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Electronio is Tecna's father and Magnethia's husband. He first appears in "A Monster Crush".


He has light tan skin, purple hair and green eyes. His hair is short, with two entrances on the left and right. He has a beard around his mouth, with the same color of his hair. He wears a long coat a little above the knees purple with three green wires on each shoulder. The neck is round and opens revealing a light green shirt with purple lines. The pants are the same color as his coat, and wears a gray boots with blue lines and two white balls in the front.


Electronio is a friendly, gentle and noble man. He, like Tecna, trends in technology, and unlike his daughter, he makes a test to anyone who is interested in Tecna. He appears to be very fond of math and technology, just like her daughter, Tecna.


Season 6

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Electronio first appears in "A Monster Crush" with Magnethia because the Winx had to get a device to make Cloud Tower visible again after the Trix made it invisible. Therefore the Winx meet Tecna's parents while teaching them habits that occurred on Zenith, and also puts a test for Timmy as he is Tecna's boyfriend. After Timmy is approved, Electronio let the Winx borrowed the invisibility device.


After getting the invisibility device, It appears that Frankenstein's Monster is attacking half the city and Winx were forced to stop, but this one was interested in Tecna and takes her into the Legendarium World. At the end, the Winx & Tecna say goodbye to Magnethia and Electronio before returning to Magix.

Season 7

In "A Fairy Animal for Tecna", the Winx go to Zenith to get the Technomagic Globes repaired as it was broken by the Fairy Animals while they were having fun. Tecna takes the Winx to the techno magic geniuses, her parents. Suddenly the work-robots and every thing in Zenith start to go haywire. Their Stones of Memories appear and the Winx decide to go back in time to see what the problem was. After the the solving the problem, Flitter fix the Techno Magic Globes.


World of Winx

Season 1

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  • Electronio's name derives from the word "electronic".
  • He is the second member from Tecna's family and the fifth citizen from Zenith, after Tecna, the king, his assistant and his wife, who is introduced in the animated series.
  • Electronio's voice actor also plays Kiko and Wizgiz in the Nickelodeon dub.