina on failing to mention it once they return to Cloud Tower before realizing that the Winx may have missed the time limit. Unfortunately, just as it looks like they finally got an unlikely win, the Trix view their archenemies through their magic eye only to find them back with their friends on Calavera with the Fantasy Emerald in their possession.

So, to deter the Winx's plans, the Trix have Selina bring the Pirates of the Occulta ship to the real world to have them take their Fantasy Emerald back. However, like with all their plans, the Winx are able to defeat the Pirates, leaving the Trix to watch them celebrate as they plan their next ambush.

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Darcy and her Fairy Animal, Kemmy.

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Darcy looming over Bloom.

Following the first half of Season 1, Darcy once again makes her first appearance as a spectral entity listening to Knut's description of Bloom after he failed to steal Stella's magic sceptre.

Later on, Darcy makes her physical debut in an alleyway in Magix City alongside her sisters, Icy and Stormy. Once she picks up on Bloom's presence, Darcy duplicates her image, warps behind Bloom and kicks the fiery fairy from her hiding place. The Trix then go on to torment Bloom for daring to stand up against them with little to no magic before facing off against Bloom's friends when they arrive in the alleyway looking for her.

Their little confrontation with the Winx would only prove to be the beginning of many as the Trix make several attempts to locate the legendary Dragon's Flame; one such attempt being when the witch trio summons up a monster to distract the Winx and Specialists as they scour the insides of the Alfea School for Fairies for it.

The Trix caught in the act.

During their search, the Trix come across an unconscious Riven, whom Darcy finds herself drawn to but ultimately leaves to continue searching for the Flame. The Trix's search is put to an abrupt end, however, when they are caught by the Winx and Specialists inside the Headmistress' Office, which leads to them being lectured by Headmistress Faragonda herself before being sent back to Cloud Tower, empty-handed and humiliated.

Once Darcy and her sisters return to their dorm, they voice their suspicions of Bloom possibly being the one unknowingly in possession of the Dragon's Flame. To confirm this, the Trix infiltrate the Simulation Chamber in the middle of Bloom's midterm exam and torment her by endangering her pet rabbit, Kiko, until she transforms, revealing herself as the Dragon Flame's current Keeper. However, before they could possibly harness the Dragon's Flame, the Trix are blasted out of the simulation by a powerful fire blast.

As the Winx and Specialists busy themselves with their own personal affairs, Darcy and her sisters plan out their next course of action during lunch one afternoon. That is when they are interrupted by Mirta and promptly mock her in front of the entire student body for thinking that they could play nice with fairies.

The Trix being spied upon by Mirta.

Later that night, the Trix plan to play another trick on Bloom to ensure that she is vulnerable enough for them to snatch the Dragon's Flame out from under her but, little do they know, is that Mirta unintentionally caught wind of their plan and left to warn Bloom.

Sometime between that night and the night Bloom sneaks into Cloud Tower, Darcy was able to isolate Riven and hypnotize him into acting as her personal mole. Through this, she learns of Bloom's plan, which she likely conveys to her sisters to execute their plan.

After Bloom sneaks into Cloud Tower and runs off upon the realization that she is the latest incarnation of the Ancestral Witches, the Trix head off into the nearby forests to tail her, however, once they catch up to her, Bloom had already learned that the realization she had was nothing more than a trick the Trix played on her thanks to Mirta. So, in retaliation, the Trix turn Mirta into a pumpkin before being forced to fend off Bloom until their eventual retreat.

The Trix with the Dragon's Flame in their possession!

Darcy and her sisters do not appear until days later, where she and Icy are informed by Stormy of Bloom's decision to leave Magix and return to Gardenia on Earth. Seeing their chance, the Trix tail Bloom to Gardenia and ambush her in her home, using her parents' lives to further push Bloom into surrendering.

Naturally, the Trix overpower Bloom and summon their Vacuums to siphon Bloom of the Dragon's Flame once she had been restrained and filled in on the weight of her position as its Keeper.

With the Dragon's Flame in their possession, the Trix briefly revel in their long-awaited success before teleporting out of Bloom's home.

Following their successful theft of the Dragon's Flame, Darcy and her sisters return to Cloud Tower and take it over thanks to the Flame strengthening their powers. Once they properly usurp Headmistress Griffin and confine the remaining professors and students, the Trix move on to summoning the Creatures of the Dark to ensure the complete conquest of Magix.

Darcy preparing to dispose of Riven.

