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Eldora is a Fairy Godmother who lives in Gardenia.



Eldora has pale skin and purplish grey hair. She has a kind and smiling face and she wears a pink shirt dress with virago/gigot sleeves and a red jewel on its collar and a pink skirt that looks like the petals of a flower.

Fairy Form

In her fairy form, Eldora has a pink, elaborately decorated, dress with a high flower-like collar and ruffles at her shoulders. Her outfit has two large petal-like false sleeves around longer wrist-length close-fitting sleeves.

Her wings are large and pale green with purple stripes, like the Winx wings of the Winx.


Eldora, the Fairy Godmother, is a wise and powerful fairy, but odd, funny and clumsy at the same time. She is also shown to be quite eccentric and vivacious.


Young Eldora

According to Professor Palladium, when she was still young, she studied at Alfea, excelled in botany and taught floral magic in the Alfea Greenhouse. When she left the school, the greenhouse was abandoned and was kept as a secret. After that, she lived in the Forest of Flowers in Gardenia and hid her house in it. There, she met Selina and Bloom. She saw the potential within Selina and became her Fairy Godmother. She taught her simple spells and trained her with good morals. Subsequently, she became the keeper of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. She knew the power of the Legendarium, but never used it before. When she brought Selina there, she accidentally read the legend of the Hawk Spirit out loud. Because of her panic, she turned it into a pig, and Selina returned it to the book. Because of the dangers of the Legendarium, she traveled around the world, trying to know how to lock it. During her travel, she left the Legendarium in her house. There, Acheron, an evil wizard told Selina that she must work for him, and he will give her extraordinary powers and help her harness her powers in controlling the book. He gave her powers which turned her into the "Witch of Snakes". Eldora returned and kept the book from her. On a night of a full moon, she chose Acheron over Eldora, and freed the book from her protective spell. Then, she stole the book and fled from the Forest of Flowers.


Season 6

In "The Lost Library", Daphne and Faragonda tell the Winx about the Legendarium and Eldora, a fairy godmother who used to be the keeper of Library of Alexandria until it was lost. Daphne also tells the Winx about the Library of Alexandria which is located in Egypt, Earth. She tells that Eldora kept a diary, where all of the secrets of the Legendarium is written.

In "The Fairy Godmother", the Winx meet Eldora and Bloom inquires about Selina. But later the Trix arrive and attack. The Winx come out and prepare to fight. Despite the Trix's taunting, the Winx proceed to fight. At that time, Selina summoned the Ectoplasm Specters into the Forest of Flowers. The Winx try to fight them off, but the specters were intangible, making their attacks useless. They were nearly overwhelmed by the specter's near-immortality, then Eldora comes out and uses her powers she was able to summon forth counter-myths to the Legendarium. She calls upon the spirits of the Lenugia which eliminate the specters. Seeing them defeated, the Trix fled.

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Magical Abilities

Since she was once an Alfea student, she knows powerful magic spells, which are related to floral magic as she is able to conjure flowers to use against the Ectoplasm Specters. She has the ability to use the power of the Legendarium even without reading it and can even reverse said legends. She is also able to emit magical energy blast from her hands as well flying without her wings. Eldora, has shown the ability of teleporting herself many times. Her magic is pink in color. 

Like all other magic beings, Eldora knows basic spells such as telekinesis, transmutation, fixing minor objects, and fixing minor messes. She is also able to transform into her fairy form just by snapping her fingers. This is also carried on into her Mythix form while utilizing a Ancestral Wand.

Uses of Magic


  • Eldora's voice actress also voices Aisha's Guardian of Sirenix and Vanessa in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Eldora is the fourth fairy known to live in Gardenia; the other three being Morgana, Roxy, and Bloom.
  • Despite having lived on Earth for a while, she is not from Earth and is therefore not an Earth Fairy.
  • She is the first and to date only Fairy Godmother to appear in the series.
    • If the 4Kids version is taken into consideration, then she is the second with the first being Faragonda.
  • She has several similarities with Faragonda, especially their physical appearance and hair.
    • If the 4Kids version is taken into consideration, another similarity is that both Eldora and Faragonda have been Fairy Godmothers.
  • Her eccentric personality is similar to Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus.