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Princess Diaspro is the former arranged fiancée of Sky.


Diaspro has wavy pale blonde hair, citron orange/amber eyes and medium to tan skin. She mostly wears a maroon-and-ivory corset dress with puffy sleeves and two light purple swirly bracelets that travel up her forearms. She also wears a light purple headband tiara with a large red jewel that may very well be a jasper, contributing to her name. Her headband in Season 8 is now a maroon color.

In the comics, she is seen in two different civilian outfits. In Issue 15 she has her usual headband, white high gloves, a choker, a dark maroon color top and skirt, and pale green strap sandals with a heel.

In Issue 31 she has on a red thin strapped top, a pale purple skirt, a think purple scarf around her neck, her usual headband on, and just below the knee pale red boots with a heel.

Diaspro wears a dress out of an ivory bodice with a collar connected to it and a red skirt. She has maroon boots, and a red bracelet and hair piece. Her wings are maroon with red tips. She also wears a headband that is decorated with jewels and feathers.

Diaspro wears a white necklace with two small gems and one large one in the center. On each arm she has a slightly ruffed light pink sleeves that are attached to the bottom of an arm bracelet and split in the middle and goes down to her elbow, along with two bracelets, each having one large gem in the middle. The dress itself is long and has many layers of frills and is a maroon color.

She wears a headband with a red diamond at the end, white elbow high gloves, and a white scarf on. She wears a brown utility style belt, and a pale red safari like one piece with a high collar.

Diaspro retains her tiara headband and necklace from her civilian outfit. Her hair is now clipped halfway up and held in place by a maroon hair clip. This outfit consists of a light purple collar, shoulder and upper torso armor with puffy ivory elbow length sleeves and gloves. She has a light purple belt that has armor on both sides with a red diamond-shaped gem in the middle and puffy ivory pants that has plates covering her knees and knee length maroon boots. The outfit also used to have the emblem of Erendor but was later removed.

She wears her usual headband but it's dark red in color, she wears a white under shirt with round end sleeves, and a vest with a red belt with a yellow diamond on it with the top of the vest also red and has a short curvy collar. she has on red wrist high gloves, white round end pants, her hair is in a side ponytail (greatly resembling that of Flora's Sirenix form), tied by an elastic that matches her belt. She wears knee high boots, that are pale red and grey. Her vest also has another yellow diamond charm at the chest.


Diaspro is a wicked and spoiled fairy who is not used to being told "no." Due to her higher social status, she tends to mistreat those who she sees as beneath her and this can be seen on many occasions like when she calls Bloom a "peasant" in Season 1 and when she shouts at one of her servants in the Season 3. She is also very haughty and extremely proud of herself. She prides herself on being beautiful, though this was mainly because she thought Sky only wanted her to be pretty enough. Diaspro only acts affectionately toward Sky, her childhood friend and ex-fiancé, though it is uncertain whether she has actual romantic feelings for him or if it has to do with the fact that Sky is next-in-line for the throne of Eraklyon. When Sky lost his memory and spoke to her, he reveals she is self-centered. She is very willing to do anything to get what she wants, even if what she ends up going against the moral code that a fairy should consider. For instance, when Tritannus was posing as a threat to the entire Magic Dimension in Season 5, Diaspro was so preoccupied with trying to get between Bloom and Sky that she was not even concerned about the fate of the Magic Dimension. She even opposed Bloom's opinion on forming an alliance between worlds to save them. She sunk even lower in Season 6 where she actually allies herself with the Trix since it meant taking Bloom down in the process. She is also shown to be rather spiteful, cunning and manipulative, and does not like hard work.

Diaspro is painted in a much more sympathetic light in most of the Winx Club Comic Series. Though she starts out the same as she does in the animated series, the details of her engagement to Sky and her feelings concerning it are expanded upon in Issue 15. While it is left ambiguous as to whether she truly loves Sky or just wants to marry into his family in the animated series, Diaspro makes it clear that she truly does love Sky; it is her parents—mainly her mother—that are concerned over her marrying into the royal family. Diaspro antagonizes Bloom at first because she became bitter over Sky preferring Bloom over herself, however, even Diaspro opens up to Bloom bit by bit after Bloom rescues her and they discuss the whole mess of a love triangle that they have found themselves in face to face. Additionally, when Diaspro returns in Issue 31, she reveals that she truly cares for her people and wishes to use her status as princess and queen-to-be to help them prosper. She is also the one who willingly puts aside the issues she, Bloom and Sky had and even tells the two of them that she will leave them be and just wishes to get on their good side. However, due to a spell that ends up being placed on her, Diaspro comes to realize just how much she missed being so close to Sky and begins to doubt her decision to leave him with Bloom. This causes her to continue showing pettiness towards Bloom in later comics, but this behavior is much more playful and subtle as opposed to her outwardly hostile TV series counterpart. She also shows a slightly less snobbish and more self-deprecating side to her when she admits that she is hard to notice when she is not leading her people. Her disdain for hard work also seems to be nonexistent, as she actively tries to lead her people when she becomes the Queen of Gems and even aids the Eraklyon Royal Family when a full-scale war breaks out.