Darcy later draws Riven into Griffin's office when he flees to Cloud Tower for answers. From there, Darcy and her sisters circle around the Specialist to torment him for thinking they truly cared about him now that he is no longer useful to them before Darcy knocks him out with her Sphere of Oblivion.

With Riven imprisoned alongside the rest of the school, the Trix make their final preparations for summoning the Creatures of the Dark with the Dragon's Flame. Just as they completely raise a sizeable portion of the army they need, the Trix set their sights on Red Fountain. Despite Knut having defected from them, the witch trio does not relent in their assault on Red Fountain, resulting in the complete destruction of the school.

Eventually, the Trix confront Bloom and the small team she had assembled in an attempt to reclaim her stolen powers. Using this as their chance to dispose of her and her friends once and for all, the Trix prepare to crush the powerless group, but are ambushed by Griffin, who managed to escape her cell. They are then trapped behind a barrier of granite as their enemies flee the school, but none of them try to rush after them and simply have the portion of their army stationed in Cloud Tower do the work for them. The three witches make quick work of Griffin's barrier and, once freed, go on to make preparations for their final attack: one on Alfea.

Just like with Red Fountain and Magix City, the Trix quickly overpower their opposition and would have completely crushed them were it not for Bloom's sudden arrival with her powers having mysteriously returned to her. Darcy and Stormy are then sent to take on the Winx while Icy goes after Bloom alone.

The Trix, defeated and restrained.

Despite their powers having been significantly enhanced due to the Dragon's Flame, Darcy and Stormy are defeated by the Winx successfully managing to deflect one of Stormy's attacks, leaving the two dazed long enough for Faragonda and Griffin to imprison them within an iron spiked ball.

Later, once Icy is defeated and the Creatures of the Dark have completely receded, Darcy and Stormy are seen having been apprehended by templars from the Fortress of Light. The three witches are then promptly hauled off to the Fortress as penance for their crimes against the Magic Dimension.

The Trix being bestowed the power of Gloomix.

Following her arrest at the end of "The Battle for Magix," Darcy is shown suffering while serving out her sentence within the protective walls of the Lightrock Monastery due to the peaceful environment on top of numerous failed escape attempts. Luck soon smiles upon the Trix, however, when the three witches are visited by Lord Darkar, the Shadow Phoenix, who had been seeking out potential underlings. Since he was the one to bring back their freedom, the Trix agree to Darkar's terms and are thusly bestowed the power of Gloomix. From there, they learn that Darkar requires a mysterious item known as the Codex, which is said to be hidden within the already enigmatic Pixie Village.

The next time Darcy and her sisters appear is just outside of Darkar's Fortress within Magix's Underground Realm, ready to confront Bloom, Stella and their new friend, Princess Aisha of Andros. Thanks to their new Gloomix powers, the Trix easily overpower the three fairies but, before they are able to be rid of them once and for all, they are suddenly taken out by a powerful spell cast by a mysterious paladin.

Later on, after Icy manages to obtain the Codex hidden within Pixie Village, the Trix are told by Darkar that the next step in his plan to obtain the Ultimate Power requires the untainted spark of the Dragon's Flame kept within Bloom.

After Darkar captures Bloom himself, the Trix are tasked with keeping any rescue attempts out of Darkar's Fortress, so they send out all of the shadow monsters within Darkar's forces to attack the Specialists. None of their attacks hold out for long, however, and the Trix are eventually subdued and sent back to Lightrock for allying themselves with Darkar.


The Trix with the Ancestral Witches.

Darcy and her sisters appear in the very last scene of The Secret of the Lost Kingdom following the destruction of Obsidian.

Though defeated, the Ancestral Witches were freed from their imprisonment within the Obsidian Dimension unintentionally thanks to the Winx's efforts, and the Witches quickly use their newfound freedom to seek out new bodies to possess so that they may destroy the Winx at a later time. Their search ultimately leads them to their modern descendants, the Trix, with whom they begin conspiring with; signaled by all six of them cackling maniacally.

Darcy launching an attack at the Winx.

She returned again in the second movie, where she and sneaked into Alfea during the beginning of year festivities, putting a spell on all the food there so that everyone who ate some of it would turn into a toad, and stole a magical compass which they used to lead the Ancestral Witches to the Tree of Life, found in the Pixie Village. The Ancestresses proceeded to absorb all the essence of Good from the Tree, causing all good magic to disappear, and only dark magic to keep on existing. At the end of the movie, the Winx Club, the Specialists, Oritel and Erendor arrive at the haunted city of Havram to find the sapling of the Tree of Life which the Ancestresses gave to the king of Eraklyon as part of the deal which forced him to betray the promise he made to Oritel (that he would protect Domino against the Ancestresses) by allowing the three Ancient Witches to destroy Domino in exchange, they would spare Eraklyon.

