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The Fairy Horoscope is a zodiac system featured in the Winx Club franchise.


Although never seen in any of the Winx Club shows, the Fairy Horoscope has been featured on the Winx Club website since its Season 2 revamp.

Fairy Signs

The star signs of the Fairy Horoscope are named Fairy Signs and are as follows:

Symbol Fairy Sign Dates Personality Description
H Pegasus Pegasus January 3rd - January 22nd You have decisively strong and honest nature: thanks to your persuasive skills, you can get consensus and achieve great personal success.
H Centaur Centaur January 23rd - February 15th Your sign is characterized by constant dynamism, because you are always looking for something: a lover of knowledge and very curious, you can be an imaginative and fun person.
H Dryad Dryad February 16th - March 10th You usually have a loyal, trustworthy, and affectionate attitude towards others: your carefreeness is pleasant, because it gives you the ability to overcome daily problems.
H Phoenix Phoenix March 11th - April 2nd You have at the same time a decisive and serene personality: showing great passion in what you do, with your willpower you always show yourself as tough, even if you fail.
H Griffin Griffin April 3rd - April 24th You have a competitive nature and capacity to achieve very specific objectives: for this reason, towards everything, you have an attitude that is not only concrete, but also idealistic.
H Satyr Satyr April 25th - May 18th You appear spontaneously as a pleasant and nice person, even if you love intimacy very much: you are in harmony with everything and you can take pleasure from small things.
H Elf Elf May 19th - June 10th You are an outgoing person, a bearer of affection and cheerfulness: you have an incurable optimistic nature, you are often sympathetic to others because you have a strong practical sense.
H Chimera Chimera June 11th - July 2nd You are sensitive and always ready to try something new: you can be childish at times because you are lively and you like changes, but you are actually a reliable person.
H Hippogriff Hippogriff July 3rd - July 25th You are audacious and exuberant: although your attitude may always appear to be dedicated to personal success, you have a good team spirit and can be helpful when needed.
H Mermaid Mermaid July 26th - August 18th You are naturally destined for personal success, for having a great influence on others and a responsible and persevering attitude.
H Unicorn Unicorn August 19th - September 10th You have a determined nature, but never excessively perfectionist: you prefer to have a moderate attitude, sensitive and capable to comprehend things deep down.
H Nereid Nereid September 11th - October 2nd Establish with the others an energetic and lively understanding, but also deep and true, you prefer affection over cold rationality.
H Elemental Elemental October 3rd - October 25th You naturally have an independent and self-confident personality: a lover of freedom, you do nor hide your ambitious character, because you have big ideals that you intend to achieve.
H Salamander Salamander October 26th - November 18th You manage to be a very communicative and protective person to others, you have a natural need to show solidarity and you are constantly in motion.
H Dragon Dragon November 19th - December 10th Your imaginative and romantic nature, combined with a pragmatic and determined attitude, makes you a person who exercises a great influence on others.
H Triton Triton December 11th - January 2nd Your calm nature and understanding leads you to be a rather diplomatic person, even if this does not hide your strong and tenacious character.

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