At some point in her life, Diaspro was betrothed to Prince Sky, mostly for political reasons. To prepare herself to become the future Queen of Eraklyon, Diaspro practiced and perfected all manners of etiquette and protocol. Diaspro herself was overjoyed to be promised to the man she loved but failed to see that Sky did not feel the same as she did.



Diaspro confronts Bloom for putting her guard to sleep.

Diaspro makes her first appearance in "Secrets within Secrets", as she was invited to Red Fountain's Exhibition Day. She is walking behind her betrothed's parents, having a conversation with Brandon through a device when Bloom bumps into her. Diaspro showed her hostility and then forbade Bloom to look at her boyfriend, referring to Brandon. She then walks off, unknowingly setting off tension between them. Bloom now believes that she is one of the Trix in disguise.

After being seated to observe the exhibition, Diaspro was falsely lead out of sight by Bloom under the pretense that Sky wishes to see her. Diaspro has no clue as to what Bloom is accusing her of but because Bloom is so determined to "expose" her, she transforms and attacks Diaspro.

Diaspro reveals the truth about "Brandon" to Bloom.

Diaspro transforms and retaliates, revealing herself to be the Fairy of Gemstones. They interrupt the ongoing exhibition; when Diaspro is defeated, she rushes to Brandon calling him "Sky", confusing Bloom. Angry with Bloom's false accusations and assault, Diaspro reveals that Brandon is actually Crown Prince Sky of Eraklyon and her fiancé. But before she could give Bloom a piece her mind, Sky interrupts her and seemed to only care about Bloom, which upset Diaspro greatly.

In "The Fall of Magix" she had tried to convince Sky to return to Eraklyon and allow the other Specialists to fight on their own. Sky answered by cutting the ladder leading up to the ship, causing Diaspro to leave in anger, ending their relationship.

Diaspro's parents.

In this season, ninja warriors called the Patchamen kidnapped her, forcing Sky, Bloom, Brandon and Flora to go to Eraklyon to rescue her.

It is then known that she has been trained and taught for many years to become Sky's wife, and she is quite bitter at the fact that Bloom has taken her place.

Flora and Chatta console her, and tell her that she will find her prince someday, and that she should put her kingdom in front of her love life, to let them be healthy, and not worry so much and to be a great queen.

Diaspro happy to finally have Sky.

In this season, she is invited to Eraklyon's one thousandth anniversary but she completely despises the idea of going, still bitter about Sky and Bloom's relationship. She is then spooked by Valtor who suddenly appears in her mirror and enters her room. Alarmed, she threatened to call the guards until Valtor offers his assistance to steal back Sky; he gives her a love potion. At the celebration, she gives Sky a goblet containing a drink that has been mixed with the love potion. Sky then falls under her influence. Under Diaspro's spell, Sky announces that Diaspro is his fiancée, which devastates Bloom and leads to the Winx demanding an explanation. Sky then believes Diaspro's lie that the Winx are actually Valtor's minions and orders his soldiers to attack them.

Diaspro commanding the guards to capture the Winx.

In "The Heart and the Sword", she is already planning out her and Sky's wedding. She is distracted by Riven while the Winx go inside the castle, so that Bloom can talk to Sky. Diaspro arrives sooner than they had expected and is shocked to see the Winx. She immediately orders the guards to seize them. After the Winx flee from the guards, Diaspro swears that Sky will be hers but is unaware that Stella had used her Fairy Dust to break Valtor's spell on Sky when he confronted them.

After that event, time passes. Eventually it is revealed by Sky that she was arrested by his guards and banished from Eraklyon.

Diaspro returns.

Diaspro is brought to Sky while he was conversing with Bloom by Princess Krystal, thinking that she could help him. Sky starts a conversation with Diaspro, and leaves Bloom. Stella comes to comfort her when she began to shed tears.

Diaspro also appears as an illusion caused by Tritannus's magic and she tells Bloom that Sky does not love her, however, Bloom was able to conquer the illusion and break free from it. Later, Sky tells Bloom that he really wanted to talk with Diaspro since they had a lot of history together. However, it appears that Diaspro only talked about herself, which made Sky think that she is really boring much to a relieved Bloom, who first suspected Sky loved or cared about her.

Diaspro appears as an illusion, tampering with Bloom's confidence in Sky's love for her.

Later in the fifth season, she is seen at Eraklyon's castle with Samara. Erendor gave her the permission to bring him back. She interrupted Sky and Bloom's moment and made Bloom feel worried. At Domino, she continues to be a nuisance to Sky and Bloom's relationship and even opposed the union between the worlds much to Bloom's annoyance.