Darcy with her powers combined with Lysslis.

There, the Trix and their Ancestresses were waiting for them, but the Winx Club girls gained back their powers and Bloom's horse, Peg, became a flying unicorn, thanks to the magical sapling, which restored all the Good Magic of the Magic dimension after being hit by an attack of Icy initially aimed at Bloom. Finding the Trix to be ineffective to defeat the Winx Club and as punishment for releasing the Good Magic, the Ancestral Witches try to possess the Trix, but as they attempt to flee the old witches capture them and possess their bodies.


The Trix, now possessed by their ancestors, have become more powerful than ever, as well as mere puppets possessed by the Ancestral Witches. The Winx, the Specialists, Oritel and Erendor take part in the battle, but Erendor is severely wounded trying to save Bloom from Icy-Belladone. Finally, using a Believix convergence, the Winx Club are able to summon the essence of the Great Dragon and extract the Ancestresses from the bodies of the Trix. Dragon Flames power destroys the Ancestral Witches for good, and the Trix, defeated, fall unconscious to the ground. Helia ties them with a rope and, as the movie ends, they are shown as being suspended from the flying ship the Winx, the Specialists, Oritel and Erendor use to leave Havram, getting angry as Bloom and her friends fly around them and tease them.

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As revealed in Darko the Black, Darcy and her sisters, Icy and Stormy, hail from a realm known as the Ice Kingdom where they spent a majority of their childhood, during which, they befriended Darko, the only son of the powerful First Counselor Mazakis of the Kingdom's Royal Court.

Darcy often played with Darko alongside her sisters to the point of becoming his regular playmates and it was during this time that Darcy developed a bit of a crush on the young boy, unaware of his fondness for her elder sister.

Eventually, Darcy and her sisters left for Magix in pursuit of their dream of becoming powerful witches; the first step of which involved attending the Cloud Tower School for Witches.


Darcy alongside her sisters in The Castle.

Darcy makes her debut halfway into The Castle alongside her sisters, Icy and Stormy, waiting for Knut in an alleyway. She is pleased to see him arrive with Stella's sceptre in hand, only for their meeting to be interrupted by Bloom demanding that they return it to its rightful owner. Darcy and her sisters then attack Bloom, finding it foolish that she would take on three senior witches by herself and laughs when Bloom tries to use her magic in retaliation.

Things suddenly take an unexpected turn however when, as her sisters hold back Bloom's friends, Bloom emerges from Icy's ice transformed, prompting the Trix to retreat without the sceptre now that too many eyes were on them. This confrontation with the Winx soon leads them and the Trix to clash almost constantly throughout their school year; mainly boiling down to the Trix trying to sabotage an event, take advantage of group tensions between the girls or strike when one of them is alone all to get their hands on Stella's ring, only for the Winx (mainly Bloom) to foil their plans and leave them humiliated.

Instances of these are shown in Issue 2, where the Trix try to sabotage the Traditional Meeting Dance between the Alfea Fairies and Red Fountain Specialists, only to thwarted by Bloom, as well as Issue 3, where their plans to have the trolls corner Stella and Prince Sky so that they could steal her sceptre go awry when Bloom and Sky's squire, Brandon come by. Both of these instances were foiled purely by chance.

The Trix being scolded by Griffin.

Come Issue 5 and the Trix are scolded and punished by Headmistress Griffin for their constant failures; mainly after their plans to sabotage the Traditional Meeting Dance had failed and blew up in their face. As punishment, the Trix are made to polish the highest spires of Cloud Tower, with Darcy left to clean the roofs as her sisters stay to hold the ladder down.

Things quickly go awry when Icy and Stormy do more complaining than working, leaving the ladder without support, which causes it to fall over as Darcy is left hanging onto a bent piece of the spire's roof for dear life. Luckily, just as she loses her grip, Stormy "eases" her landing with a gust of wind, which also ends up picking up a familiar scent from Gloomy Wood Forest.

Darcy getting her revenge on Bloom.

When the Trix take it upon themselves to investigate the source of the scent, the three come across a now-frightened Bloom and decide to take their chance at vengeance now that they have it. For her part of the spell, Darcy turns Bloom's body into a cloud of smoke to ensure that no one ever find her after Stormy had masked her scent. Once Icy traps Bloom's smoke body inside a nearby tree, Darcy taunts Bloom with her sisters by telling her that now she has plenty of time to do some self-reflection as no one will come to save her this time.

