Downland is an underground realm found in Magix.


Downland and it is surrounded by many twisted, dark tunnels and is just like a labyrinth. It is where Princess Amentia, her husband Sponsus and her parents Queen Foeda and King Enervus live.

You can follow the crystals within the hollow to reach the town, which become more and more numerous as you approach Downland. The town is not very big and surrounds the Royal Palace, a tall and angular palace. The architectural style of the town is similar to ancient Egyptian architecture. There are no gardens around here but it is spacious and bright inside the castle.

According to Sponsus, each inhabitant of Downland is bonded to a crystal among the ones found in the caves around the city of Downland.


Season 2

Stella and Brandon fall down a hole which had a river that lead them to Downland. Stella gets sick from there, being that there is no sunlight.


#19: Monsters on the Loose

Though it never makes an appearance, the Kingdom of Downland is mentioned by the pixies as they retell the recent events to the Traveling Pixie.

According to what was recorded in their picture book, Stella and Brandon got separated from their group and lost underground until they were taken into Downland by a pair of Trog guards. Brandon, who had captured the heart of the kingdom's princess, Amentia, agreed to marry her under the condition that Stella be freed and taken up to the surface to heal, as being so far from the sun would have caused her death.

As Aisha, the Winx and the rest of the Specialists ran into the Trix and somehow freed the pixies who were captured by Lord Darkar, Brandon was being prepped for the upcoming wedding between him and Amentia in Downland.

Eventually, Brandon's friends arrived just in time to stop the wedding. Thanks to Amore's powers, Amentia fell in love with Sponsus, one of her subjects, and married him, completely forgetting about Brandon, which allowed for him to happily reunite with Stella as they left Downland to return to their respective schools.

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