Dragons are magical creatures from the Earth and the many realms of the Magic Dimension who appear in Winx Club and PopPixie.


They are large quadruped scaly animals. Some species have wings on their backs while some are flightless and most dragons have horns on their heads and can breath fire. Most dragons are carnivores but some herbivorous dragons also exist.


There are many types of dragons in the Magic Dimension:



In Season 1, the Red Fountain Dragons appear to be tamed animals that are used in the Specialists' training sessions.

In Season 2, the Red Fountain Dragons appear as the mounts of the Specialists at Red Fountain for their training sessions.

In Season 3, Bloom goes to Pyros, the Island of Dragons, and has to fight many dangerous dragons to increase her own power. Bloom finds her own inner dragon, Buddy, there.

In Season 5, Tecna, Flora, and Musa have a training session with Codatorta at Alfea where they have to calm a wild dragon and they find the solution when they realize that the weak spots of dragons are their mustaches.

In Season 6, Lu Wei was seen riding one of the Chinese Dragons. Selina also evoked the Green Dragons of the Great Wall from the Legendarium to destroy their own shrine. But with the aid of Lu Wei, the Winx put the Pearls of Restraint on their collars, which reverted the curse of the Legendarium.

S7 dragon


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