WOWS2 Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower is a location exclusively featured within the World of Winx series, where it makes its debut in the Season 1 episode "The Fashion Week."


The Eiffel Tower is a tower made of wrought-iron found in Paris, France.

World of Winx


WOW6 (Nadine Being Attacked!)

Nadine almost being whisked into the World of Dreams.

In "The Fashion Week," the Eiffel Tower was seen when the Winx had to follow Nadine after she was called over to the Tower by Sophie's imposter. With the WOW camera-drones left at the Paris School of Fashion and no potential witnesses around, the Winx go into their Dreamix and fly to the top of the Tower, where they find Sophie's imposter and Nadine's escort standing in front of a portal leading into the World of Dreams with an unconscious Nadine just below their feet.

The pair then reveal themselves to be Shadow Monsters and combine together to form a mega-shadow. The Winx combat this mega shadow and come out victorious when Stella takes control over all the lights implemented into the Eiffel Tower and amplifies it, burning away the mega shadow. In fact, Stella makes the lights in the Tower so bright that many nearby pedestrians believe that there is a light-show going on.

With the shadows defeated and Nadine rescued, the Winx call the camera-drones back and have Nadine properly model for the show's audience. Her modeling receives enough positive votes to land her a spot in the WOW Finals, however, everything is not over yet as the Winx soon return to the WOW Studio to participate in a little talent contest Ace whipped up as punishment for leaving the camera-drones behind.


  • The Eiffel Tower is a real-life monument located in Paris, France.
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