After returning back to Eraklyon, she called Bloom through Sky's phone and told her that all of Sky's calls from others must go through her and even advises Bloom not to call Sky at all. She knows that Bloom would call Sky, who is at the throne room, trying to convince his father to reconsider joining the union and so she goes there to mock Bloom for interfering.

Later when Sky and Erendor agreed to Bloom's request, she screams no and demands that Sky leaves. Enraged by her behavior, Erendor rips the emblem of Erendor off of her and announces that she is no longer needed. She then angrily blames Bloom and tries to leave but loses her balance and falls into the pool causing everyone to laugh.

Diaspro presents herself to the Trix.

Diaspro makes her return in season 6 after her humiliating departure from the Tritannus incident. When Cloud Tower arrives on Eraklyon to terrorize another institute, Diaspro actually makes an appearance before the Trix. The Trix thought she was going to try to fight them, but to their surprise, Diaspro offers her assistance for their conquest.

Wanting to get rid of Bloom, she and the Trix hatch a plan against her. She reveals that she was invited to Daphne's coronation ceremony and if she is successful, the Trix might consider her an addition to their group.

On Domino, she arrives early and notices Bloom's weaker state. When the ceremony officially begins she hides amongst the crowd and continues to observe, she confirms that Bloom is much weaker than before and reports it to the Trix, to which they command Selina to summon the fire eaters. The fire eaters then begin to attack and while the others continue to fight them, Sky and Thoren quickly try to escort Bloom to her room, but Diaspro appears and lies that the best place for Bloom to restore her power is the Vortex of Flames, but Sky is able to see through this fraud. He is then attacked by one of the fire eaters and falls unconscious.

Diaspro then assures Thoren that she will take care of the creature, transforms and blasts it but complains about the hard work. She then directs Thoren to bring Bloom to the Vortex of Flames and drop her in there but Thoren hesitates. Seeing this she tries to reassure him again but Daphne and Sky come just in time to stop her. Seeing the two's arrival, Diaspro blasts Thoren knocking him out. She then levitates Bloom over the vortex and tells Sky he is not right for her. When Sky angrily reaffirms his love for Bloom, she drops her. She then proceeds to shield herself from an angered Daphne and disappears. She does not appear in the rest of the sixth season.

Diaspro tells Sky about their "mission".

In "The Wishing Star", Diaspro plans to try and get Sky back by going on a fake secret mission with him. She claims that they need to retrieve the lost medallion of Eraklyon that both she and him have been tasked to recover. Diaspro proceeds to drag him around the Magic Dimension for an extended period of time and it is clear that Sky is getting more impatient.

Diaspro's lie is revealed.

Their "mission" ends up on the star Monoceros. When Sky asks if this is the right place, Diaspro "affirms" it noting that it should be on one of the floating rocks. When Sky suggests spilting up to find it, Diaspro is sent into a panic, fearing he will realize there is no such medallion. She tells him that something could happen and because she is "sooo frightened!" Sky relents and innoccently asks the Monoceros Lumens for assistance when they inform them the floating rocks are only for the unicorns. Diaspro steps in and proceeds to explain that they are on a mission, tasked by the King of Eraklyon and thus, have the freedom to go wherever they so choose. This gets them on the bad side of the Monoceros Lumens and they attack them. One of the attacks knocks the map out of Diaspro's hand. She is busted when Sky finds it and is forced to tell him the truth.

Ario takes Diaspro home.

Elsewhere, Diaspro is chided by Sky for taking advantage of his fight with father. Their argument comes to a standstill as a angry Black Unicorn returns. Diaspro is taken to safety while Sky deals with it, only for his suit to be damaged by the unicorn. The Winx's unicorns soothes the Black Unicorn's anger and they all return to the ground. Diaspro intercepts the happy, encouraging moment as she now wants to head home. This in turn causes Bloom to get angry as Sky had been keeping this from her. Diaspro finds it amusing that this was enough to rattle Bloom. The Black Unicorn, Ario, chooses to a bond with Diaspro and she leaves with it realizing her presence is not welcomed. She also does not hesitate to mention her excitement for the next mission with Sky, purposefully making it worse for Sky and Bloom.


Revenge of the Trix

Diaspro reveals to Bloom that Sky is her fiancé.

After making her arrival to Red Fountain, Diaspro drags Sky to a more private room to inquire him about what he had just told her: that he loves someone else. Upon hearing this, Diaspro's eyes shine with fury, hoping that he had just told a joke, only to be told by Sky that he was serious. She tries to sway him back to her but he does not relent and stands by his words.

Diaspro is then confronted by Bloom who falsely accuses her of something she had no involvement in. Bloom then assaults her, causing them to engage in a heated battle that Diaspro ultimately loses, which leads Diaspro to latch onto Sky for comfort when he rushes over to her in confusion. It is then that Diaspro angrily reveals that Sky is her fiancé, devastating Bloom in the process. Unfortunately, Diaspro also sees that Sky cares more about Bloom than her and is greatly upset by the fact that Bloom was the one he fell in love with.


