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The Demolecularizer T29 is a technomagic device used by Specialists.


The Demolecularizer T29 is used to pass through walls and other solid objects. As its name suggests, it can "demolecularize" an object, allowing its user to pass through. According to Sky, the magic of the device only lasts twenty-five seconds.


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The Demolecularizer T29 resembles a rounded diamond with two symmetrical sides. The overall device is blue and each side has two metal shapes on the outer edges, visible antenna-storing holes in the corners, and a metal triangle button that, when pressed, will extend the device. The device extends into two separate pieces connected by a metal beam adorned with a small strip of dark blue and a larger strip of light blue that wraps around a reflective hemisphere shape that pulses when in use. When extended, the holes on the corners of the device reveal four metal antennas. The inside of each device half has a black line and three black indents.

The device is held in a metal conainter with a diamond-shaped metal button on top that, when pressed, will open the container and reveal the device. The container is held by a shoulder strap.



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The Winx and Sky preparing for transportation.

In "Rescue Mission," Brandon introduces the device to Bloom, Stella, and Aisha as they head toward Darkar's Fortress.

In "Magic Bonding," Sky uses the device to transport himself, Bloom, Stella, and Aisha through a cave wall.


  • In the 4Kids dub:
    • The device is called Personal Hero's Assistant or PHA for short, and instead of being solely for demolecularization, the device has numerous abilities.
    • An originally unnamed device used for detonating a door in a cave system is referred to as the PHA although it is a completely different device.


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