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Elena's mother is a minor character and brushed aside the Fairy Pets believing that they were mere toys until her daughter downloaded one.


Elena's Mother has light complexion, dark green eyes and brown hair cut shoulders' height, with bangs.

Her outfit consist of a periwinkle blue boat neck shirt, with sleeves elbows' height, her belly off, a yellow skirt slightly above her knees with pink belt and hem, and pink high heels hold by her thumb and ankles. For accessories she uses two pink hair pins, and light blue: earrings, necklace and two bracelets in her right hand.

Her outfit remains somewhat the same but her necklace is now a teal cloth tied onto her neck. She wears yellow shorts and sneakers.


Elena's mother is shown to have a stern and strict personality as she refused to get Elena "a winged pet" believing they were toys. She finds it rather disturbing that people are giving away pets - online and free to download.



Ws4ep3 Elena's mother

In the "The Last Fairy on Earth" she appears in Gardenia street surprised at the sigh of Flora and Musa flying over the citizens.

In the episode "Love & Pet" she and her daughter Elena were out in town, near the Love & Pet shop. She was in the phone talking with someone when her daughter asked her to look at the "winged pets." She replies to her daughter that there was enough toys in her room and tell her they are late. In Elena's room she saw the pet her daughter just acquired and remarks in disbelief about the penguin pet coming from Elena's computer. Later on she can be seen standing in the Frutti Music Bar and applauding Musa.

In "Musa's Song" she and a group of people looked surprised at the sight of the Winx exiting a building in flames with Mike, the firefighter.

In "The Lilo," she runs in fear of the Trix.

In "The Lost Library", she is part of a tourist group arriving in Egypt and is ecstatic to see the Pixies. Later, her group stands near hot air balloons before the Winx depart in it.

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