Diaspro bumping into Bloom.

Diaspro makes her debut in The Revelation in a flashback as Bloom explains to Kiko and her diary as to why she is so upset.

The other day, she and the Winx had snuck into Red Fountain to watch the exhibition thanks to Stella's persistence. Bloom had wandered off to another part of the school in search of Brandon and came across a group of important-looking people that she had never seen before. These people turned out to be King Erendor and Queen Samara of Eraklyon and one other girl.

Bloom ended up running into the girl headfirst without meaning to and caused her to drop a red gem-like object. When the object hit the ground, a glowing image of Brandon's face came up greeting his fiancée, and the girl quickly picked up the object with the image before forbidding Bloom to speak with her fiancé. Bloom did not believe any of this at first and, while under the assumption that this was all a trick set by the Trix, she lures the girl to the basements of Red Fountain pretending to be a messenger sent by Prince Sky to ambush her.

Bloom and Diaspro's fight making it out to the open.

The fight between Bloom and this girl became so intense that they broke through the basement and dragged their fight out into the open arena where the girl was finally struck down by Bloom. Brandon had rushed to her aid and much to Bloom's dismay, the girl she had been fighting was Diaspro, the Princess of Gems.

To make matter worse, Diaspro, in a fit of rage, tells Bloom that the boy she thought was Brandon was the real Prince Sky, sole successor to the Eraklyon Throne and her future husband. Hearing this causes Bloom to fall to her knees sobbing as the world she knew crumbled before her. The fight between Bloom and Diaspro also caused King Erendor to scream at the real Brandon for not taking his duties seriously and leaving his son in harm's way.

Diaspro arriving with her parents.

Diaspro makes her physical debut in Issue 15 alongside her parents as a surprise guest for Sky to be with at Red Fountain's Inauguration Party thanks to Samara.

She and Sky say their greetings as Diaspro reveals that she came to the party to finish up a certain conversation that she could not afford to leave be.

Shortly after, Sky confronts his mother for bringing Diaspro with her and the two of them argue over the current status of their engagement until, ultimately, Sky agrees to talk with Diaspro at the party for his mother's sake.

Sky leaving Diaspro to greet Bloom.

Once the Inauguration Party commences, Diaspro approaches Sky to dance and as they do so, she tries to have Sky open his heart to her, even if it is the tiniest bit but, unfortunately, Sky finds himself unable to do so even though he truly holds her in high regards. Diaspro then wonders why her love for him is not enough and quickly notices when Sky turns his attention elsewhere. More specifically, to Bloom.

Diaspro tries to keep Sky by her side but he slips away under the excuse that he needs to at least honor her for being the one who defeated the rebel witches in the war. Now left alone, Diaspro gets increasingly angry with how much trouble Bloom has caused for her and vows to get rid of her in one way or another so, while Sky "honors" Bloom, Diaspro storms off to another part of the ballroom where she finds her old friend Doradil to do her a favor. She claims that she needs help winning a bet and tells Doradil that he needs to mingle with a friend of hers who claims that she would never kiss someone she has not known for a minimum of 2 hours and kiss her in under that timeframe. Though Doradil becomes skittish after learning that this "friend" is the famous Bloom, Diaspro is able to push him into courting her.

Diaspro being pulled over by her mother.

Suddenly, Diaspro is pulled over by her mother, who demands that she split Sky and Bloom apart if she wishes to repay her and her father for all their sacrifices by becoming the next Queen of Eraklyon. Diaspro insists that she is trying as she snatches her arm away and clarifies that she does not care about the kingdom; she just wants to marry the man she loves. Her mother insists that it is even better for her love to be a prince-to-be and Diaspro is shoved back on the dance floor as she demands that her mother leave her alone.

Diaspro trying to tug Sky away from an angry Bloom.

She then cuts in between Sky and Bloom after noticing Bloom get angry with Sky over making it sound that he would never be interested in her if she did not become the famed fairy who defeated the Trix. Realizing that Bloom will not forgive him so easily, Sky reluctantly offers to dance with Diaspro again, which she excitedly accepts. Their dance also gives Doradil an opening to take Bloom elsewhere which Bloom agrees on with the hopes of making Sky jealous.

