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Discorda is the Guardian Pixie of Cloud Tower's Codex and resides in the Heart of Cloud Tower. She is one of the four powerful pixies.


She has black hair, bright green eyes,  and a pale skin tone; she wears a black and purple dress. She wears dark make up that looks similar to Griffin's make up. She also wears a necklace with a green gem on it. She wears a tiara with bat like wings and a red gem in the middle. She has purple wings with blue outlines looking similar to a spider's web.  


She is shown to get annoyed by the Trix, even calls them riff raff. She was willing to protect the Winx by attacking, Stormy. She's declares and is proud that she is the guardian pixie of Cloud Tower


Dark pixie

In "The Mysterious Stone," Faragonda summons her and the other Guardian Pixies to the Magic Archive to talk about the copied Codex.

In “In the Heart of Cloud Tower,” the Trix confront her when they discover the Heart of Cloud Tower. She blasts the Trix in order to keep them from interfering with the Winx’s convergence spell. After the spell fails, she is saddened and Stormy blasts her to get her out of the way. The Trix make off with the Codex.

In "Pixie Village," she is seen in a flashback to her meeting with Faragonda.

Magical Abilities

Because she is the guarding pixie of Cloud Tower's Codex she remains with it. She has also been shown to fire small purple energy balls that can cause a bit of knock back. When she flies she also lets out purple sparkles. It is possible since she is Cloud Tower's guardian pixie, she may have dark magic, but her exact power source is unknown.   


  • Her name comes from the Latin word Discordia, meaning strife which is as well the name by which the Romans called the Greek Goddess of Strife, Eris, when they adopted her into their pantheon. Her opposite is Concordia, the Goddess of Agreement, Understanding and Marital Harmony, called Harmonia by the Greeks.
  • She has Witch-like appearance, possibly due to the fact that she is the Guardian Pixie of Cloud Tower.
  • Discorda and Athena are the only Guardian Pixies that do not make any appearance within the Winx Club Comic Series, nor are they ever mentioned.
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