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Disenchantix is a witch form introduced in Season 3.


In order for the Trix to have a better chance in defeating the Winx, Valtor grants them Disenchantix.


Disenchantix consists of heavy eye make-up and swimsuit-like outfits with color trims, knee-length boots, arm bands on both arms and leg bands on the left leg, tiaras, and jeweled headbands. The witches will have semi-transparent shawls wrapped around their hips with bands around their left mid-thigh.

Magical Abilities

Disenchantix increases the power of its user and their ability to recover.

Known Disenchantix Witches



  • The name "Disenchantix" is derived from the word "disenchant," meaning "to free (someone) from illusion".
  • So far, Gloomix and Disenchantix are the only witch powers/levels that are named, with Disenchantix only being named in the 4Kids dub.
  • Gloomix, Disenchantix and Shape-Shifting Witch are the only Witch Forms to not make an appearance in the comics.

Transformation Sequences

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