As Doradil leads Bloom to the dragon's cage, Diaspro pulls herself away from Sky to cool down and once out of the ballroom, she makes it to the cage to snap a photo of Bloom and Doradil kissing. Though Bloom ends up slapping Doradil before their lips meet, Diaspro believes that having a photo of their lips so close together will be proof enough for her little plan to work. She then steps out into the open to dismiss Doradil by calling him a loser before finally confronting Bloom for interfering in her relationship with Sky. She goes on to tell Bloom that Sky would never love a girl like her and insists that he is merely confused and needs someone to make important decision for him when Bloom asks why he has never told her this himself. Bloom tells Diaspro that "common folk" do not exist as everyone can be special, that their being special is not a matter of birth, and demands that Diaspro let Sky be free to make his own decisions if she truly loves him, even if one of those choices is the choice to not return her feelings. Diaspro does not buy any of this and warns Bloom again to forget about him. When Bloom refuses, Diaspro goes into her fairy form and uses her Power of Gems spell to attack her, taking out all her frustrations on her. Unfortunately, one of the blasts hits the lock on the dragon's cage and Diaspro is ensnared in the dragon's claws as it flies away. Bloom follows closely behind for a better chance at rescuing Diaspro and, thanks to the dragon's large wings, the two princesses find themselves in the Land of Dragons.

Diaspro had lost consciousness due to the dragon's strong grip and she awakens to find herself inside a nest full of hungry baby dragons. Luckily, Bloom fends off the dragons and pulls Diaspro out of the nest, where the two tumble down the cliffside and end up as targets to fearsome chamalions.

Fleeing the chamalions.

The two of them eventually end up in a small cave after outrunning both the chamalions and the mother dragon and it is there that Diaspro confronts Bloom for her odd behavior. She tells Bloom that she would never have saved her the way she just did for her and is surprised to hear Bloom say that she does not actually think of Diaspro in a bad light as Sky never would have been promised to her if she was a bad person. Bloom goes on to claim that Diaspro only acts the way she does because she is so in love but Diaspro cannot understand how she can speak about Sky in such a way if she is in love with him too. Bloom confesses that she is confused by her feelings and lets Diaspro know that all of this does not depend solely on her as they can only watch what ends up happening. Diaspro finally agrees with Bloom's sentiments only to tell her that she will also play a factor in all of it and reminds the fire fairy that she will never surrender. She then thanks Bloom for saving her life but before she can finish the rest of her thoughts, Bloom notices a change in the dragon's behavior and audibly wonders what it is going to do.

As the two princesses study the dragon's movements, the egg that Bloom rescued hatches and the baby dragon imprints on her, believing her to be its mother. Unfortunately for them, the mother dragon heard her baby's cries and came back for it. She then breathes fire into the cave, causing Diaspro, Bloom and the baby to flee to the other side where they are spotted by the rest of the Winx and the Specialists. Unfortunately, the chamalions from earlier had tracked them and the girls are forced to flee yet again.

Sky being too indecisive over who he should save.

The girls are eventually chased onto an unstable rock bridge that collapses when they make it halfway but, luckily, the two of them are able to grab onto the ledge on the other side. Sky rushes to their aid but finds himself unable to choose who he should save, which causes him to freeze up as the rest of the Winx and Specialists rush in to rescue the two princesses.

Once safe, Diaspro and Bloom glare daggers at Sky for not doing anything to save them and with the mother dragon distracted by her baby, they follow the group to their shuttle before the mother dragon can direct her attention onto them again. On their way back, Diaspro claims that Sky was going to rescue her first and insists that she would have been the one he chose to save had the others not rush in. She then rushes to the front of the group to Sky's side, leaving Bloom to wonder how things really would have been if Sky was the only one who could save them.

Bloom mulling over her situation with Sky and, subsequently, Diaspro.

Diaspro only makes one appearance in Issue 17 in an imagined image alongside Sky's as Bloom wonders if he would be able to resist any temptations that come his way. More specifically, if he could resist any advances that Diaspro might make with Bloom away on vacation.

Diaspro makes her return to Magix in Issue 31 and her return appears to be the talk of the town as even younger Alfea Fairies have caught wind of it. Naturally, this news causes Bloom to fear that her relationship may be dragged into another fiasco as Sky mentioned nothing of Diaspro's return.

The day of Diaspro's return quickly arrives and it is revealed that she will be residing in her father's villa for her short stay. It also turns out that the Trix had snuck over to the front gates of the villa to confirm the rumors and they hope that Diaspro will make Bloom's life miserable for them.

Diaspro confronting Bloom and Sky.

Diaspro is not seen again until the weekend where the Winx and the Specialists are hanging out at their usual spot at the White Horse Café. There, she approaches Sky who had left his friends to get some ice cream and she informs him of her current stay in Magix.

Just as Sky wishes her well, Bloom darts in to assert herself in case Diaspro had any tricks up her sleeve, but Diaspro uses this as an opportunity to confess to both Bloom and Sky that she plans to dedicate her entire livelihood to her kingdom and her people as she wishes to become a good queen. She explicitly tells Bloom that she came to Magix solely because she wishes to study up on how to become a proper queen and nothing else. She hopes Bloom and Sky can understand that and since she bears no ill will, the two invite Diaspro over to hang out with them and their friends. Diaspro happily accepts and spends the rest of her afternoon with them, much to the Trix's displeasure.

