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Elas is a unicorn and is Bloom's bonded Fairy Animal.


Elas is a white unicorn adorned with a pale cream and light purple mane and a tail with the same color combinations. He has a reddish orange horn, brown eyes, purple mouth and four purple hooves covered with yellow fur. After the events of the episode "The Magic Stones", his horn is converted to silver. Then, in the episode "New Magic Harmony", his horn is transformed into gold.

When being contaminated by wild magic, he bears some resemblances with the quilin. He looks like a full-grown unicorn, his horn is purplish brown in color and is longer, his fur becomes orange, except for some part on his neck and belly. His body is covered with scales, his mane fur stays in a reddish orange shade, and his tail becomes a blaze. His four hooves become dragon/quilin-like feet/hands with claws. The fur covering his hooves is now long and pointy. A turquoise gem is attached to his forehead.

In this form, Elas becomes a full-grown white unicorn. His mane and tail are tricolor: hot pink, yellow and purple. There is light purple fur around his mouth. He wears a golden headwear and footwears that have purple gems embedded in them. He also wears a gold neckband with colorful gems and one bigger, reddish-pink gem in the center embedded in it. On his back is a magenta saddle with gold trim.


Under the effects of Wild Magic, Elas is aggressive and wild. But upon being turned back to normal he is calm, brave, and mature. As seen in "Baby Winx", he is very curious and talkative when meeting Sky.


Season 7

Bloom & Elas

Bloom bonds with Elas.

He made his debut in "The Unicorn's Secret" as a wild unicorn infected by Wild Magic and threatening the pandas in China. With the help of the Winx and Mei Li, the pandas were saved and Elas was returned to his true form and created a bond with Bloom becoming her Fairy Animal.

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