Darcy appears again in Issue 6 foraging for potion ingredients in the Black Mud Swamp with her sisters. Darcy quickly gets into a trivial argument with Stormy until they hear footsteps that seem to be heading in their direction, so the sisterly trio rush for nearby cover to hide and see who the footsteps belong to. It does not take long for the Specialists to appear from the thicket across from the Trix's hiding place and, upon remembering how the Specialists favor Alfea Fairies to Cloud Tower Witches, Icy gets the idea to charm them into forming an interest in them.

Unsure as to where Icy's plan is exactly headed, Darcy simply follows Icy and watches on confused as Icy fakes having a sprained ankle. Her confusion quickly turns into annoyance as she sees how quickly the Specialists directed all their attention to Icy, leading into another bout of squabbling with Stormy.

Darcy conversing with Riven.

Eventually, Darcy approaches Riven, who had been standoffish the entire time, and asks him about it. When Riven claims that witches can just make easy cures for something as minor as a sprained ankle, Darcy goes on to explain how a witch's magic is made to solve completely different types of pain, such as the pain of not being loved or the pain of being left unappreciated despite one's true worth. Though he tries to maintain distance, Riven becomes enticed by Darcy's words, and tries to inquire more of how she can fix such a thing with her magic while Darcy leaves him hanging at every corner, making him more curious and desperate as she draws him closer.

However, the two are interrupted once they discover the skeletal remains of a saurodont, which prompts the Specialists into action. Before they can leave, Stormy demands that they not get left alone, which Riven uses as his chance to stay behind and learn more of how Darcy can help his plight, with Darcy being quick to catching onto his intentions. Before Darcy gets her chance to lure Riven in again, the Specialists catch sight of the Winx and a swamp monster that emerges from the river separating the two groups to attack them, leaving Darcy and her sisters completely ignored as Riven's desire to fight takes priority in his mind. She then watches on as Icy has Stormy create a raging storm fueled by Riven's energy to aid the swamp monster until Riven begins collapsing.

Once Riven stops showing signs of movement, Darcy demands for Icy and Stormy to stop before he dies and drops to his side to tend to him as she tells her sisters that they used too much of his energy. She becomes oddly defensive of Riven when Icy calls him a "silly boy" and insists that they could use Riven as an ally instead of wasting his potential with a one-off storm. She then decides to stay by Riven's side as her sisters leave before being seen by any of the Winx.

Darcy helping Riven out of the swamp.

Once Riven regains consciousness, Darcy claims that he was knocked out by a bolt of lightning that struck the ground near them and helps him out of the swamp, completely unaware that Musa had been watching them from behind a nearby bush, becoming increasingly anxious at how close the two seemed to be.

The following issue opens up with the Trix bored in class as their professor, Bittersmoke, tries to teach his class in vain. When Bittersmoke makes mention of some forbidden books that catch Icy's interests, Darcy simply claims to have not heard anything and resumes staring off into space.

After class, Icy tells her sisters of the forbidden books and her plan to use whatever is inside them to rule all of Magix on her own. Darcy catches this and reminds Icy that they all promised to rule Magix together, but Icy just continues bragging and Stormy wonders if one of the books contains a clue to the Dragon's Flame: the source of all magical energy that remained lost for centuries.

The Trix following a sleepwalking Bittersmoke.

And so, later that night, Darcy and Stormy follow Icy as she explains how her plan will work. Eventually, the time comes where Bittersmoke begins sleepwalking, prompting the Trix to follow him to the chamber where the forbidden books are held. Once Bittersmoke leaves what seems to be a dead end, the Trix figure out how to activate the secret passage and arrive at a crypt underneath the library where all the forbidden books have been hidden away.

Inside the store room of forbidden books, Icy comes across a tome bound by iron and learns after many failed attempts that it is locked by an ancient spell. After more failed attempts, the Trix take the tome up to their dorm before they are caught to properly figure out how to open it. As Icy tries to figure out what the riddle could mean, Darcy simply starts dozing off until Icy starts attacking her and Stormy in an attempt to trigger the "true pain" needed to unlock the tome, leading to her and Stormy retaliating until a classmate comes by demanding that they stop all the racket.

Once they have all calmed down, Darcy and Stormy try to collect themselves as Icy realizes what "true pain" will be needed to open the tome.

