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Elena is a character who appears in Season 4.


Elena has light complexion, brown eyes and hair, in a bob haircut with bangs.

Her outfit consist of a yellow shirt with the face of an orange bear at the front and pink hems, with thin ribbon in each cuff, blue capri pants, pink shoes with details of blue, pink headband and glasses with frame by the same color. In "The White Circle" her shoes change to blue.


She is shown to care for Fairy Pets, and her mother claims she has to many toys.


Ws4ep4 Elena2

In the episode "Love & Pet" Elena is window shopping at the Love & Pet shop and comments to her mother about the "winged pets," to which her mother replies that she have enough toys in her room. Later on, Elena is in her room and downloads a penguin Fairy Pet.

In "A Fairy in Danger" she and other girls looked at Sky and Helia as they walked by.

In "The White Circle" Elena is with Cindy in the Love & Pet shop. Elena asks Bloom if they have beauty treatments for piglets. Afterwards, she is seen standing near Stella's pet catwalk, Musa's flute presentation, and walking near Flora.

In "Dad! I'm a Fairy!," Elena and other girls were watching Aisha's training the pets, the periwinkle pit bull Fairy Pet flies to Elena's hands, and she thanks Aisha and asks her what is her secret since "he was so lazy before." Elena then gives a little kiss in the pit bull's nose.


In "The Unicorn's Secret," she brings a turtle to the Winx's Animal Rescue Park and asks the Winx and Roxy if they can return it to its natural habitat. The Winx and Roxy accept and magically encase the turtle, and offer to take care of it for as long as it needs.


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