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The Digmoles are one of the species of Fairy Animals which appear in Season 7.


Digmoles were once very abundant in the magic universe when Faragonda was once a student in Alfea.


The Digmoles resemble normal moles, but their ears are longer like the jerboas, and their tails are also longer than the normal moles. Their fur color is usually pink while their eyes, tail and claws are usually baby blue. The fur around their ears and their noses are usually dark purple and the stripes on their bodies are usually purple.



The Digmoles were once abundant in the Magic Dimension, but nearly became extinct at the hands of the Giant of the Valley, leaving only one left.


The Winx saved the Digmoles from the brink of extinction at the hands of the Giant of the Valley.


Season 7

In "The Alfea Natural Park," the Winx met a digmole in the Alfea Natural Park. Roxy told the Winx that this is the last one of the digmole and at the same time Kalshara abducted the creature. The Winx tried to save it but they failed.

In "Young Fairies Grow Up," to change the past and alter the present, the Winx travel back in time with the help of Stone Of Memories so that they can bring the digmoles back to life in the present also and they save the creatures from the Giant of the Valley.

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Magical Abilities

The Digmoles have a unique ability to dig holes, that is why they are called digmoles. As stated by Faragonda that each Fairy Animal has a secret that balances the magic universe, this animal also holds the secret that is:

The Fairy Animal with the Ultimate Power has the First Color of the Magic Universe.

This is the reason Kalshara abducted it. To know the same secret, the Winx travel back in time to meet one of the creature and know the secret.


  • The name "Digmole" is a blend of "dig" and "mole".
  • Strangely, Faragonda's Digmole is the only Digmole to have a different color than its species.