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Diletta is a fairy and the headmistress of the Golden Auditorium. She is an old friend of Daphne.


Diletta has strawberry blonde hair, dark blue eyes and purple lips. She wears a pale blue and purple dress with medium collars, and she has pink wings shaped like music sheets. Her hair is accessorized with purple rubber band that holds her hair upwards.


Diletta has a soft and gentle voice, she appears to be a polite individual and is up to date on things that happen in the Magic Dimension.


Season 6

Daphne introduces Diletta

In "The Golden Auditorium," she is introduced by Daphne and welcomes the Winx to her school. Diletta had heard what had happened at Linphea College and wanted to discuss it with Daphne in private. She denotes that something is not right and Daphne agrees and also suggests that they determine what it is before the Trix advances further in their assault.

When the Pandemonium Sprites were successfully obliterated by Tecna and Musa, Diletta expresses her gratitude and reveals that their song would be remembered as it resounds in the halls of the school.


Season 6

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  • "Diletta" is a name of Italian origin meaning "Beloved."
  • Kari Wahlgren also voiced Faragonda in the Nickelodeon dub.
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