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Eraklyon Institute is an institute for fairies in Eraklyon.


The institute is settled on top of a mountain surrounded by many trees. The entrance is formed by half walls that leads through an open archway and four sectors of rows of well-trimmed bushes. The entire structure forms a slight arch with a gold roof, three towers, many windows, and light purple walls.


Season 6


Fairies flying in celebration.

In "The Golden Auditorium," the Trix attack the school and conquer it. Fairies are seen flying away in fear. During the commotion, Diaspro presents herself to the Trix and offers her assistance.

In "Winx Forever," Selina destroys the Dragon Fossil in Cloud Tower, which returns the magic absorbed by the Trix from the Eraklyon Institute.

Known Students


  • All named fairies of Eraklyon Institute have names derived from those of gemstones.
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