The next day, after Knut returns from Alfea, the Trix begin their plans for harvesting Stella's pain.

Darcy using her magic to deceive Stella.

A few days later, once Stella arrives by the bazaar as planned, Darcy uses her powers of deception to create the image of Stella's parents arguing, which causes Stella to unlock the forbidden book once her "parents" begin blaming Stella as the cause of all their heartache.

Darcy is not seen again until after Bloom forces the book closed and leaves with Stella, as the Trix are now left wondering how she could have achieved such a feat. Unsure of the extent of Bloom's strength, Darcy proposes that they find out more about her as she and her sisters set their sights on what could be inside Bloom's heart, rather than Stella's sceptre.

Musa confronting Darcy in her nightmare.

In the beginning of Issue 8, Darcy appears in Musa's nightmare after she failed to catch up to Riven who was running away from her cloaked in a hood. As Musa questions why she is here and what she could have done to Riven, Darcy pushes her over the edge of the cliff behind her, leaving her to fall to her death until she springs awake at the sound of someone pounding on something.

Darcy does not appear again until two issues later in The Revelation trying to listen to an announcement Headmistress Griffin had gathered them for. After learning of an organized competition with the fairies of Alfea, she and Stormy follow Icy's plans to use a spell that will help them discern which fairy wields the Dragon's Flame. The witch trio spend that night preparing the formula necessary to their plans but seem to be making little progress as Icy keeps mispronouncing the chant.

Darcy demands to switch places with Stormy, believing that the steam emanating from their cauldron is going to mess up her hair, and bickers with her until Icy makes another mistake that causes the cauldron to shake until a monster emerges from within it.

The Trix being drained of their magic.

Darcy then complains over how Icy called forth the wrong monster and did so too soon until Icy has her and Stormy join their powers against the monster to cancel it out. Unfortunately for them, however, the monster simply absorbs their powers, growing in size as it busts through a nearby wall to wreak havoc in the school.

The Trix try to tail the monster as quietly as they can until Polly, a fellow classmate of theirs, tells Griffin that they were the ones who summoned the monster she identified to be too advanced for any of the witches in the school. Darcy simply tries to play innocent with Stormy as Icy explains how they were simply practicing for their test with the fairies. She, Stormy and Icy then rush to hide behind a pillar to follow the professors after Icy explains to Griffin that their efforts to stop the monster were in vain. She and Stormy watch on in horror as they witness the monster absorb all the professors' magical energies and double in size before leaping out from Cloud Tower in the direction of Lake Roccaluce.

The Trix continue to follow the monster until it reaches Alfea, where it is defeated through Bloom's power as she is the only one left who can resist the monster's ability to absorb magic. Having seen enough, the Trix return to Cloud Tower to prepare for another scolding from Griffin but, now that they know where to look for the Dragon's Flame, keep their heads held high as they prepare their next move.

By Dragon's Flame, the Trix had already ambushed Bloom in her home on Earth and seized the titular power that resided in her. By the time news of this reaches the Winx, the Trix had already taken over Cloud Tower as their base of operations and sent out an ultimatum: that all of Magix give in to their demands.

The Trix raising the Army of Darkness.

While the Winx were busy braving the frozen wasteland of Domino, Darcy and her sisters used sparks of the stolen Dragon Flame to summon up the Army of Darkness and sent them out to ravage Magix. By the time the Winx are rescued by the Specialists, Red Fountain had been completely destroyed in an attack.

Darcy is seen later with Stormy laughing at Riven, whom Darcy discarded after she and her sisters acquired the Dragon Flame, as he berates himself for being so foolish. They then leave him to rot in his cell to meet with Icy to continue waging war on Magix, leading into the next issue, Magic Battle, which centers around the climax of the Trix's conquest.

After sending out yet another wave of their Army, Darcy and her sisters watch everything unfold from Griffin's Magic Eye as they await Bloom and her companions, fully aware of her plans to take back the Dragon Flame.

The Trix ambushing Bloom after she fell for their trap.

They ambush Bloom just before she is able to get her hands on the Dragon Flame that they had purposely set for her to lure her and her friends but, just before Darcy and her sisters can destroy the last leg of their opposition, they are blasted down from behind by none other than Griffin, who had broken out of her prison alongside the rest of the Cloud Tower students.

The Trix are then trapped behind a sheet of crystal and boulders as Griffin evacuates everyone to regroup at Alfea but, thanks to their enhanced strength drawn from the Dragon Flame, they easily break free from Griffin's barrier and command the portion of their Army stationed at Cloud Tower to pursue them.