Refusing to give up just yet, the Trix rush over to Diaspro's villa and place a spell on the front gates that will help realize Icy's latest plans. When Diaspro finally returns in the evening, she quickly comes under the effects of the spell which strikes her with sudden headaches, however, she insists that she will be fine by morning and heads to her room to rest. Unfortunately, her condition only worsens as she finds herself stricken with a full-blown fever.

Diaspro being visited by Sky.

News of Diaspro's illness quickly spreads amongst Magix's youth and it morphs into a rumor about her health waning because of her love for Sky going unrequited. These rumors naturally reach the Winx at Alfea and the boys over at Red Fountain as when Bloom is finally told of these new rumors, Sky has already gone to visit Diaspro feeling responsible for her sickly state. In fact, Sky feels so at fault that he makes it his mission to visit Diaspro at least once a day but does so in a rush, leaving Bloom to become more anxious over the possibility of him leaving her for Diaspro. Eventually, Brandon has to pull him over to warn him not to try and "have the best of both worlds" and though he tells Sky that no one can die from their unrequited feelings, Sky still feels like this situation is much different.

He visits Diaspro yet again the next day and even Diaspro senses that something is off as he has been spending so much time looking after her that Bloom may not be okay with it. However, Sky advises her to concentrate on getting better and claims that she should not worry about Bloom right now.

Sky struggling to tell Diaspro what is on his mind.

Such a focus on Diaspro causes Bloom to fear that Sky is really cheating on her and so she heads for Diaspro's villa after school to uncover the truth behind all the rumors. At the same time, Sky is already at Diaspro's villa trying to tell the sickly princess of what is on his mind. It turns out that he feels so responsible for her illness that he is willing to put aside his own happiness and marry her if it means that she will recover, but he is interrupted by an emergency call before he can get the words out.

Bloom arrives just as Sky returns to Red Fountain and rushes to Diaspro's room after feeling a strange spark when she touched the front gates. She tries to get Diaspro to come out of the house but Diaspro refuses and senses that Bloom may have gotten jealous over how frequently Sky has come to visit. She explains to Bloom that Sky's company genuinely makes her feel better and that she is not faking her illness one bit to lure him to her side, however, after overhearing a call Bloom gets about Sky having gotten into an accident during a mission, Diaspro forces herself to her feet (with Bloom's help) to help in rescuing him.

She is not sick anymore?

Just as the two fairies step past the front gates, Diaspro finds that she feels better, almost as if her mysterious illness was suddenly lifted, and Bloom places her hands on the gates again to confirm her suspicions. Diaspro is then told that someone had placed a spell on the gates of her villa that acted against her and made her sick, but Diaspro is surprised that Bloom could sense the spell at all as she did not feel a thing. She suspects that it may have to do something with Bloom's Dragon Flame and tells her to use such power for when they save Sky. The two of them then transform and fly off in the direction of the mountains.

The two princesses focusing on Sky.

Once the two of them reach the mountains, they unite their powers together to pick up on Sky's whereabouts and find him ensnared in a giant spider web about to be eaten. Diaspro unites her powers again with Bloom's Dragon's Flame to blast the giant spider away and destroy part of the web, freeing Sky.

After Bloom wraps the spider in its own webbing, the two fairies descend to check up on Sky's well-being and are relieved to see that he is alright. Diaspro then watches on as the couple has a heartfelt moment and, as they walk off towards the rescue shuttle in each other's arms, Diaspro begins to regret her decision to leave them be as she greatly enjoyed being alone with Sky.

Diaspro and her parents coming to support the royal family.

Diaspro appears in Issue 45 alongside her parents and a crowd of other dignitaries that have come to show their support for the Royal Family of Eraklyon after both King Erendor and Queen Samara had gotten involved in a dangerous plane crash.

The Winx catch this report on the TV in their dorm and catching sight of Diaspro on TV causes Bloom to worry about what could happen when Sky returns to Eraklyon. This prompts Stella and the rest of the Winx to convince Bloom in going to Eraklyon with Sky as Stella suspects that Diaspro would more than likely take advantage of the situation if he came alone.

Diaspro clinging to Sky.

Diaspro makes her physical appearance after Sky, Brandon, and Bloom finally arrive on Eraklyon as protocol requires that Sky greet and thank all the dignitaries that came in support of him and his parents.

Diaspro is the first person that greet Sky and practically jumps into his arms as she tells the Minister of Eraklyon that they should not be so formal with each other by following protocols since she and Sky are already such close friends. Noticing Bloom from the corner of her eye, Diaspro greets her as she clings closely to Sky in an obvious attempt at making the fire fairy jealous. She then leaves with Sky to greet the other dignitaries, leaving Bloom to watch on in scorn until Adrian approaches her to try and ease her worries.

