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Eldora's Diary is an item that helps the Winx find the place of Eldora in order to close the Legendarium forever.


It is a small diary with the front and back are decorated with leaves and flowers on it.


Season 6

Selina summons the Sphinx, which begins to wreck havoc on Alexandria in Egypt. The Winx are forced to deal with it and lead it away from the Lost Library and the tourists. While they are busy, Selina teleports to the Library of Alexandria to find Eldora's diary and destroy it because it is the only link to telling how to seal the Legendarium for good. Due to the fight with the Sphinx, the Library of Alexandria is about to get buried under rubble and become lost forever. Bloom heads back to Library of Alexandria to look for the diary before it also gets lost. Meanwhile, Bloom uses her senses to find the diary and finally found the diary.


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