Sparks was one of the most beautiful planets in all the magic dimensions. That is until the three ancient, or ancestral, witches attacked and almost destroyed the planet under the command of Lord Darkar. They were told to retrieve the legendary Dragon's Flame. They knew the Dragon's flame were on Sparks (Domino in Rai English), since this was the chosen planet were the Great Dragon chose to rest. However, before the witches could steal the power, the nymph of Lake Rocculuce (Light Rock) and also Bloom's older sister, Daphne, send her to earth, were she could be safe. Bloom later discovered that Sparks was planet were Bloom was born on and raised for a short amount of time until the three ancient witches froze the entire planet while searching for the Dragon's Flame. It is now a presumed dead planet inhabited by nasty creatures such as ice crabs and yetis. It is possible that Sparks may be revived in the near future.

The planet was indeed recovered by the Winx and Co. in the movie Secret of the Lost Kingdom. Sparks regained its former splendor and life returned to normal. As a result, Bloom also reunited her family and finally met her biological parents. But, by destroying the Obsidian, they released the three diabolical ancestral witches.

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