Later that evening, Diaspro becomes one of the topics that Bloom and Sky fight over on a balcony after Sky accuses Bloom of only wanting to tag along just to see Adrian again. Bloom tries to explain that she came because she feared that Sky may end up forgetting about her with everything that is going on and that Diaspro would take advantage of that, but Sky believes that Bloom is only using Diaspro as an excuse to pin the blame on him. This causes him to storm back into his room and slam the door in Bloom's face, leaving her in tears.

Bloom further expresses her insecurities towards Diaspro to the Winx in a call as she believes that she could never truly stand up to the Princess of Gems.

Diaspro makes a brief appearance in Hopes and Disappointments as a newscaster reports on the Eraklyon War, as neighboring kingdoms send in aide to King Erendor and Prince Sky. Seeing Diaspro on the battlefield frustrates Bloom since she is still stuck waiting helplessly in Magix, unable to lend a hand. To make matters worse, Bloom's anxiety gets the best of her yet again as she fears that Sky may have forgotten about her, especially after he had to call off their relationship, as the two of them were not fully confident that he would return.

Diaspro's arrival with Kmer and Ulkar.

Halfway into Issue 79, Diaspro makes her second Season 4 appearance alongside two of her comrades, Kmer and Ulkar, when they decide to attend the party Stella organized to celebrate Sky and Brandon's return to Magix.

This is one of, if not, the only case where Sky is relieved and even happy to see Diaspro make an arrival as he even invites for her, Kmer and Ulkar to have a seat with him when she asks if it is okay for them to stick around.

After Sky introduces Bloom as his girlfriend to Kmer and Ulkar, Diaspro is quick to point out that she had also fought alongside Sky against the rebels and jokes about how she can be rather easy to forget when she is not serving her people. Sky insists that it is only obvious that he still remembers Diaspro and has her, Kmer and Ulkar sit at a table as Bloom pulls him aside feeling uneasy with Diaspro around. Sky pleads for Bloom to be hospitable to them as the three of them have done a lot for him and the couple returns to the table after Bloom begrudgingly complies with Sky's wishes.

Diaspro recounting the battle in the desert.

Once they are seated, Diaspro comments on how odd it is that Bloom, a princess, works as a café waitress, and uses it as a comparison to how she was not exactly princess-like when she aided in the war against the rebels. She then recounts the time where she, Sky, Kmer, Ulkar and several others were stuck in the middle of a desert and had to resort to drinking radiator water just to survive. Bloom tells Diaspro that she and her friends can now drink anything they want with the rebellion over and drags Sky onto the dancefloor. Diaspro sees Sky off since he is the one being honored with the party, but the two quickly get into a fight over how Bloom feels like Diaspro, Kmer and Ulkar are nothing but intruders who crashed their party.

Sky obviously resents such a statement and tells Bloom that they are champions who he risked his life with. He then expresses his true feelings over how Diaspro always stood by him as his ally in the war, which Bloom immediately takes as Sky trying to call her out for not being capable of doing anything to help. Bloom then accuses Sky of telling Diaspro of the party, insists that everything was ruined because of him and storms off, leaving Sky to return to Diaspro's side since she is clearly waiting for him. However, as Bloom makes this assumption, Diaspro is looking back at the couple with a worried look, almost as if she did not wish to be such a problem.

Diaspro seemingly worried for coming uninvited.

Bloom is stopped by Stella just outside the café and she cries over how Diaspro's arrival had ruined the whole party, which prompts Stella to storm back inside in lash out at Brandon, accusing Sky of only having eyes for Diaspro. Obviously Brandon tries to defend his friend but Stella constantly talks about how Diaspro is always trying to snatch Sky away, especially after he and Brandon "went off to play war."

Later that night, Stella rants to the Winx over how Diaspro's sudden arrival ruined everything, but Bloom who seems to have calmed down, starts to believe that things may have gotten better had Stella not intervened. This causes Stella to lash out at Bloom and the rest of the Winx, which puts the rest of them in a sour mood and leads them all to head to bed early.

Bloom finds that she is unable to sleep and Flora, who also could not get to sleep, approaches Bloom to console her on what happened at the party. It is thanks to Flora's kind words and understanding nature that Bloom realizes that Sky reached out to Diaspro during the party because she, along with Kmer and Ulkar, were the only ones there who truly understood what he went through while out at war.

Diaspro does not appear again until Issue 100 where, after Bloom is forced to leave behind her birth parents as she flees from a pair of shadow monsters who impersonated her foster parents, she suddenly finds herself in the courtyard in front of the Eraklyon Royal Palace where a crowd is cheering.

Diaspro clinging to Sky's side.

Making her way through the crowd, Bloom is shocked to see Diaspro clinging to Sky's arm so closely and things begin to take a turn for the worse when she hears that Diaspro and Sky are scheduled to be married right there! In that moment, Bloom is forced to make a choice on whether she should believe that Sky would never marry Diaspro or stop the wedding at all costs.

