The Destiny Shell is an item introduced in Season 5.


The Destiny Shell is a shell with a legend stating that two people who both find one half of a Destiny Shell are destined to be together.


The Destiny Shell is a pink, heart-shaped shell with floral designs. Two halves glow upon being put together.


Season 5


Bloom and Sky completing a Destiny Shell.

In "Secret of The Ruby Reef," Bloom and Sky find both halves of a Destiny Shell while on a walk together.

In "The Problems of Love," Bloom’s half of the Destiny Shell is seen on her window sill as she expresses her dissatisfaction about her and Sky’s fight.

In "Listen to Your Heart," as Bloom holds her half of the shell and casts a spell to manifest an apparition of the other half, she contemplates on the fact that she and Sky are supposed to be together just like the two halves of the shell.


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