Eraklyon is Sky and Brandon's home world. Sky is the current king because his father King Erendor voluntarily abicated the throne and given it to him. Sky's mother Queen Semara is still the current queen untill Bloom marries into his family. Eraklyon was mentioned several times in the first season but wasn't seen untill Sky and Brandon took Bloom and Flora to meet his parents in Season 2. During the visit they learned that Diaspro was kidnapped and Sky went immedeitly to save her igniting Bloom's jealosey a bit. In Season 3 Sky again invited Bloom and her friends to Eraklyon to celibrate Eraklyons one thousand year anniversery. Just before Sky was going to make an announcemet Diaspro put him under a spell using Baltor's magic and when he did he said he loves Daispro and called the Winx witches breaking Bloom's heart (literally). After the Winx escaped from Eraklyon (during which Stella earned her Enchantix) they went back to Alfea but went back some time later after Sky announced his engagement with Diaspro to remove Baltor's magic and break Diaspro's spell. After they did they fled before anything happend during which Diaspro was found out and banished from Eraklyon. Some time later Sky returned to Bloom (after she earned her Enchantix on pyros) to personally apoligize for what happened.

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