The Elven Kingdom is an area that is currently featured only within the Winx Club Comic Series. Located somewhere in Magix, the kingdom debuts in Issue 125 as a simulation courtesy of Alfea's Simulation Chamber. It is also the home of Palladium and his lover, Athris.


Little is known about the Elven Kingdom aside from the fact that it is inhabited by Elves and was built in a way where it would not disrupt the natural harmony of the surrounding environment. To continue their preservation efforts, the Elves live their day to day lives maintaining a close connection with all aspects of nature. Additionally, since it is a kingdom, it is safe to assume that it is run by a monarchy similarly to how the Dark Elves operate.


#125: The Kingdom of the Dark Elves

Elven Kingdom (2)

Palladium showing the Winx around.

Since the Winx have successfully finished their advanced training early, Palladium decides to end it by using Alfea's Simulation Chamber to show them his old home. Soon enough, the Winx quickly find themselves surrounded by a virtual replication of the Elven Kingdom and its natural beauties.

As the group wanders around, Palladium explains how Elves live their lives maintaining a close relationship with the nature around them and decides to show the girls the inside of his old house once it comes into view. However, once Palladium opens the front door, he and the Winx are met with the image of a blonde woman standing in the middle of the room. Seeing this woman causes something to overcome Palladium and prompts him to shut down the simulation once Bloom asks about the woman's identity.

Known Inhabitants


  • The Elven Kingdom shares many similarities with Linphea as both of realms reflect the strong bond with nature that their inhabitants share.
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