Darcy later appears alongside her sisters overlooking the final attack launched at Alfea. She then commands a wave of their aerial forces to attack as their "instruments of victory," and launches a conjoined attack with Icy and Stormy onto Faragonda and Griffin for trying to erect a barrier around the school.

The Trix being hauled off to the Fortress of Light.

Soon enough, however, the Trix face a major wrinkle in their plans when Bloom returns to Alfea having somehow regained the powers they stole, so Darcy is made to take care of Bloom's friends with Stormy as Icy, overcome by rage, decides to take down Bloom herself. Unfortunately, when the two sisters combine their powers against the Winx, their attack is reflected back at them by Tecna, which leads to their defeat at the hands of Faragonda and Griffin, who trap Darcy and Stormy inside a heavy spiked ball.

Darcy is not seen again until the very end of the issue, where she and her sisters are being hauled off to the Fortress of Light by two of its templars as penance for their crimes against all of Magix.

Darcy is first seen in Monster on the Loose in a picture book created by the pixies to retell the recent events to the Traveling Pixie during her visit.

The Trix being visited by the Shadow Phoenix.

Since he was restarting his search for the Ultimate Power, Lord Darkar, the Shadow Phoenix, busted into the Fortress of Light with the intent of breaking the Trix free from what was supposed to be their rehabilitation.

Ecstatic at their newly regained freedom, Darcy and her sisters accepted Darkar's terms and were rewarded the power of Gloomix, which they used to break out of the Fortress and head to Darkar's Fortress. From there, the witch trio waited for the Winx to come across Darkar's Fortress and, though they were unable to defeat the Winx thanks to their combined strength with the Specialists and their new friend, they damaged the group enough to force them all into retreating.

The Trix went on to steal the quadrants of the Codex from Magix's three schools and Pixie Village while Darkar's spy kept those at Alfea distracted long enough by impersonating the incoming Professor Adonis. By the time everyone learned of the Trix's work, the witch trio had already stolen Red Fountain and Cloud Tower's quadrants of the Codex.

Despite all their efforts though, the Trix, along with Darkar, were defeated and presumably perished as Darkar's Fortress crumbled. That is until the following issue, An Evil Wind, where it is revealed that the Trix managed to survive the cave-in and have been living within the rubble as wanted fugitives. Darcy ended up being the most unlucky out of the three thanks to having sustained a broken right leg that leaves her stuck lying around and barely able to move.

Darcy resting with a broken leg.

Much like her sisters, Darcy detests having to live like hermits in a cave, and voices her displeasures when Stormy proposes they continue on with their newfound lifestyle since no one in the whole Magix is aware of their survival. Despite this, she still remains uneasy as Icy devises a plan to make everyone forget of their past crimes, most likely fearing the possibility of capture, but, a few days later, she can be seen aiding both Icy and Stormy in their attempt at sneaking into Cloud Tower for the ingredients they need, even with her injured leg once it had healed enough to allow for her to walk.

Due to her limited mobility, Darcy is left to stake out the school's entrance, keeping watch over the two freshman witches who were running late as Icy and Stormy impersonate them to sneak inside after Icy knocks them unconscious.

Darcy leaving for the meeting place as the witches begin waking up.

An hour later, Darcy begins to make her way for the edge of the forest she and her sisters originally came from once the two witches before the two witches can fully regain consciousness. With Icy and Stormy still nowhere in sight, she hopes to herself that they were able to get what they needed to, and her hopes are answered when she catches sight of her sisters flying in her direction in a hot-air balloon carried by Stormy's winds.

Once Darcy is aboard, the three witches fly off in the direction of the mountains as Icy goes over the next phase of her plan, starting off with how she will need Stormy to conjure up a pleasant breeze to ensure nobody catches onto their plans.

The Trix getting swept up in their potion.

Darcy does not appear again until the tail end of the issue, right as the meddlesome Winx Club and their bonded pixie uncover their mountainlair, as well as the contraption behind their "evil wind." The witch trio combat the six fairies to keep them from destroying their contraption, but are unable to deal with both them and the pixies. This leads to a stray ice blast knocking over the large vat of memory-erasing potion that was fueling their evil wind, causing the Trix to get caught up in the potion as it is spilled out and washes them away.

