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Princess Diaspro is the Fairy of Gemstones and former arranged fiancée of Sky.


Diaspro has wavy pale blonde hair, citron orange/amber eyes and medium to tan skin.


She mostly wears a maroon-and-ivory corset dress with puffy sleeves and two light purple swirly bracelets that travel up her forearms. She also wears a light purple headband tiara with a large red jewel that may very well be a jasper, contributing to her name.

Her headband in Season 8 is now a maroon color.

Fairy Form

Diaspro wears a dress out of an ivory bodice with a collar connected to it and a red skirt. She has maroon boots, and a red bracelet and hair piece. Her wings are maroon with red tips. She also wears a headband that is decorated with jewels and feathers.



Diaspro is a wicked and spoiled fairy who is not used to being told "no." Due to her higher social status, she tends to mistreat those who she sees as beneath her and this can be seen on many occasions like when she calls Bloom a "peasant" in Season 1 and when she shouts at one of her servants in the Season 3. She is also very haughty and extremely proud of herself. She prides herself on being beautiful, though this was mainly because she thought Sky only wanted her to be pretty enough.

Diaspro only acts affectionately toward Sky, her childhood friend and ex-fiancé, though it is uncertain whether she has actual romantic feelings for him or if it has to do with the fact that Sky is next-in-line for the throne of Eraklyon. When Sky lost his memory and spoke to her, he reveals she is self-centered.

She is very willing to do anything to get what she wants, even if what she ends up going against the moral code that a fairy should consider. For instance, when Tritannus was posing as a threat to the entire Magic Dimension in Season 5, Diaspro was so preoccupied with trying to get between Bloom and Sky that she was not even concerned about the fate of the Magic Dimension. She even opposed Bloom's opinion on forming an alliance between worlds to save them.

She sunk even lower in Season 6 where she actually allies herself with the Trix since it meant taking Bloom down in the process. She is also shown to be rather spiteful, cunning and manipulative, and does not like hard work.


Diaspro is painted in a much more sympathetic light in most of the Winx Club Comic Series. Though she starts out the same as she does in the animated series, the details of her engagement to Sky and her feelings concerning it are expanded upon in Issue 15. While it is left ambiguous as to whether she truly loves Sky or just wants to marry into his family in the animated series, Diaspro makes it clear that she truly does love Sky; it is her parents—mainly her mother—that are concerned over her marrying into the royal family.

Diaspro antagonizes Bloom at first because she became bitter over Sky preferring Bloom over herself, however, even Diaspro opens up to Bloom bit by bit after Bloom rescues her and they discuss the whole mess of a love triangle that they have found themselves in face to face. Additionally, when Diaspro returns in Issue 31, she reveals that she truly cares for her people and wishes to use her status as princess and queen-to-be to help them prosper. She is also the one who willingly puts aside the issues she, Bloom and Sky had and even tells the two of them that she will leave them be and just wishes to get on their good side. However, due to a spell that ends up being placed on her, Diaspro comes to realize just how much she missed being so close to Sky and begins to doubt her decision to leave him with Bloom. This causes her to continue showing pettiness towards Bloom in later comics, but this behavior is much more playful and subtle as opposed to her outwardly hostile TV series counterpart.

She also shows a slightly less snobbish and more self-deprecating side to her when she admits that she is hard to notice when she is not leading her people. Her disdain for hard work also seems to be nonexistent, as she actively tries to lead her people when she becomes the Queen of Gems and even aids the Eraklyon Royal Family when a full-scale war breaks out.

Magical Abilities

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As the Fairy of Gemlight or Gemstones, Diaspro has gem-based powers granting her ability to control gems and precious jewels. Diaspro can create shields (durable enough to withstand a blast from an enraged Daphne), laser/energy shooting gems, and rings that can restrain her opponent. She can also encase an enemy in a transparent crystal formation. Her magic is shown to be scarlet red/orange and deep pink in color. She also knows basic magic skills such as telekinesis, transmutation, summoning objects, and fixing minor messes.

Diaspro's Gemstones.png

Through her knowledge of gems and jewelry, Diaspro knows how to bring out anyone's inner beauty. She prefers and knows gems more than anyone else.

Uses of Magic

Transformation Sequences



  • Diaspro's name is the Italian word for jasper, a widely-used gemstone that often comes in red, yellow, and brown.
    • Her name is also similar to the gemstone diaspore, which gets its own name from the Greek word διασπορά (diaspeírō), meaning "to sow" or "to scatter."
    • Her name also sounds like the word "despair", which is also the basis of the word "desperate", fitting her intentions to have Sky all for herself and to make Bloom's life miserable.


Diaspro s5.jpg

  • Ariana Grande, known for playing Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon's Victorious and Sam & Cat, provided Diaspro's voice in the Nickelodeon episodes from 2011 to 2014. She posted a Tweet here showing her recording for Diaspro.
    • In another Tweet, Ariana said "I'm the voice of Princess Diaspro. I love her! She's baaaaad. First time playing a meanie."
  • Diaspro's powers are more specifically stated as quartz in the 4Kids dub. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on Earth and the type of stone that a jasper happens to be.
    • Diaspro's realm in the same dub, Isis, is named after the Egyptian goddess of magic and wisdom.
  • In the specials, the scene where Bloom learns that Sky is Diaspro's boyfriend is very different from the original.
    • Rather than finding out through interrupting a video call between Sky and Diaspro by accidentally bumping into her, Bloom finds Diaspro being affectionate towards Sky in a private room as she tries to learn who had stolen his heart from her.

Sky's guardian from The Secret of the Lost Kingdom.

  • Sky's guardian in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom greatly resembles Diaspro, especially after she becomes Erendor's special liaison in Season 5. The only differences between them is that Diaspro keeps her small tiara and has blonde hair, while the nameless guardian has black hair and wears a crown that resembles King Radius'.
  • It is unknown how and if Diaspro is the Princess of Eraklyon in later episodes, since Sky is the only one meant to succeed the throne from his father (which he does in the first movie) and he and Diaspro are not siblings.
    • It is possible that there are minor royalties on different parts of Eraklyon and that Sky's family is the one to control everything.
      • This scenario is highly plausible comics series, as Diaspro will one day become queen of her kingdom without having to marry Sky.[2]
    • It is also possible that she may be a kind of cousin to Sky, as it was tradition in for royal families to have their heirs marry a cousin to keep royal blood running through the heirs' veins.
    • She may also have been meant to be of noble blood without having to be a princess, though, this differs from the second season, as the original writers did intend for her to be a princess.
  • Diaspro, along with Miele and Daphne, although not members of the Winx, do have transformation sequences.
    • She transforms again in Season 6 but her transformation sequence is never used.
  • Diaspro has cynophobia: the fear of dogs, which is made evident by her interactions with Zark in the episode "Battle for Planet Eraklyon."
  • As Ariana Grande's singing career took off, scheduling conflicts prevented her from returning as Diaspro's voice in the sixth season. Cassandra Morris filled in for her.
  • Diaspro is much less antagonistic and friendlier to people other than Sky in the comics when compared to how she acts in the animated series.
    • Issue 31 even reveals that she and Bloom could have been good friends had it not been for their rivalry spawned from Sky cheating in Season 1.
    • Ironically, in one instance, the Winx (mainly Bloom and Stella) unfairly antagonize her upon arrival. While this would be justified in the animated series given what she has done, all Diaspro did was attend a party Stella had organized in honor of Sky and Brandon's victory in the war and their safe return to Magix.