If she chooses to believe that Sky would never marry Diaspro, Bloom will step in just before Sky responds to the minister's question. As she steps in front of Sky, he breaks free of the spell that was placed on him upon recognizing her and the two embrace, leaving Diaspro frustrated and rejected yet again. Soon, it turns out that Diaspro and the entire wedding situation was a trap set up by the Trix. Since the trap failed, the Trix retaliate by locking Sky up and torturing him in their Cage of Pain.

If Bloom chooses to stop the wedding at all costs, she will rush in right after Diaspro makes her vows, insisting that her Sky would never marry Diaspro. As she claims that Sky cannot marry Diaspro, Sky interjects by claiming that it is the opposite and that their relationship is over. Diaspro tries to rub this into Bloom's face and, as she tearfully asks how Sky could say such a thing, Sky claims that it is all her fault due to being too afraid of losing him. It is then that the Trix reveal themselves having exploited Bloom's insecurity in her relationship with Sky and attack her.

Magical Abilities

Diaspro's Ring.png

As the Fairy of Gemlight or Gemstones, Diaspro has gem-based powers granting her ability to control gems and precious jewels. Diaspro can create shields (durable enough to withstand a blast from an enraged Daphne), laser/energy shooting gems, and rings that can restrain her opponent. She can also encase an enemy in a transparent crystal formation. Her magic is shown to be scarlet red/orange and deep pink in color. She also knows basic magic skills such as telekinesis, transmutation, summoning objects, and fixing minor messes.

Diaspro's Gemstones.png

Through her knowledge of gems and jewelry, Diaspro knows how to bring out anyone's inner beauty. She prefers and knows gems more than anyone else.

Uses of Magic

Transformation Sequences



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  • Ariana Grande, known for playing Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon's Victorious and Sam & Cat, provided Diaspro's voice in the Nickelodeon episodes from 2011 to 2014. She posted a Tweet here showing her recording for Diaspro.
    • In another Tweet, Ariana said "I'm the voice of Princess Diaspro. I love her! She's baaaaad. First time playing a meanie."
  • Diaspro's name is the Italian word for jasper, a widely-used gemstone that often comes in red, yellow, and brown.
    • Her name is also similar to the gemstone diaspore, which gets its own name from the Greek word διασπορά (diaspeírō), meaning "to sow" or "to scatter."
    • Her name also sounds like the word "despair", which is also the basis of the word "desperate", fitting her intentions to have Sky all for herself and to make Bloom's life miserable.
  • Diaspro's powers are more specifically stated as quartz in the 4Kids dub. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on Earth and the type of stone that a jasper happens to be.
    • Diaspro's realm in the same dub, Isis, is named after the Egyptian goddess of magic and wisdom.
  • In the specials, the scene where Bloom learns that Sky is Diaspro's boyfriend is very different from the original.
    • Rather than finding out through interrupting a video message Sky left for Diaspro by accidentally bumping into her, Bloom finds Diaspro being affectionate with Sky in a private room as she tries to learn who had stolen his heart from her.

Sky's guardian from The Secret of the Lost Kingdom.

  • Sky's guardian in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom greatly resembles Diaspro, especially after she becomes Erendor's special liaison in Season 5. The only differences between them is that Diaspro keeps her small tiara and has blonde hair, while the nameless guardian has black hair and wears a crown that resembles King Radius'.
  • It is unknown how and if Diaspro is the Princess of Eraklyon in later episodes, since Sky is the only one meant to succeed the throne from his father (which he does in the first movie) and he and Diaspro are not siblings.
    • It is possible that there are minor royalties on different parts of Eraklyon and that Sky's family is the one to control everything.
      • This scenario is much more plausible in the comics series, as Diaspro will one day become queen of her kingdom without having to marry Sky.
    • It is also possible that she may be a kind of cousin to Sky, as it was tradition in for royal families to have their heirs marry a cousin to keep royal blood running through the heirs' veins.
    • She may also have been meant to be of noble blood without having to be a princess, though, this differs from the second season, as the original writers did intend for her to be a princess.
  • Diaspro, along with Miele and Daphne, although not members of the Winx, do have transformation sequences.
    • She transforms again in Season 6 but her transformation sequence is never used.
  • Diaspro has cynophobia: the fear of dogs, which is made evident by her interactions with Zark in the episode "Battle for Planet Eraklyon."
  • As Ariana Grande's singing career took off, scheduling conflicts prevented her from returning as Diaspro's voice in the sixth season. Cassandra Morris filled in for her.
  • Diaspro is much less antagonistic and friendlier to people other than Sky in the comics when compared to how she acts in the animated series.
    • Issue 31 even reveals that she and Bloom could have been good friends had it not been for their rivalry spawned from Sky cheating in Season 1.
    • Ironically, in one instance, the Winx (mainly Bloom and Stella) unfairly antagonize her upon arrival. While this would be justified in the animated series given what she has done, all Diaspro did was attend a party Stella had organized in honor of Sky and Brandon's victory in the war and their safe return to Magix.
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