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David's Mother is a character who appears in "Saving Paradise Bay".


She has light tan skin, pale blue eyes, pink lips, and short brown hair. She wears a purple sun hat, a pink pearl necklace, and a purple short sleeve top.  

In season 8 her appearance mostly stays the same, her shirt has yellow flowers all over it, rather then just one at the chest.  


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She appears with her family on a yacht in Paradise Bay. Her son soon becomes fascinated with some fish swimming in the water next to the yacht and reaches down to feel the water. Soon, he loses his balance and falls overboard. She, along with her husband panicked. Suddenly, some dolphins bring the struggling David to the surface. She and her husband thank the dolphins as they swim underneath the waves.

Meanwhile, Tritannus and Icy had poisoned the water of Paradise Bay with pollution, causing the dolphins to swim away. Tritannus' mutants attack the yacht as her husband tries to protect her and her son. The Specialists then appear and rescue David and his family by knocking the mutants under the waves with their wind riders.


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