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Darma is one of Mitzi's friends (or followers). She is also a former Dark Fairy.


Darma has fair skin, blue eyes and short red hair that is flipped to the side.


She has red straps on both her arms and wears a red tube top that exposes her abdomen and has a cut on the side and she wears short ripped pants held in place by a belt with leggings and red boots. She wears magenta make-up.

Dark Fairy Form

After the trio is transformed by the Wizards of the Black Circle, Darma's hair becomes punk-like, parted in the middle, the left side slicked back and held in place by a ruffled blue bow while the right side is pushed forward.

She wears a basic red-violet tank top, layered over a lighter violet top that is slightly longer, covering more of her abdomen, as well as a purple skirt with a blue fly and two pleats in the front, attached at the tips by a blue cord over red violet leggings that cover her calves.

She also wears a choker that matches her tank top and light violet gloves that cover only her forearms. she also has a pair of translucent blue-violet fairy wings.


Like Sally, she is usually seen following Mitzi around. She is just as rude as her friends, for example, cutting in line by shoving those who were already waiting. However, she expressed concern for their safety when they followed the Wizards of the Black Circle into the sewers stating that it is not wise to follow strangers.

When the Wizards of the Black Circle imbued her with their magic, she was overjoyed that she can use them to her advantage whenever she wanted, which means she is rather selfish and inconsiderate considering she and her friends used other people's cars to practice magic, letting them to fall and crash after they were done feeling no guilt.


Season 4

Darma and Sally latching onto Brandon

Her first appearance was in "The White Circle". Darma is at the Frutti Music Bar with another friend, Sally. When Mitzi arrives, Darma annouces to her that her crush, Brandon was also at the Frutti Music Bar and watched her perform for him. With an amused smile, Darma comments that Stella will not hand Brandon over so easily. Mitzi confidentally responds that Stella will lose eventually lose to her.

She then briefly appears again, while latching onto Brandon as Mitzi convinces him and Sky to enter a surfing contest. As she walks off with her friends, Brandon and Sky, she turns back around and scoffs at the Winx.

Darma and her friends are approached by the Wizards of the Black Circle.

Eventually, Mitzi's patience with Stella runs out and decides to tell her off. In support of her friend's crush, she and Sally accompany Mitzi to go and have a talk with Stella, firmly stating that Brandon is hers and that she needs to back off. Darma states that Stella is jealous of Mitzi and then storms into Love & Pet completely ignoring the Closed sign. She is annoyed when Bloom tells her to leave since she is not even here to shop. The moment Mitzi mentions Stella's name, Stella walks in with her arms around Brandon and Darma immediately starts glaring at her. When Mitzi realizes that she will never have Brandon and leaves in a huff, Darma follows.

Darma loses her powers.

Somehow, she and her friends are led into a dark alley and as panic sets in, three men appear from a black hole. She huddles with her friends and when Mitzi demands to know who they are, the three mysterious men asks if they hate the Winx. Darma refuses to answer, still scared but Mitzi answers "yes". The men smirk and walk through the black hole again and invites Darma and her friends in. Darma expresses disbelief and caution as does Sally but follows a fascinated Mitzi into the black hole.

She ends up in the sewers... Put off by this, Darma worriedly says that following strangers is a bad idea, something Sally agrees with and adds on that they came from a black hole and live in the sewers; very suspicious. Darma is quieted by Mitzi because the men are about to speak. They offer her and her friends magical powers to destroy the Winx and become better than them. Darma immediately accepts the offer and is transformed into Dark Fairies by the Wizards of the Black Circle. With her newfound powers, she and her friends are mentored by the Wizards for awhile and soon began to wreak havoc in Gardenia Park but were stopped by the Winx and returned back to normal with no memory of what had happened.

Season 5

She makes a cameo appearance in the episode "The Lilo" having drinks with Mitzi and Sally.

Season 6

Darma appears only as a cameo in the episodes "Broken Dreams" and "Shimmer in the Shadows" using her dark fairy outfit as her costume for the Gothic party being held in Gardenia. She was also a victim of the Children of the Night's magic, who forced her, her friends and other party goers to hunt down the Winx. She was then freed from their control and enjoyed the Halloween costume contest.

Magical Abilities

Darma and Sally getting ready to strike.

During her brief period as a Dark Fairy, her powers were centered around negative energy because the Wizards of the Black Circle imbued her with their magic, thus, she gains generic magical abilities like any magical being such as flight, and manifesting and projecting magical energy. As a dark fairy, Darma emits negative energy which can be sensed by true Fairies; this serves as an indicator of fake Fairy.

However, as she is very inexperienced with magic, she must be trained in order to control it. After some training with the Wizards of the Black Circle, she is able to use them with ease but still required more training as the Winx easily outmatched her.

Darma - Episode 415 (1).jpg

Since her powers were given to her, her powers were fueled by people's negative feelings towards magic and when their negative feelings start to wan, so does the strength of her powers.

Uses of Magic

  • Dark Energy Projection: She projects purple and black energy, often in forms of beams and spheres, that can destroy obstacles, set fires and paralyze others.
  • Shield: Instead of projecting beams of dark energy, she changes it into a small light purple shield. Using it to reflect Bloom's Dragon Heart.