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Dress Me Up! is a dress up game on the Nickelodeon website.


There is a choice to dress either a fairy, a Specialist, or a witch. They have every outfit from Nickelodeon's Charmix to Believix (Form), which also includes the Tracix, Zoomix, and Speedix wings. This game released on Nickelodeon’s website after the Winx became a big hit on Nickelodeon. It also now includes Roxy's clothing and the Season 4 clothing for Love & Pet and Aurora's clothing.

How to Play

The player can add makeup to their character, choose different hairstyles, eye colors, and much more.


  • When starting, the player has black/dark blue Bloom's normal hair style, Bloom's Nickelodeon pajamas in Season 1, pale skin, and brown eyes.
  • The player can also "make a pic" using the characters they have created.


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