Having faced defeat yet again, the Trix are taken to Alfea, where it is revealed that the trio had completely lost their memories due to coming in direct contact with their highly potent memory-erasing potion, and since they ingested so much of it, their memory loss is declared permanent. Since none of them can remember the crimes they had committed, much less their own names, Darcy and her sisters are reinstated into Cloud Tower, as Griffin intends on teaching them on how to become responsible witches with good wills. Additionally, everyone is forbidden from so much as making mention of the Trix's past crimes, on the off-chance that doing so could trigger the trio's memories.

And so, the Trix live out their lives as Cloud Tower Witches where, three issues later, they go on to attend a big party being held at Alfea for all three of Magix's major schools.

The Trix making their arrival.

Here, it becomes apparent that no one is truly happy with the new arrangement after the Evil Wind fiasco, as everyone who sees the Trix arriving reacts with varying degrees of shock, fear or disgust. Darcy and Stormy find the attention to be strange, but brush it off for the chance to tease Icy once she claims that the reason everyone is staring is because of her being the most beautiful witch in the whole of Magix.

Eventually, though, the three witches begin to get angry at how no one, especially none of the guys, are taking the chance to sit with them. Darcy has also noticed how a nearby group of fairies has been sneaking nasty glances at them while talking, but does not understand why Icy seems to find the redheaded fairy to be such a hateful person.

Shortly afterwards, Darcy and her sisters find enjoyment in the party again once a band called the New Magix Sound begins performing, but, while she and Stormy seem to be fine with dancing at their table, Icy makes them come with her to meet the boys so that the three of them can score themselves some "high-class boyfriends" as she believes they deserve. So, by the end of the performance, the Trix have already made their way to the stage and stop the boys just before they are able to leave.

Though Icy is the one who does all the talking, it is pretty clear that both Darcy and Stormy expect some kind of arrangement out of this, however, the three witches find themselves utterly humiliated when the same group of fairies who were gossipping about them step in and assert themselves with all three boys being spoken for. Enraged, the Trix return to their table but, after having to deal with everyone else at the party laughing at them for being rejected, decide to return to Cloud Tower altogether.

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Did you know Darcy has used dark magic to conquer Riven, whom she had fallen in love with?

  • STATS: Power (4/5); Craftiness (5/5); Dangerousness (5/5)
  • Type: Witch
  • Magical Element: Darkness
  • Temperament: "She seems the most calm but, in reality, she is the smartest and most subtle of the group."
  • Strengths and Abilities: "She's a master in setting traps and illusionism."
  • Weakness: "She believes herself to be the most seductive."
  • Favorite Color: Purple

Magical Abilities

Darcy focusing on her powers.

Darcy possesses a near-perfect control over darkness and hypnotics. Like all witches, her powers are derived from the negative aspects of magic. In a promo for the 4Kids dub, the source of her magic is specified to be the darkness of primordial voids.

Darcy's magic often manifests itself in the form of expanding purple rings, dark purple energy blasts or large black masses and when she received a power boost from Tritanus and Politea, she received a toxic/neon green aura. They also provide Darcy with a wide variety of usages both offensively and defensively, though Darcy primarily uses them to mess with the minds of her enemies; be it through varying degrees of mind control via hypnosis or messing up how they perceive their surroundings, especially through their sight. In fact, she often hypnotizes others into getting them to do the dirty work for her and to later sow the seeds of mistrust if they are ever caught by their friends, who are more than likely forced to fight them.

Another major instance of Darcy's powers is creating illusions to the point of being a self-proclaimed master of it. Her illusions can range from her duplicating her image to frustrate opponents and act as a one-woman army to making herself invisible to even disguising herself as someone else entirely. In earlier seasons, she often opted for disguising herself, even going so far as to disguise herself as Stella to get her ring while the real Stella was kept hostage as early as the episode "Date With Disaster." Her mastery over illusions also allows for her to immediately catch when others use illusions on her, like in the case of Mirta in "Bloom's Dark Secret." Also, in Issue 7 of the Winx Club Comic Series, it is shown that she can even mimic multiple people's voices through her illusions, which she does when tormenting Stella with the images of her bickering parents. After, taking control over Cloud Tower Darcy's illusion powers expanded to the point that she could cloak objects from being seen(physically) and detected from technology, but the magic itself can still be sensed as seen in "Queen For A Day. In arlier seasons, Darcy displays some clairvoyant abilities similar to her polar opposite, allowing her to view people and events from a far as well as projecting said view for others to see.

Darcy facing off against Nabu, who can also duplicate his image.

