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Doradil is a Specialist whom Diaspro manipulates to hit on Bloom in Issue 15: Dragon's Land.


He has brown wavy hair that goes down to his shoulders and brown eyes. He is only seen in his Specialist uniform, in which he has a blue pendant. In some instances, his pendant may appear to be scarlet instead.


Doradil appears to be someone who manipulates a woman's heart and then breaks them, which can be made evident from when Diaspro asks him if he had "broken any girls' hearts" yet. Despite this, Doradil can be quite cowardly.


#15: Dragon's Land

Doradil being coerced by Diaspro

Doradil being manipulated

In this issue, Doradal is first seen at a party being held at Red Fountain to celebrate its being rebuilt. He is approached by Diaspro where she asks a favor of him to help her win a "bet" by having him kiss Bloom. Doradil was a little thrown off by this because Bloom was the fairy who defeated the Trix, but Diaspro reminded him that she is still a girl just as well. He ultimately agreed and took Bloom out to see the dragon that was caged up. There, he tried to kiss her only to be met by a slap. He was then told to scram by Diaspro. After everyone learned that the dragon got out, Doradil is the one to reveal that it took Diaspro and Bloom as it flew off, but he could not do anything to stop it.


  • His name is part of a 1970s science fiction book called "Flower of Doradil".
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