Additionally, she displays some degree of telekinesis much stronger than most witches as she can fire psychic bolts along with controlling larger opponents and objects as well. As shown in the episode "Betrayed!," can create telepathic links between her and another person to keep in touch. In that case, she creates one connecting her and Riven, allowing for him to better play the part of a mole for her and her sisters. Also, as a senior witch at Cloud Tower during her debut in Season 1, Darcy may know some basic, first-level spells that all witches can use, such as transmuting objects, fixing minor messes and flying. She also displays spells allowing her to open portals, walk through walls, and astral project.

By Season 3, Darcy showcases the ability to summon fire, as seen in the episode "Alfea Under Siege" when she sets the Alfea Library ablaze to ensure that the Winx will be unable to recover the spell books since she and her sisters could not obtain them for Valtor. Ever since then, that ability is never used again and remains unexplained, though, with her illusory powers, the dark fire she conjured at that moment could have been either another illusion or a power bestowed to her by Valtor for a singular use. She also displays the ability to magically pollute living things, presumably through their inner darkness, as seen with the Black Willow on Linphea in "The Black Willow's Tears," and can create limited earthquakes and storms (more specifically electricity) fueled by darkness; the last two abilities she shares in common with Stormy.

Flora caught in Darcy's Shadow Hand.

By Season 5, Darcy moves on to controlling pre-existing shadows like with her Shadow Hand spell, and can limit the detectability of her illusions, making it so they can only be seen by a select few like she does with Kiko in "Trix Tricks." Her powers are further enhanced in the Season 6 episode "Queen for a Day" when she enters the Legendarium World to assume the role of Ariadne, Goddess of the Labyrinth of the Minotaur allowing her to create mental illusions that appear as if she is teleporting. Lastly, by Season 7, Darcy gains the ability to shapeshift, which primarily allowed for her to take on the forms of various magical creatures much more freely than any of her illusions, once she had absorbed a large quantity of Wild Magic and merged with Kemmy.


  • Darcy's name originates from the French surname Darcy/d'Arcy, which means "from Arcy", "from the fortress" or "dark-haired one".
    • It is also a play on her element, darkness.
      • In the Irish dub, Darcy's name was changed to Doireann (pronounced as "Dir-in"), meaning "dark princess". This also plays into her name tracing back to her magical powers.


  • Darcy's polar opposite out of the Winx is Stella as Darcy controls the dark, specializing in deceiving and confusing people until they can no longer see the truth while Stella controls light which, according to Faragonda in "Win-x Together", specializes in sight and clarity; giving those the ability to see the truth in front of them.
    • Regarding their personalities, Darcy is quiet and keeps to herself as Stella is more loud and open.
      • Despite all the differences between her and Stella, Darcy seemed to share a more intense (albeit one-sided) rivalry with Musa that mainly started from Darcy's relationship with Riven.
  • Currently, Darcy was the only member of the Trix to tamper with the Magical Reality Chamber.
  • In the movie Magical Adventure, Darcy's eye make-up was inexplicably changed.
  • Currently, Darcy is tied with Icy over how many romantic relationships she has been in; each having been involved in one as Darcy briefly dated Riven back in Season 1.
    • She and her sisters also held small sparks for Valtor, the main antagonist of Season 3, but her feelings go unrequited as the evil wizard strung her and her sisters along until they all lost interest once he transformed into a monster.
    • Additionally, in the Winx Club Comic Series, Darcy seemed to have developed a crush on Darko, an old childhood friend she made on the Ice Kingdom. This crush seemed to resurface and intensify during the events of Darko the Black and Witch Love, as Darcy goes so far as to brood by herself on the roof of Cloud Tower over him. She also snaps at either Icy or Stormy whenever they try to tease her for it and even leaves at the sight of Darko and Icy together, being unable to bear it.
  • Darcy is possibly the least evil of the Trix as shown in Issue 60, where she showed such great concern about Icy and Stormy's disappearance in a time machine that she resorted to notifying Griffin.
  • Darcy's Cinélume voice actress, Carrie Finlay, also voices Cherie in PopPixie.
  • In the Nickelodeon dub, her voice actress, Jennifer Cody, also voices Lazuli.
  • Darcy has broken the fourth wall in Season 3, in which she looks at the camera with a confused look.
  • Darcy is the only member of the Trix whose "Did You Know?" point on her Curiosities page holds a fact about herself. Icy does not have one and Stormy's just recounts their time as students in Cloud Tower.
  • Before Mirta became a fairy, Darcy and Mirta shared the same title as the Witch of Illusions.
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